Mr. Class

  Grey blouse, grey scarf, and half a cigarette at the root of his ears-Mr., with his hands behind his back, strode to the podium, throwing the teaching materials to the table casually, the witty eyes behind the black-rimmed glasses looked like a searchlight at the young people in the class s face.
  The gentleman’s face was thin, his small flat head poked hard, exuding awe-inspiring air—a vivid image of Lu Xun. The gentleman closed his smile, turned to face the blackboard, and cursively: the moonlight in the lotus pond. Finally, enough, head tilt appreciate his writing on the blackboard, it seems very satisfied with this solemnly nodded again face the student says: “In this lesson, we learn of Mr. Zhu Ziqing” Lotus Pond “……”
  We These yellow-faced, slender, disheveled students from remote villages have learned what literary appreciation is since that class and deeply appreciate the beauty of Chinese. After more than 30 years, the husband has passed away, but his image still lives in the hearts of the students.
  The husband arranged the composition “My Hometown” with the text. For us, I don’t know how many times such a topic has been written in elementary and junior high schools, and we are already familiar with it. In my composition, I described the beauty of the four seasons in my hometown, carefully depicting the summer rice fields, lotus fragrance, and the clear moonlight; I also wrote about the harvest of the hard-working fathers in autumn and the hard work of digging lotus and vegetables in the ice and snow. Probably because of the vivid content and rich imagination, my husband praised my writing well in class and had a real sense of real feelings. Because of this encouragement, I have a strong interest in literature.
  However, in the year of graduation, under the heavy learning tasks, I, who was originally thin and physically weak, fell ill and stayed in the hospital for three months. When I walked out of the hospital gate, it was already the twenty-ninth lunar month. There are too many courses left and the time is too short. My relatives are really worried for me. When I was confused, I thought of Mr. At that time, my husband was the principal of another middle school.
  On the first day of the first lunar month, I brought local products such as lotus vegetables and rice, and drove around 20 kilometers to ask him for help. It was freezing cold, and finally rushed to the husband’s house, but he ate behind closed doors-the husband went to visit relatives in the neighboring village. How could I give up on this, and spent a lot of effort to find my husband’s relatives. When my husband saw me calling him “teacher” in a panic, he was taken aback at first, and then complained: “Such a cold day, such a cold day! This baby…shang Kang, Shang Kang.” He insisted on persuading me. Get on the hot kang, eat food and drink with your husband’s relatives. The meal made me feel uncomfortable and sweat on my head. Parting, my husband exhorted me to greet my parents for him.
  On the sixth day of the first month, my husband and wife came to our house unexpectedly and brought heavy gifts. Seeing my husband and wife entering the door, my face was feverish. The husband greeted my parents first, discussed with them about my schooling, and encouraged me to let go of my thoughts, study hard, and be a promising child. The family was so moved that they didn’t know what to do. On the way to send the husband and wife back to the county seat, I complained that they shouldn’t come in person, just have a word. The husband explained: Firstly, your parents are about the same age as me, so you should pay them a new year; secondly, I want to tell you the news of going to school, so you can rest assured.
  During the months of studying in that middle school, I worked hard. On the one hand, it strengthens nutrition and nourishes the body, on the other hand, studies hard and pays more effort than others. I am well aware that there are not only my parents and relatives behind me, but also my husband who pays attention to me. Later, I successfully entered the college entrance examination venue in July with the fifth place in the pre-test.
  More than ten years have passed since going to school, working, and getting married. I am busy with my own affairs and keep loose contact with my husband. The husband’s wife has passed away. After the husband retires, he lives in a small town and is deeply rooted. Every time I met with my husband and talked about my work and life, my husband could not forget to talk about my parents and ask me to convey his greetings to them. The husband said more than once: “You love to study, you read so many books, and you are better than the teacher.” This really makes me ashamed, and I can’t keep up with my husband’s knowledge in my life. What’s more, I have too many mundane duties, and I have no time to concentrate on studying. Where is the real knowledge. I know that my husband is encouraging me not to forget to read. The husband seldom talks about his difficulties in front of me, but I can imagine his difficulties: he is old and his physical condition is not as good as the day; the juniors are not around and he takes care of his life…
  My collection of essays was published, and I specially presented it to my husband for advice. The husband said: “I am dazzled and cannot read the text.” I felt that I had disturbed the quiet life of my husband, but my husband put the book on the bedside. I said: “Let me take the book…” Mr. said: “Let it go first, I’ll watch it slowly.” Parting, Mr. told me that he wanted to invite us to dinner. I said that if you want to eat, I should treat you. How can you make your old man spend? The husband repeatedly said that he wanted to be courteous, and that the date had been set, and the hotel’s private rooms had been booked, so I had to agree to it. Then, I learned from my elder brother who was also a student of my husband that that day was my husband’s 80th birthday.
  As the days approached, I realized: It turned out that my husband and I had our birthday on the same day! This makes me very excited-in the dark, my husband and I have long been inseparable. On the day of my 80th birthday, I bowed deeply to my husband when I made a toast, and expressed my high respect for him. It was he who influenced my life, imparted knowledge, pointed the way in life, and taught me how to be a man.
  Time flies. Two years ago in the autumn, my brother called and told me: Mr. passed away! My mind suddenly went blank, gradually, over three decades ago has emerged out of the front of our school Mr. scenarios: gray blouse, gray scarf tucked Ban Zhiyan ears, hands behind the podium ……