20 years after the outbreak of the new crown…

  Some young scientists have proposed ideas: If the new coronavirus still exists by 2040, what will the world be like?
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  Today, 1,000 previously endangered species have been removed from the “vulnerable” list. Since the outbreak of the new crown virus 20 years ago, biodiversity has been renewing, which has also prompted many governments to reassess their priority development projects. To prevent the spread of new pathogens, hunting and eating wild animals has been restricted. In addition, changes in land use patterns and climate change have become important drivers of insect-borne diseases, and deforestation worldwide has also been restricted. Although the new crown virus has killed many people, the political and environmental changes it has inspired can help protect global biodiversity and thus save more lives.
  - Joel Enrique El Ge Wang
  Department of Genetics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Baxi Nan
  | USA |
  For the first wave of 50 new crown virus outbreak in New York City has just experienced, the US government announced that the first one is indicated for the treatment of new crown The on-orbit medical spacecraft for pneumonia patients is about to transport 10,000 residents from high-risk areas to space. Scientists say that if humans live in space colonies for a long time, they may be exposed to the controllable gamma rays of cosmic dust, which may help weaken the virus’s strong erosion of lung tissue. In his speech on Capitol Hill, the president said: “We will do our best to protect the people on earth. Unlike 2019, we have made all preparations for this challenge.” The Senate has also voted to pass a resolution for the spacecraft. Each person on provides treatment costs.
  - Kati Ke · Nei Mani
  Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis campus of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, a joint hierarchical structure of materials and laboratory
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  Earlier this month, a man in Kampala, Uganda was diagnosed with Marburg haemorrhagic fever by a local laboratory of the International Centers for Disease Prevention (ICDP), and 21 people were subsequently placed under quarantine for observation. The patient has now fully recovered. He who works in a veterinary clinic may be infected by close contact with animals carrying the virus. “This is a virus that is easily transmitted through body fluids. There has been a record of nurses being infected.” ICDP chief Dr. Ikuf said. There are ICDP laboratories with high-efficiency testing capabilities in the local area, which makes it possible to screen the zero patient and control the epidemic at the initial stage. Therefore, no one died in this infection, and every possible close contact was safely quarantined. ICDP was established in 2021 and is the product of the global response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic.
  - Ahmed Al Hallak
  Cain Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University
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  more effective teaching methods for how people argue constantly. At present, most universities are adopting a combination of face-to-face, remote and technology-enhanced classroom teaching methods. Evidence-based teaching strategies such as the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, audio and video tools, three-dimensional environments and interdisciplinary simulations have developed rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect the health and safety of students and faculty, education has been transferred to the network environment, which has also changed the field of education. In a world with ever-changing technology, discussions on how to teach a science class online, summarize laboratory experience, and how to conduct experiments under new constraints have swept the entire research community. 20 years later, we have seen the results of this transformation.
  - Rachel Youhuo
  University of Florida Department of Environmental and Global Health
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  Yesterday in New Delhi, India, 200,000 people participated in the grand opening ceremony of the 2040 Olympic Games. This is truly breathtaking, because public events like this have not been held safely in 20 years. Recently, clothes and shoes made of an advanced material have appeared on the market, which can instantly kill the virus. In order to give everyone more peace of mind, all those who participated in the opening ceremony agreed to implant a “Viroclean” chip in the skin. This new device can detect viruses in the air and issue an alarm immediately.
  - Minnesota Carl Srivastava
  India Banaras – Hindu University Institute for Environment and Sustainable Development
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  a government report released yesterday warned that the epidemic coronavirus this season, into the market The number of fake “immunization passes” may increase sharply. British Health Minister Jane Longton said: “The public should be aware that simply scanning someone’s immunization pass is not enough.” In the previous six months, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first issued a notice stating that the “NextGen Immunization Pass” brand Being attacked by hackers, the phenomenon of forging immune data is endless. The proliferation of fraud and the false negative scandal that occurred last year has made the public no longer trust the 19-year-old “immunization pass”.
