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7 “I think” of young people

How to build an ecosystem for household consumption and a better life to create a quality life? In the post-epidemic era, how should home improvement companies respond to the needs of young consumers and design new products and comprehensive solutions?

We have been with the growth of consumers for more than 20 years. The new generation of consumers have different needs. According to statistics, “post-90s” home improvement consumers account for 35%; consumers born between 1980 and 1990 account for nearly 90%.

Today’s young people want to reflect their lifestyle even if they rent houses. I want to show my personality; I need to have quality, good looks, and cost-effective; I need what I think, not what you think.

To sum up, young customers have 7 needs: they need space with a sense of design; there is a place where people can work and quiet down; there is a warm children’s room; there is a place to play with children; there is a suitable kitchen to show the cooking skills ; There is a balcony to have afternoon tea leisurely; the home must have a sense of smart technology.

In the post-epidemic era, as a home improvement company, we must firmly grasp the changes in the needs of young consumers, and then design new products and comprehensive solutions.

In particular, we conducted an internal investigation in Dongyi and found that no matter it is a large, medium, or small apartment, after the epidemic, customers are more concerned about home health, environmental protection, and have new requirements. For example, a customer came to our company and said, can you design a disinfection cabinet for me when I enter the door, which can put masks and disinfectants, and put these things after I come back; can you design a good background board for me at home, When I work at home, the back looks very nice; you design a beautiful table for me in the kitchen so that I can dry my dishes after cooking… and so on. The demand for more environmental protection and health has increased after the epidemic. Everyone pays more attention to the home environment, making the home a harbor of dependence, and the home has more functions than ever before.

Because the virus has changed people’s work and lifestyle forever, so for the home improvement industry and home consumers, everyone is talking about digitalization, new technology, new algorithms, and new tracks. It is an industrial upgrading process.

Even if there is no epidemic, we have seen a large number of traditional companies and Internet companies fail. The epidemic is a catalyst that has accelerated such a bankruptcy and accelerated the upgrade process of the industry. Therefore, I think if companies cannot digitize and intelligentize, use new technologies in the home improvement industry, implement various processes, improve efficiency, and take customers as the priority. Center, to innovate around customer experience and value, the enterprise will eventually die.

We cannot grasp the ever-changing world. The only thing we can find certainty and constant under uncertainty is to always take the customer as the core and innovate value around the customer’s experience.

This era is an era of quality, but also an era of openness, collaboration, and symbiosis. The power to fight alone is very weak. Coordinating more resources and establishing a good relationship with upstream and downstream may be our response to this cold post-epidemic era. One way.

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