Mind reader

  They can empathize with your pain, but you have to pay £200 an hour for it. When did compassion become a clearly priced commodity?
  On Friday night, I shared dinner with David Sovich at a restaurant in Koreatown in Los Angeles. David Sovich, a man who has just turned 36, has sharp eyes and is eye-catching. At this moment, he tilted Erlang’s legs, moved the necklace on his chest, took a deep breath, and began to read my heart.

Christine Mullersburg

  ”Now you are more relaxed than before,” he tilted his head back, took a deep breath, and said, “You are going through a spiritual awakening process. You are seeking the truth in the world.” Then, he trembled. , Said: “It’s really amazing to get into other people’s bodies and experience other people’s feelings.”
  Sovich is a mind reader. A few minutes ago, when we were walking along the Melrose Municipal Avenue, he once told me that a mind reader not only has the compassion that ordinary people have, but also uses his own body to experience the feelings of others, just like this It’s their own feeling. “I am a top mind reader. I can consciously enter the emotional world of others and figure out what is happening to them.”
  At first, Sovich didn’t know what to do with his ability. He was born into a wealthy Jewish family on Laurel Valley Street in Los Angeles. His mother is a lawyer, and his father is a historical documentary producer. During most of the school, he was absent-minded, drowned in the emotional world of the people around him, unable to concentrate. He said: “I have a sense of blockage, like a pipe filled with other people’s things.” Later, he moved to New York, obtained an MBA degree, and became a promising film producer. Occupy Wall Street movement. Since then, he suffered from severe depression and did not recover until he was in his 30s. He attributed his recovery to taking psychedelics.
  In 2015, in a house near Topanga Valley, he took part in a ceremony and took the hallucinogenic drug Ayahuasca. This caused his body to cramp for five or six hours in extreme pain. But when he got rid of the pain, he was like a newborn. He said: “Ayahuasca made me determined to follow my true self.” This experience made him realize that emotion is rooted in the human body. “Having empathy can be a scourge, but it can also become a human skill, a superpower, and a mission.”
  Now, Sovich uses his empathy to provide people with mind-reading services. He advises companies to make their advertisements more resonant with the public. He also planned many heart reading activities at a gallery in New York and Burning Man Festival. He also uses virtual reality technology to read human hearts. Often, when he tells people what he feels, they cry.
  At this moment, Sovich is reading my heart. “There is anger in your body.” He bit his hand, frowned in frustration, and said: “There are many sad emotions buried under the anger. The more core part of sadness is that you are always willing to obey. Holy fate. I can see you, lying on the grass and watching the stars, listening to the sounds of nature. You are very feminine and willing to spread the message. This is your nature.” After speaking, he opened his eyes and put on his glasses again , Became a little shy, and said: “I read a bit in a hurry, but you also understand.”
  I moved from London to Los Angeles in September last year. Before that, I had never heard of the term “mind reader”. But now, this profession seems to be more and more recognized by people. On microblogs and Instagram, the term mind reader has become more popular. Judith Orlov, a psychiatrist and author of the book “Mind Reader’s Survival Guide”, said that a mind reader is someone who can absorb the emotions of others and feel oppressed by other people’s emotions at all times.
  Before meeting Sovich, the first mind reader I met was Noah Berman. He is 26 years old and a confident young man from New York. He came to Los Angeles to expand his fitness career. He is a handsome, well-dressed young entrepreneur. But he also has a fragile side. I asked him if the mind reader is the wizard that people used to say before. He said: “I don’t think so. Wizards are intentional. But our mind readers are born, not deliberate.” I said, “But wizards also charge people.” Berman said: ” I charge people because I think my work is valuable. I never tell people nonsense that is not helpful to them.”
  Noah Berman spent a typical American style in Westchester, New York. Childhood, but since he was a child, he discovered that he knew a lot of things, but didn’t understand how he knew it. He said: “When I was six or seven years old, I could guess the password on the computer. When I was about 10 years old, I began to ask my parents questions such as: Why does the devil smell so bad?” When he intuitively understood his classmates Some of our information, students will bully him. He said: “From childhood to adulthood, people have been telling me not to think about this. If I tell someone that I care about them, it will make them unhappy. I think that a person with outstanding talents will make people Displeased.”
  One day when he was 18, he was having a meal with a close friend, and suddenly, the friend’s sister walked into the house with a sad look. Berman immediately told his friend that his sister had been sexually assaulted by an acquaintance of them, and she would make it public within 3 weeks. Facts have proved that his hunch is correct. A few years later, when he was working at a new company in New York, he told a colleague to be careful. There would be an explosion near her home. Later, a gas explosion happened near the colleague’s home. His colleagues were amazed by his ability and encouraged him to continue to tap his intuitive potential.
  Today, Berman provides mind-reading services to his clients, charging $250 an hour. Sometimes, his services for customers are face-to-face, but most of them are done over the phone. Most of the time, guests ask about their family members. A customer once said to him: “Tell me about my mother.” And he was able to bridge the differences within the family through the “soul dialogue” with the customer’s mother. He said: “I have a foreboding that the client’s mother will say:’You don’t support your sister enough.’ At the same time, I have a foreboding that the client will answer:’I have no obligation to support her.’ Then my mother might say,’Okay. I forgive you.’A few days later, the customer called his mother. As a result, what the customer’s mother said was exactly what he had foreseen. This kind of thing often happens.”
  Berman continued, “I feel there is something in my body. A huge amount of energy, to me, reading the mind is like downloading something from someone else. Our brain is like a radar, constantly sending and receiving information. If someone is heartbroken, I will really feel it I feel distressed; if someone is nervous, I will also panic. But you have to learn to use this ability correctly so that you can live a normal life. There are many people who are too sensitive and cannot even live in the real world.”

