Traditional products should not be abandoned

In such an Internet age, traditional products should not be abandoned. In the era of the Internet, the media is severely fragmented, and people’s time is highly discrete. It is said that in Guangzhou, a person has to look at his mobile phone more than 300 times a day, and the whole person is “cut into pieces” by the mobile phone.

Traditional brands have encountered very big challenges, such as: product aging, channel inefficiency, long monetization cycle, dissemination of clich├ęs, not knowing how to create super IP, and not knowing about content creation: art, cuteness, and cheap.

You can become Yue Yunpeng when you know how to be cute and cheap. Entrepreneurs in the 1960s and 1970s couldn’t let go of this face. So in fact, traditional brands are now facing such a problem: how to deal with the digital native generation-“post-00s” and “post-90s”? How does the rise of “post-00s” make our brand look younger?

How to rejuvenate the brand?
In the era of brand marketing 3.0, traditional products must open up a new track, otherwise those Internet young brands will leave you far behind. We must rediscover that youthful feeling.

In the era of brand marketing 3.0, five elements have become very eye-catching: unique content capabilities, potential value of self-contained topics, continuous personalized interpretation, integration and good use of new technologies, and more efficient traffic monetization. We collectively refer to it as the super IP era, becoming a new connection symbol and discourse system.

Super IP is the English abbreviation of intellectual property, which means that knowledge and technology create wealth. For example, an English teacher from New Oriental gave a lecture on “How to Realize the Freedom of Wealth” after leaving New Oriental. The price was 99 yuan. Sold for nearly 100 million yuan! Therefore, the creation of wealth by knowledge and technology is no longer a myth, but a reality.

What is the popular detonation? It is the continuous personification. Think about it again. If Alibaba does not have Jack Ma, Tencent does not have Ma Huateng, Vanke does not have Wang Shi, and Huawei does not have Ren Zhengfei, how boring these companies should become?

Everyone is producing their own knowledge and has their own intellectual property rights. So we ushered in an era where everyone can produce IP and everyone can make wealth. If you make garbage, collect money from garbage; if you produce gold, collect money from gold. Everyone can produce IP, and everyone can register their own account and sell their knowledge, technology and talents.

Future business model
1. Every selling point implies a slot point of Internet sentiment.

2. All expressions of diversity can be sold for money.

3. Composite highly mature content platforms and connection channels (Tik Tok, Toutiao).

4. People’s attention is highly discrete, and everyone is attracted by mobile phones.

5. Human bonds are extremely vertically integrated. More and more people gather together and they form a circle of friends.

6. The “unorthodox” model can now make money, such as live broadcast, games, rewards, e-commerce, membership, and crowdfunding.

7. Interaction and stickiness of a large enough person.