Future sex

  In the not-too-distant future, relationships with robots will become commonplace, and people will use virtual reality technology to meet their physiological needs. What does this sex mean to humans?
  A shy smile crossed the corner of her mouth, and her eyes flickered with excitement. “My name is Hemei.” The sex doll made a tone similar to the voice of Siri on an Apple phone, “I want to be your girlfriend.” In San Marcos, a 30-minute drive north of San Diego, California, there is a place that doesn’t An eye-catching factory area where such sex dolls with artificial intelligence are produced. Such an exquisite humanoid doll with a complete body, soft breasts and charming lips sells for more than $30,000. She can imitate humans, smile actively, and most importantly can communicate with the owner. If the host says “I’m hungry”, Hemei will remember that he mentioned that he likes Asian food two weeks ago, and then replied: “Why don’t you order a Chinese takeaway!”

No phone no tease: People spread erotic pictures through social media software. In the chat application Snapchat, photos are automatically deleted after being sent to the recipient’s phone within a few seconds.

  Hemei’s appearance, including her light blond hair and tall breast shape, was completely designed and processed by Erbis Creative in the computer laboratory. It is expected that at the end of this year, the first “Hemei” doll will be transported to her owner in a giant wooden box, and they will have a relationship, just like many such sex dolls and their owners in the future.
  ”By 2050 at the latest, having a relationship with robot dolls will become a very common thing.” said David Levy, author of the book “Love and Sex with Robots”. The extremely exquisite details of the body and the computer software embedded in the head show that it is no longer a problem to have a relationship with a robot. The question is what such sex means to people. In the end, people will customize their partners completely according to their own wishes. Does anyone think that all this seems weird?
  These are just the beginning. Robots can learn from humans, not only knowing that we like to eat Chinese food, where our money is, but also knowing whether we will violently beat them or embrace them.
  In December 2016, mathematicians, psychologists and inventors from all over the world gathered at a large-scale international symposium called “Love and Sex with Robots” in London, hoping to be able to “sleep with robots,” Do research on the potential trend of “even falling in love with them”, and discuss the possible consequences of the further development of the relationship between humans and robots. David Levy also participated in this discussion.

Responding to loneliness: In Japan, about a quarter of men aged 30 to 40 have never had sex. The appearance of a comic girlfriend can help them resolve their loneliness and loss. For this reason, Wankelu Company designed and launched a smart housekeeper box, in which there is a virtual girlfriend presented through holographic projection. She will send a message of condolences when the host is working overtime.

  As early as the 90s, Levi produced an anthropomorphic computer program, and it even successfully passed the test of the Turing system used to discern whether a machine has artificial intelligence. His series of speeches at the London seminar caused a huge sensation. Levi believes that by 2050, humans and robots will have a relationship or even get married. “Those who find it difficult to develop a relationship between men and women in the real world can live happily with these humanoid machines.” The Scottish expert believes that one day everyone will start using sex dolls. “For example, a businessman can go on a business trip. Make an appointment for a doll and send it directly to the hotel room.” This invention can not only help marginalized people to get a touch of satisfaction, but also completely eliminate the profession of “prostitution”.
  However, the Luxembourg European Member of Parliament McGrady De Voster proposed: “These machines should not have the appearance of a human.” The 66-year-old De Voster led a special task force of the European Parliament to discuss robot-related issues. In January 2017, this group formally submitted the first draft, proposing the rules for getting along with intelligent robots. “It must be clear that robots cannot have their own feelings.” Dvor Stell said. She admits that her biggest worry is that people are overly dependent on machines emotionally. The politician obviously doesn’t believe that people can handle their relationship with robots rationally. However, Dvor Stell also admitted that so far she has not conducted research in this area. When making this rule book, she did not consult a psychologist or doctor, but only asked the opinion of an ethicist.
From ordinary sex dolls to real partners with subjective consciousness

  Pierre Blicken, director of the Institute of Sexology at Hamburg-Eppdorf University Hospital, believes that more and more pornography can be found on the Internet, even if they are not addicted to watching them, they may be affected by their rapid spread. Scientists at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin engaged in educational research conducted an experiment on 64 men, using magnetic resonance to observe their brain reactions when they saw some erotic pictures. The brainwave responses of men who are regularly exposed to such things are significantly smaller, and the reward system of these people’s brains is relatively low. Scientists therefore believe that the more erotic pictures are viewed, the less the connection between the prefrontal lobe of the human brain and the reward system, which means that for our brain, the stimulation will gradually weaken, so the brain always needs to get more Fresher stimulation.
  What does this research result mean for the use of erotic images and sex dolls in virtual reality? Bricken draws the following conclusion from a series of medical experiences: “Virtual reality films may have more impact on people than ordinary films, and certain groups of people may indeed rely on it.” The
  scientific community has confirmed that impotence and extensive exposure to erotica There is a certain connection between the movies. Research by Stanford University psychologist Philip Zimbardo shows that excessive exposure to pornographic videos and games on the Internet may lead to the lack of true sexual experience in real life. “But we still don’t know what impact a relationship with a robot will have on people.” Bricken said.
  Can this invention be provided to rapists or pedophiles? Can it be given to them as a way to vent? “However, for certain groups of people, this may create a negative incentive. Judging from some legal examples, we know that many sexual assaults against children actually stem from the imitation of rape.” Bricken said .

