The absorption of nutrients by a tree is enough to amaze me.
  Climbing a rocky mountain, you can see several apricot, chestnut, and oak trees growing on the cliffs. I think far away, how long does it take for a seed to fall into the crevices of the cliffs and rock recesses by the wind, and how long will it take for it to accumulate enough soil to nourish its germination, roots, and growth, and how long does it take to stretch out to be strong enough to support its standing and flourishing Root system.
  It is impossible to imagine what they have experienced before they are born with such a stunning appearance. Perhaps, their thick or thin roots have long penetrated the rock formations and explored unknown secrets, sucking the essence of the earth hard but freely, standing proudly between the heavens and the earth.
  They draw nutrients from nature, and they also form nature’s nutrients with flowers, plants, trees, stones, insects, fish, birds and beasts. I stare at them, maybe they don’t care about my stare, but from them, from nature, I draw up, strong, quiet, and accessible nutrients to enrich my life.
  Suddenly I discovered that people, like trees, need sunlight, air, water, and nutrients to extend their lives. People are different from trees. In addition, they need more self-cultivation such as ideals and beliefs, moral qualities, and intellectual interest to expand the breadth, thickness and temperature of life. Therefore, we can never stop the growth of the “root system” and explore and absorb various nutrients in order to live more three-dimensionally, more comfortably, and more uniquely.
  When visiting a city, I always love to discover and walk into those cities. The book bar is elegant in literature and art, warm and relaxed, taking into account the interest of reading and leisure. The dazzling array of colorful books is full of dangling, which is a pleasing scenery by itself. Sitting and reading, the inexhaustible nutrients of books will never be exhausted, benefiting generations. I met this book at this moment, but I don’t know who read it and when, I want to feel a sense of beauty suddenly in my heart. The unique nutrients that City Book Bar gives me are worthy of recollection from time to time.
  Perhaps it was influenced by my father’s love of opera, and I love it too. Although he only knows something about it, he also enjoys the rhyme. The local opera, which is born from the sorrows and joys of the surrounding area for hundreds of years, and the nourishment of folk education, is very popular with audiences. The repertoire sees Xueran’s temples from the yellow hair hanging down, and still loves it as before, intoxicated over and over again. As soon as the gongs and drums are clicked, they will lead all the people under the stage to wander about in great joy and great compassion. After the scene, I am still in the mortal world, and my mind is much quieter. This is the nourishment that opera gives me.
  I am a foodie, I have eaten all over the world, but I always need the food from my hometown to comfort my homesickness. No matter where I live temporarily, I have to look for hometown flavors such as sesame seed cakes, oil cakes, glutinous rice cakes, pancakes, soy milk, fried dough sticks, etc. in small alley shops. He calmed down while chewing bit by bit, and tears flowed into my heart as I eat. At this moment, food has nothing to do with hunger and satiety, only concerns. After eating, it seems that every cell in his body is filled with the nutrients of his hometown.
  An old writer whom I respect, bids farewell to the long-lived city several times a year and returns to his childhood hometown. In his words: “Walking around in the village and chatting with the folks will trigger a lot of inspiration, and the creation will be full of ideas.” Over time, the old writer can always use several high-quality articles with a strong local flavor. His works show the fruits of his return to his hometown. I also often experience and think in nature when the materials are exhausted, and I can find unexpected nutrients, so that the writing at the end of the pen is full of vitality and color.
  That day, I was walking in the mountains and plains in the middle of summer and met an old farmer who was carefully tending a vegetable garden. Peppers, green onions, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes…willingly enjoy the sufficient nutrients provided by the hard work of the old farmers, and supply the old farmers and their relatives with nutritious vegetables.
  I really want to live as a tree, extending the root system down, then down, to draw nutrients. Then support yourself upward, upward, and touch the sun.