Waiting for and giving away

  There is only one word difference between waiting for someone and giving away, but the feeling is quite different.
  Waiting for someone is naturally because someone is coming, and most of it has been arranged in advance. Or a far guest who met by the water, or an old friend who reunited after a long absence. Either way, waiting is arousing expectations.
  In the days of waiting, whether it is sunny or rainy, I feel like flowers, birds, insects and fish in that spring day. Every cell is happy and every pore is comfortable. Of course, if people can’t wait for a long time, it’s another matter.
  It is not the case for giving away. Even if there is warm sun in the cold winter, cool breeze in summer, even if the long drought meets the rain, the accumulated rain meets the sunny day, there is always a bit of melancholy in the hearts of those who are seeing off and those who are sent off. Because after this farewell, I don’t know when to meet, I can no longer share happiness, worry and worry together, and it is difficult to find a confidant when I want to complain, and to be around at any time. Therefore, the more I think about it, the more panic I feel.
  No matter how beautiful the scenery outside the long pavilion, and the sound of the flute beside the ancient road, no matter how melodious it is, it is difficult to change people’s mood.
  Because of the difference between waiting for someone and giving away, Mr. Liang Shiqiu wrote: “You go, I will not send you; you come, no matter how strong the wind or the rain, I will pick you up.” Yi, it is difficult to remove the melancholy of parting, and it is difficult to resist the joy of gathering.
  The ancients seemed to have a sense of ritual in waiting for and giving away. Su Shi’s farewell poem wrote: “When I hear about the opening of the Bin Pavilion of the East Mansion, I will beg for the West Lake to wash away the dust.” At the entrance of the village, at the ferry, waiting eagerly, I finally waited for a far away visitor. The hospitality is called “washing the dust” with good wine and food to comfort the travellers who have traveled a long distance and traveled in the dust. When parting, it is inevitable to go for a good meal, but the food tastes a little more sad. As for the location and form, there is a willow at Baqiao, a farewell to Nanpu, and a farewell ceremony between Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai.
  Because I feel reluctant, so I say goodbye to each other, and leave one more moment. The blooming of flowers in spring, the white snow in winter, the prosperity and the coldness of the world, when a figure appears or disappears, it gives people a different feeling.