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The world grows up, I’m old too

  People are always worthy of three meals a day, and I can only draw and write something.
  For me, writing is more joyful. The basis of joy is that many friends like to see what I write. As for painting, my friends also like it, but the bigger advantage of painting is that it can be sold for money. After selling the money, you can invite friends to dinner and play. But painting does not write articles so that makes me happy.
  Every painting of mine is finished with regret. After drawing a painting, I found a problem and told myself to pay attention to the next one, but when the next one came, there were other regrets, so painting is a process of regretting all my life.
  It is often said that my style of painting is changeable, because I have not received any professional training, so the style of painting is naturally not too restrictive. As I always say, I have never eaten a regular meal. I just pick up a little bit on the ground and eat a little bit. I ran around to pick it up everywhere in the south, east, north and west, forming my own form, which can also be called style.
  But I am more serious about literature. When I write an article, I check it word by word, and sometimes a short paragraph has to be revised several times. I am timid, because there are many seniors here, so I can’t be careful. In the past, I was very afraid of my cousin Mr. Shen Congwen. He saw that my article must be revised a lot, even more than I wrote. Shen Congwen is a very regular and honest person, living and working plainly all his life. He is not like me, I am salt, he is cotton; if history is rain, he will become heavier and heavier, and I will become lighter and lighter. I can’t stand the shower of history because I am too playful and not too hardworking.
  My creation comes from a complicated life, where there is pain and desolation. Happiness is not my pursuit, it is complicated life experience. Happiness is to find a way out, a view, and a view for life. Life should be forgiving and happy. Be calm about life and don’t be arrogant. Don’t be arrogant in times of suffering, not to mention when you are proud. This requires cultivation, knowledge cultivation, and life cultivation.
  I said to a young friend: Don’t just study the biographies of winners, but also study the biographies of losers. There are many exaggerations in the biographies of the winners, and many things in the biographies of the losers are true.
  I also write a biography. The first volume of “Wandering Man in Wushou River” has been completed and the second volume is being written. I hope I can finish it by myself. This may be tragedy or comedy. It’s a tragedy that a person is still writing a 12-year-old story when he is 90 years old, and there is still such a long time to write. However, I will insist on writing to the last breath.
  Sometimes, I wish I could take a day off and go out to play with peace of mind. I really have very little time to play, because every time there is a certain time, someone will come to remind me. It seems that there is no chance before the age of 100.
  Every morning, while my mind is still clear, I write and write; in the afternoon, I draw and paint; at three or four o’clock, my good friends will come, and everyone will chat and watch TV. I only play with people who I can talk to, and I don’t talk to people who I don’t like.
  On weekends, regular friends will come to watch “If You Are the One” with me. After watching, listen to music and tease the dog. I have a lot of dogs, one of them is called Democracy and the other is called Science. The name is not important, but I have opinions on democratic and scientific attitudes. Democracy and science were the slogans put forward during the May Fourth Movement. Looking at it today, all the problems that occurred in the process are scientific problems.
  My life is very simple, my fingers have never touched a computer. Someone asked me what I know about electrical appliances. I said flashlights-except for flashlights, I am a layman.
  Alas, the world has grown up, and I am also old.

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