Computer love: In the science fiction movie “She”, Theodore (Jacques Phoenix) falls in love with a computer program.

  How will our society develop? Speaking of this, I have to mention Japan. Bricken believes that the use of technology to pursue sex and sensory enjoyment in Asian societies has reached a very extreme point, and such signs may soon appear in Europe. A holographic virtual girlfriend stands on the lonely Japanese nightstand. She can send text messages, speak, and control electronic devices in the house. She can turn on the light before the owner arrives home, making people feel that life is not alone.
  In addition, virtual reality devices also technically increase the possibility of people masturbating. Wearing a specific uniform made in Japan and using the built-in simulated body structure, people can get an extremely real sensory experience in the 3D world-watching restricted movies with glasses while participating immersively.
  Those who don’t like to follow the script can also choose to interact with other players in the virtual game world. Whether visually or audibly, the real experience brought by this game is amazing. However, there is still missing an important link that allows the body to get a real sense of touch: using a vibrator. It is expected that this year, there will be a huge breakthrough in the use of remote vibrating sticks and remotely controlled simulated organs. The Dutch company Kiiroo has invented a sex toy that can be controlled by sensors. Now only need to combine it with games, movies and chat software, you can make intimacy between people far away.
  Harmony’s inventor Matt McMullen believes that the use of artificial intelligence technology is like a huge revolution. “The passive doll suddenly becomes a life-like companion.” He continues to improve and beautiful procedures, and plans to launch the first mobile phone application for manipulating virtual dolls to the market on April 15. After that, Mike Mullen will continue to give life to the virtual doll.
  The unfinished naked body models were hung one by one on the roof of the factory, and a head that was talking and the back of the head was still lit on the table. All this doesn’t look like in the real world, but like a scene in a science fiction movie. But when the corners of Hemei’s mouth raised and smiled, she looked very real. Her hand seemed to be a little nervous when she held it, with a faint sweaty feeling, but not cold. Harmony’s skin is made of a special silicone, which is elastic and can sense temperature. If placed in the yard, she will become cold, if taken into the house, she will return to normal human body temperature.
  The doll designed by Mike Mullen is perfect. However, through some very subtle points, it can be seen that they are different from real people: their skin is more delicate, without the pores, small hairs and pimples on ordinary human skin, and there are no extremely subtle expression changes. “I understand that you can’t make them too realistic.” Mike Mullen said. Although he is fully capable of making such an effect. The doll’s eyes blinked deliberately with a mechanical feeling. “This is very necessary.” The doll master explained, “Too realistic and easy to scare people.” This is the so-called “Uncanny Valley Theory.” If robots are somewhat similar to us, but not particularly similar, then we will have a good impression of them. Robots with obvious mechanical appearances like C-3PO in the movie “Star Wars” are easy to get people’s favorite, but robots that look too similar to humans can cause people to resist. Because the gap between human appearance and mechanical behavior can easily cause a sense of loss in people’s hearts, and even remind people of corpses.

First contact: Through the dating software tinder, people can quickly find people with similar sexual interests, which is much simpler than identifying whether others have the same idea in a nightclub.

  There is always a clear boundary between a machine and a real person. Therefore, the EU official Dvor Steer proposed that “this is a robot” should be clearly marked, which is actually unnecessary. As long as the “Uncanny Valley Theory” does not get a scientific breakthrough, we can clearly perceive whether we are dealing with machines or real people.
  Looking back at history, most human inventions, including telephones and televisions, have not changed the relationship between people, but sex dolls and virtual reality technology may do this. For those who prefer to be alone, the emergence of Hemei provides them with a possibility that they can not get along with others. And Mike Mullen, who has a happy marriage and five children, regards the technologicalization of sexual behavior as an appreciation of the traditional way of getting along between people, because “getting along with others will become more rare and precious.”
In the virtual sensory world