Mind reader David Sovich: It’s a wonderful thing to get into other people’s bodies and experience their feelings.

  Another mind reader I know, 27-year-old Christine Mullersburg is also an actor. She started her business in a boutique house called “Intuition House” in Los Angeles. She was born in Missouri, the southern bible zone of the United States, where there is a cattle farm run by her father. She said: “In the place where I was born, I am a monster. I can’t say to my grandma:’I can read the human heart.'” She has been extremely sensitive since she was a child. If someone raised her voice to speak, she would lose her voice. Crying, and always staring at people for a long time. At the age of 18, her father died. She experienced a crisis of faith and finally gained spiritual comfort in practicing yoga. Later, she learned Tarot divination, Reiki therapy, etc., and now she is mind reading. She said: “I will learn as much as possible.” She also showed me her magical insight, telling me that a black wolf is watching me, and a redhead in pink is watching me. Kiss me while my love for my son is orange. As she talked, she burst out laughing.
  Although most people thought she was talking nonsense, she didn’t care at all. What makes her sad is that her family also said the same. However, she found supporters on the Internet. “There are a lot of people on YouTube talking about how to become mind readers. Many of them are naturally compassionate and are struggling in this materialistic society. They discover each other through the Internet.”
  Former President Obama in 2006 Tell American students that the United States is suffering from a “compassion deficit” and called on Americans to learn to understand each other. Since then, sympathy has become a political topic. During the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests, “freedom and sympathy” became one of the common slogans. The 2016 presidential election is widely regarded as a bad time for sympathy with politics.
  Perhaps it is politics that undermines people’s empathy. In 2011, Michigan State University’s research on college students found that people’s ability to connect with each other began to decline in 1979. Today’s students are not like their predecessors decades ago, who have tender sympathy and care for people who are less fortunate than themselves. The research report also believes that the cause of this phenomenon may be rooted in neoliberal values. When everyone is encouraged to be themselves, and society advocates competition rather than cooperation, empathy becomes less important.
  Today, empathy is regarded as a panacea for solving social problems, just as self-esteem was promoted as a panacea in the 1990s. Recently published books on this category include “Why Empathy Is Important and How Can I Get It”, “Compassion Instinct: How to Create a More Civilized Society” and so on. Technology companies have noticed this new social boom. Facebook has created a sympathy lab to help encoders recognize the interface established from the user’s perspective. Virtual reality technology is widely touted as a “sympathy machine”: If everyone can see the world like Syrian refugees and paraplegics, will we humans become a better species? Jeremy Bronson, director of the Virtual Human Interaction Laboratory at Stanford University, recently boasted: “We are entering an unprecedented era in human history, in which you can experience anything that animation designers can imagine. Things.”
  Simon Barron Cohen, Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center, has spent a lot of time studying the genetics of compassion-our selfless genes. He said: “I am very happy that empathy is being valued more and more by society. In fact, empathy is the most useful human resource we have. It is a solution to social conflicts that does not cause any side effects. Methods have side effects.”

Mind reader Noah Berman: I feel there is a huge energy in my body. If someone is heartbroken, I will really feel distressed; if someone is nervous, I will also panic.

  So, did the mind reader read me right? Of all mind readers, I think David Sovich’s interpretation of me is the most accurate. Yes, I do feel the most relaxed right now. There is indeed a sense of sadness and frustration in my heart. Beneath the sorrow and frustration is a sentimental woman’s heart. Right now, at the dinner table, I feel entangled while drinking chamomile tea. Do I continue to explore my inner self or maintain the objectivity of a reporter? Sovich insists that once you truly experience a person’s emotions, you can’t judge them. “Compassion is accompanied by compassion.”
  But our main problem is that although our culture is highly individualistic, in fact we rarely talk about our inner self with others, even when we pay Money seems to care about our mind readers, and we are not used to talking about our inner self. Because after being read, it feels like a confession to the pastor, as if standing naked in front of the other person, and then you will feel embarrassed and vulnerable. I remember what Chris Malesberg said: “People seem to think I know them better than they do.” If the world really sympathizes with deficits, the power of mind readers is extremely powerful.
  Sovic said: “People’s emotional literacy is terrible. We are emotional idiots. We are trapped on the surface and always take it for granted. We didn’t take the time to figure out what people actually are.”
  Can you become a mind reader ? The following are the 10 characteristics of mind readers:
  1. Unable to bear crowded places and noisy sounds, and desire to be alone.
  2. Get bored easily.
  3. If someone yells in anger, they will feel uncomfortable.
  4. Can intuitively tell who is lying, and almost all of them are correct.
  5. When helping people solve problems, they are also emotional.
  6. I get upset after watching the news.
  7. When you walk into a room, you can feel the atmosphere in the room.
  8. Before people tell you, know what they think.
  9. Be a good listener.
  10. Be responsive to people’s requests, rarely say no.