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  The sky was gloomy for days, there was no light, it was completely gray. How gray is it? It’s the same as mixing ink into a basin.
  The stove top was polished brightly, and bowls, chopsticks, and knives were placed on the grid. The first thing in the morning is to light the stove, then wipe the floor and make the bed. When the stove teppanyaki was very hot, I stood by the stove and cooked, and the knife and spoon made a lot of noise. The fire made a small explosion in the cavity, the rice pot was steaming, the chopped green onion was fried into the oil, giving out a very fragrant cooking smell. I watched the green onion rolling over the oil, gradually turning yellow… The small foreign knife seemed to be peeling the pear skin, and the potatoes were shaved white and beautiful. The peeled potatoes were creamy yellow, soft and elastic. Lay a piece of paper on the stove and cut the potatoes into thin slices. The rice is cooked and the potatoes are fried. Open the small window and look around, a few puppies are playing in the courtyard.
  The tutor hadn’t finished class yet, and Cai and Mixiang led me back to the stove to eat two more bites, adjust the rice with a spoon, and adjust the dishes again. It looked like I was busy, like I was eating secretly. After walking on the floor, is it less than an hour of class? So I opened the lid and swallowed a few more mouthfuls, and then looked through the small window. He came back when I was almost full. It is customary to know that it must be him, and he makes his throat loudly in the courtyard. I hid behind the door and waited for him. Sometimes I didn’t wait for him to find him, but I jumped out with strange noises.
  After breakfast is finished, it is to wash the dishes, brush the pot, wipe the stove, and arrange the wooden lattices. If there is a watch, I am afraid it is more than 11 o’clock! Three or four hours later, it was dinner again. He goes out to find a job, I cook at home, and I wait for him at home. Stovetop, I started to walk around it. Every day I eat, sleep, worry about wood, worry about rice…
  All this gives me an impression: this is not the time for a child, but to live and start to live.