Spring is here

  When spring arrived, the parents bent into a bow in the field and kept digging grass.
  The corn is no longer a human thigh, so the hoe is like a sharp arrow full of strength, ready to shoot into the deep blue sky. I always suspect that soil is a cornucopia, on which crops and weeds can grow endlessly. On the fertile land, weeds and crops are almost like a battle for life. You crowd me and spread wildly. Wasabi, amaranth, and gray ash are the ants in the weeds, occupying the fields in huge numbers, and so many hoes are not clean. Fortunately, they are the favorites of cattle, sheep and pigs. People also like to eat wasp vegetable dumplings, drink amaranth bean porridge, and chew ash and ash, so they are still useful. When people are hoeing the ground, they don’t They will not be resentful because they have seized the fertilizer from the crops. But stubborn dog skin plasters like goosegrass, people will get rid of them quickly. The foundation of goosegrass is extremely strong. Even on a sandy road with no nutrients, they can firmly pierce the foundation underground, and nothing can hinder their infinite power. If you want to pull them out completely, it takes a lot of effort with one hand. They grow five short statures, and you are afraid that you can pull the grass stems and fall to the ground with exhaustion, and they will not be damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to use a hoe to dig deep into the ground, and to cut the roots.
  But gooseweed is not clean, they can grow vigorously even in sparsely populated and barren land. If there is no one to manage, there will be a battle between crops and gooseweed, gooseweed will definitely win. Without waiting for the crops to absorb nutrients from the soil, goosegrass uses a well-developed root system to preemptively plunder the fertilizer. There is no fertilizer on the gravel road, and people are still pushing carts to roll around, but as usual, the goosegrass is not affected by it. I see their short and thick stems and leaves spreading on the ground, and I always think of thousands of short-legged giants.
  But gooseweed is not more annoying than cocklebur and tribulus after all. They are completely useless, and they bring scars to people’s hands and feet from time to time. Some little boys who love pranks like to take off a handful of cocklebur and throw it on the girl’s head. So, when all the cockleburs were carefully removed from the head, the poor girl basically turned into a little madman with disheveled hair. Tribulus also hides murderous intent. If you accidentally grabbed it while pulling the weeds, your hands would be scarred. The sheep burrowed in the ditch, and when they came out, they were covered with cocklebur. In the autumn, cocklebur relies on people and livestock, wandering from one place to another, and then settles down to root and pass on from generation to generation. A cocklebur may travel farther than the old people in a village. The inner world of a tribulus must be more fragile than human beings, so it needs to be covered with needles to protect itself.
  I don’t like these hard-looking weeds. I’m more willing to pluck dandelions one after another and blow them out by the direction of the wind. The dandelion will follow the wind and fly far, far away, to the far distance I can’t imagine. I think that must be the end of the world.