Good-looking skins are the same, but interesting brands are one in a thousand

What exactly is the brand?

I think that the brand is not about the product, the brand is about what you define it, and your real definition of the brand is how the concept of the brand weighs on you.

In my opinion, the real upgrade of a product or an industry is actually the ultimate direction of the brand, and the brand is the expected effect of consumers in the process of using the product.

Many people now say that brands should be younger.

How do we sell bathroom products for “post-90s” and “post-00s”? This group of people is very interesting. They are different from us in that they are not strong in spending power, have a strong aesthetic vision, and have very high requirements. We invited designers from Germany to design the established space to be more interesting, more convenient for storage, and more suitable for children to play. Through a small bathroom space, it solves all aspects of problems, so that people can understand through the use of products and products that bathroom companies can actually play so fashionable and so foreign.

On the one hand, marketing is to make money, and on the other hand, it is necessary to uphold the original intention: to consider consumers and make consumers live more comfortable and happier.

Three years ago, when others mentioned Jiumu, they would say that it is a relatively high-end brand among Chinese hardware brands, but today, Jiumu has become a high-end brand of Chinese sanitary ware. How did we achieve the leading brand of Chinese sanitary ware and smart toilet without increasing the budget for three years? Several things can be used as reference:

First, we signed a contract with the Chinese Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team and became its sponsor. 2021 is the Olympic year. As long as the Chinese short track speed skating team has a gold medal, we are the only bathroom brand standing next to the Olympic champion. We always say who you stand with, you are who. No one in this industry does sports marketing, we are the first.

Use the Olympics to talk about nine animal husbandry, and use the Olympic speed to talk about the nine animal husbandry speed.

Second, many companies are doing the national tide, but there is a question, what is the national tide? It is the understanding of Chinese culture. The real national trend lies in the inheritance of Chinese culture, and the integration of culture and products into thousands of households so that consumers can better understand Chinese culture when using it. It is for this reason that after the epidemic ended in May 2020, we used blitzkrieg to win the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Potala Palace, Dunhuang and other cultural landmarks in China.

Third, occupy the high points of landmarks and establish brand heights. We took the Daxing Airport and Bird’s Nest advertisements. Let’s imagine a scene. In 2022, all guests will see Jiu Mu Sanitary Ware at Daxing Airport, see Jiu Mu at the Bird’s Nest, walk around the Forbidden City to see Jiu Mu, and go to the Great Wall to see Jiu Mu. Go to the Summer Palace to see it is still Jiumu…In this way, if Jiumu is not the leading brand of Chinese national sanitary ware, who else is?

When we make a brand, we must devote more imagination to conform to consumer perception, not just make products with ingenuity.

In conclusion, good-looking skins are the same, but interesting brands are really one in a million. How to let consumers choose you, how to make Chinese brands colorful, how to promote Chinese brands to the world, this is the mission of all our brands.