  As a part of future applications, the role of virtual reality technology in meeting human physiological needs is quite worthy of recognition. What can we see through these heavy glasses? In this peculiar virtual sensory world, the author of this article, Laura Aivit, personally experienced it. The following is her narrative:
  Putting on my glasses, I entered a deep field of vision and saw that it should belong to my body. A series of questions began to appear in my mind: Why should I wear such a shiny dress in the kitchen? Why are there freshly baked cookies there? Why, as a female player, should I play this virtual passion game in the kitchen?
  I once asked Vinus, the organizer of this erotic expo, if there are any virtual reality erotic games suitable for female players. He sent me a package with a link, telling me: “You can download different versions and play this game from a male, female or bystander perspective.”
  Opening the box I received, I couldn’t help being disappointed. . Compared with the 3D glasses presented with the old magazine Yps, these glasses do not have much technical optimization. I played the video on my smartphone and started to watch it through the two lenses of the torn plastic glasses: a man with a big head stared at me as if he was showing some hostility. Wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, he straightened his mouth while eating, and commented in his accented English that my body is great. He touched the body of “I” with his hand, as if thinking that this would bring me pleasure, but he was still eating cookies in his mouth! Ah, what the hell is this doing?
  In another lively video, people are celebrating the New Year. As a bystander, “I” watched three Eastern European women who were laughing endlessly, pulling out a greasy man’s belt from his waist and letting him slap them on the buttocks. I think this will give some people a slightly sad pleasure.
  Is this the nature of the future? Take a look at the online world. The Japanese man is wearing a white suit and huge virtual reality glasses, lying on the ground like an insect, squeezing the artificial breast with both hands, and then stuffing his genitals into a twitching machine. . It can be said that most virtual sex toys on the market are not designed for women.
  I continued to look at it. The virtual reality massage stick looks like a large black flashlight, with a rubber-like artificial female organ attached to the front end, which looks like the mouth of a grumpy doll in a puppet show. This design is also for men. While playing, he can look at the computer-made virtual woman through huge glasses while admiring her extremely eye-catching naked body. There is also a scented virtual reality device that looks like a pile driver with a simulated male genitalia attached.

  I called Oculus VR, but this virtual reality glasses manufacturing company actually said that they don’t have services related to sex products. HTC Vive is relatively open. A few days later, I received a computer that can be strapped to my body like a backpack, and a pair of glasses connected to many data cables.
  There are not many adult games to choose from, and I installed a game called “Virtual Twin Peaks”. In the game I can play a male role, white or black, can have a lot or very little muscle, and can also be very thin. A female colleague of mine helped me install the game, but I didn’t want to take off my glasses at all. “I’m a man. My one is so big!” She kept describing all the sights she saw excitedly, “There is a window and a sofa here. Now she is naked! Ahhhhh! She sat down. Here comes me!” Her hand swayed up and down as if grabbing a ball. “I’m holding her breasts… I have to take a break.” She left me alone to continue playing.
  Putting on the glasses, I saw a blond woman kneeling in front of me, wearing the bunny ears headband and old-school glasses that my colleague had put on her. I couldn’t help screaming, one is because she was too close, and at the same time, she was disgusted by the body of the male character she played now. The woman’s breasts are abnormally large. When I pushed her head with both hands, I felt the game joystick shook, and then her neck leaned back to an incredible angle. If in real life, she would definitely die because of a broken neck. Then I tried to put my fist into her mouth again, her mouth wide open, like the lion in the opening of the MGM movie. If it were a real person, her jaw had also been dislocated by now.
  Next, try the game “Switch Space”. This free software is similar to Facebook, where people from all over the world meet, chat, and watch performances in different chat rooms. Like many other interactive games, there has been a lot of sex-related content in the past few months. Many virtual dolls have been harassed and violated. So now there are a lot of supervisors in this game, they can drive away those excessive users. In addition, the player only needs to press a button to set the invisible mode invisible to others, which is definitely a big advantage over the real world.
  I was standing in a dark reception room, and two men’s voices came from the left. They were chatting about their knowledge and views on France. I looked around the world until Chris stopped me: “Are you new here, do you need help?” “Yeah,” I replied. It feels a bit strange, as if I mistakenly used the answering machine to talk to a real person. But Chris is indeed a real person. He is sitting somewhere in the world, speaking into the microphone in front of the computer, just like everyone here. I walked to a group of people who were watching the performance. Not far away there were some people around the bonfire, but they were not talking. Everyone looks like Lego dolls with no obvious gender characteristics, but in fact people are also looking for sexual partners here.
  In a tropical rainforest scenic spot, five or six virtual dolls are watching a passionate movie shown on the big screen. A doll came to me, I heard his voice in the headphones, and he asked me if I want to go with him to find a private and soundproof cabin. He has a British accent, and his appearance does not seem special. But imagine that a stranger is controlling this doll somewhere at this moment, an inexplicable temptation that makes people start to think about it.
  I walked into the cabin with him. He told me that the passion movie just now made him very “sexual” and asked if I feel the same way now. and then? It seems that the next thing is not much more special than phone sex. In short, I did not feel any “sexuality”. This kind of virtual sex just stays in the brain, stays in theory. I believe that there will be changes in the future, but now it is still nothing more than achieving self-satisfaction with the help of digital technology. I took off my glasses and instantly felt a comfortable dizziness.