  - Taylor Bruce Knight,
  University of Cambridge Department of Philosophy, History and Science
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  Today, the consumption of artificially cultivated meat exceeds that of farm-produced meat for the first time. This transition began during the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia 20 years ago. At that time, not only was there a shortage of meat, but the supply chain was almost collapsed. Thousands of workers crowded into meat processing plants with poor ventilation and poor sanitation, and the new crown virus was spreading among them. The reduction in production efficiency has caused a shortage of meat around the world. At that time, most people turned to artificially cultivated meat as a substitute. The following year, when this meat entered the mainstream market, the decline of the traditional meat industry was a foregone conclusion. From the pollution caused by surface water and antibiotics, to the abuse of workers and animals, to the carbon emissions of animal husbandry, which accounted for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions at that time…Artificially cultivated meat eliminated the negative effects of the traditional meat industry. Since then, the traditional meat industry has become increasingly incompatible with ethics and environmental protection, and artificially grown meat has become more and more popular.
  - Fu Jiajia
  Washington Hui Tong School
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  United Nations will meet next week to assess the 2040 target set by the sustainable development agenda has been reached. But the reality is not optimistic. Natural resources are still over-exploited, carbon dioxide emissions and plastic waste continue to soar. The wealthiest people consume 80% of resources, while the poorest people are increasingly suffering from extreme weather, famine and lack of fresh water. At the beginning of this century, short-sighted companies and policy makers placed economic interests above human and environmental health, and the new crown virus epidemic has made the situation worse. Since 2020, a series of waste of resources such as the use of disposable products and travel in private cars to avoid physical contact have continued to increase. After reviewing the past ten years, the United Nations will discuss its commitment to “reducing inequality and pollution by 2050.”
  - Isabel Marlene Beltran
  University of Science and Technology Laboratory El Portugal El Gaff Gaff Marine Science Center Environment
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  On the 20th anniversary of the new crown pneumonia epidemic raging around the world, workers from major companies staged a strike to protest aggressive surveillance suggestions made by some people. In 2023, the first new crown vaccine was widely used, and many people’s fear of the virus dissipated. However, the subsequent co-infection with humans and animals spread faster than expected. In the precarious situation of the world economy, a cautious rule has emerged: workers can return to work after undergoing regular inspections. At first, these tests were painless measurement of body temperature and cough tracking. However, in 2029, with the advent of low-cost RNA wastewater screeners installed on smart toilets and ubiquitous wall-mounted infrared thermal sensors, infected employees can be accurately located before they develop serious symptoms. Later, an artificial intelligence algorithm appeared, which can combine the health index on the smart watch with recent online search records. The health committee of an enterprise can use the results of this algorithm to make a “mandatory isolation” decision on the relevant employees. At present, the discussion on whether “disclosure of someone infected with the new crown virus” is in the public interest is still ongoing.
  - Michael · A · Tase Li
  Illinois Oak Brook Laboratory Automation and
  Screening Association
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  15th Annual Global remote integrated scientific conference (PRISM) held last week attracted 100,000 from more than 160 countries Multiple participants. In the online venue built with virtual reality technology, advanced machine learning algorithms will provide each participant with relevant speech suggestions based on their professional knowledge and potential for interdisciplinary cooperation. Many young scientists attending the conference were surprised to find that more than 20 years ago, before the outbreak of the new crown virus, activities like PRISM were almost unheard of. “My supervisor told me that when she was a graduate student, large conferences were held offline.” wrote a doctoral student who asked not to be named. “At that time, tens of thousands of scientists needed to pay for such large-scale conferences. take flight with low fuel efficiency, but also scheduled to attend lectures favorite hotel, they dragged printed poster wandering for a week conference center can you imagine this is crazy. “.?!
  - Li Yifan
  California University of Berkeley Department of Chemistry
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  At Coachella 2040 Music Festival this weekend, three aerosol biomonitoring sensors detected a virus similar to SARS in the air. Through a geospatial health app developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) after the COVID-19 outbreak, two potential index cases were locked. The CDC epidemic prevention team mobilized contact trackers in the area and intercepted and tested the two people within one hour after the virus was first detected. One of them tested positive for the new coronavirus variant that appeared in 2019. The two are currently Accept quarantine.
  - Michael Strong,
  University of Colorado at Denver National Jewish Medical Center