Meaning of life

  Life has no reason, life has no meaning.
  If death ends everything, if I have no hope of blessing after death, and I am not afraid of disaster, then I must ask myself: What am I doing in this world, and how I should be when I am here.
  Among these questions, the answer to one is very simple, but this answer is so disappointing that most people don’t want to admit it. That is: life has no reason, life has no meaning.
  We are here for a short stay on an asteroid, which revolves around another small star, and that small star is one of numerous galaxies. Maybe only our planet can have life. Or in other parts of the universe, other planets may already be forming an environment suitable for certain objects. It may be this type of object that has gradually formed the people of us today after hundreds of millions of years.
  If what the astronomers tell us is true, this planet will one day become such a situation: at that time all living things will not be able to survive on it, and finally the universe will reach the stage of ultimate equilibrium, and everything will be static. And people, billions of years before this situation came, no longer existed. At that time, did he ever exist, and might it be meaningful? He will become a chapter in the history of the universe, just like a chapter that tells the life story of the strange beasts that have lived on the earth in the primitive age, and it is equally meaningless.
  So I must ask myself: What does all this have to do with me? This is not what I am talking about, this is the desire in my heart to speak, this is what everyone has in their heart, the desire to persist in their existence. This is egoism.
  We all never know where we inherited the ancient ability that began to make everything active many years ago. It is necessary for every creature to maintain the self-attachment for survival, and it keeps them alive. This is the root of man. Its satisfaction is what Spinoza said, the highest limit we can hope to achieve-self-satisfaction, “because people save themselves and have no purpose.” We can imagine that the spirit shines in the human body and is used by the human to deal with the surrounding environment. Through the ages, it has only developed to the point where it can only deal with some major problems in real life. But in those long years, it seemed to finally surpass his immediate needs. With the development of imagination, man expanded his environment to things invisible to the naked eye. We know what answer he used to satisfy the question he asked himself. The ability to burn in his body is so strong, it is impossible for him to doubt his immense power. His egoism is all-encompassing, so he cannot imagine the possibility of his own destruction.
  These answers have so far satisfied many people. They make life meaningful and bring comfort to one’s vanity.
  People who are good at thinking change rapidly, and people who don’t think are dizzy. Remember, happiness does not depend on who you are or what you have, it only depends on what you think.