Life and mind

  In the spring when Banyan and I talked happily, his new leaves were tender and yellow, and the sunlight coming from the sky secretly embraced the shadows of the earth through the numerous cracks in his leaves.
  It was rainy in June, and his leaves became as gloomy as Yunni.
  Now his leaves are as dense as the mature thinking of an old man, and the sunlight can no longer see through. He used to be like a poor girl, but now he is like a rich young woman, contented.
  This morning, the emerald necklace wrapped around the banyan tree’s neck twenty times and said to me: “Why are you sitting there with masonry? Walk into a substantial space like me.”
  I said: “Man has two parts: inside and outside. ”
  I don’t understand your opinion.” Banyan shook his body.
  I further explained: “We have two worlds-the inner world and the outer world.”
  Banyan exclaimed, “God, where is the inner world?”
  ”In my mold.”
  ”What are you doing inside?” ”
  Creation. ” “Creating
  in a mold is too esoteric.”
  ”It’s like a river being clamped by two banks,” I explained patiently. “Creation is restricted by the mold. One material is injected into different molds, or becomes A diamond may become a banyan tree.” The
  banyan tree brought the topic to me: “What is the shape of your mold? Please describe it.”
  ”My mold is the heart, and what falls into it becomes a rich creation.
  ” Can you slightly show your closed creation on the side of our sun and moon?” Banyan came in interest.
  ”The sun and the moon are not the measure of creation.” I am quite sure, “the sun and the moon are external objects.”
  ”So what is the measure of it?”
  ”Use happiness, especially pain.”
  Banyan said: “The whispers of the east wind in my ears resonated in my heart. And I really can’t understand your high remarks.”
  ”How do you make you understand?” I pondered for a moment, “like your Dongfeng was We capture, bring into our realm, and tie it to the string, and it goes from one creation to another. This creation gains a seat in the blue sky, or in which sky of the vast mind’s memory, I don’t know. It seems that there is an emotionally immeasurable sky.”
  ”May I ask how long its life is?”
  ”Its life is not the time of events, but the time of emotions, so it cannot be calculated by numbers.”
  ”You are two kinds of sky, two A creature of time? You are too weird, I don’t understand your inner language.”
  ”If you don’t understand, you don’t understand.” I can do nothing.
  ”My outer language, can you understand it correctly?”
  ”Your outer language has evolved into my inner language. If you want to understand it, it means calling it a song or a song, and calling it an imagination It is imagination.”