There are red packets in the town

There is a little-known town on the north coast of the United Kingdom-the coal mine town of Blackhall. It has recently been popularly searched and is known as the “red envelope town”. The reason is that since a few years ago, the villagers in the town often picked up red packets, sometimes on the road, sometimes at the door of their homes, people reported to the police station, but to no avail. However, a few days ago, the “owner” surfaced, and this mystery finally had an answer.

It turns out that there is a simple and heart-warming story behind the red envelope.

One day in 2014, Uncle George went shopping in the town in the morning. On a necessary road, he saw a small bundle of things. When he picked it up, it turned out to be a stack of money. George shouted anxiously: “Who lost the money?” However, no one responded to him. George thought to himself that the person who lost the money must be anxious, so he stayed where he was waiting for the owner. After waiting for several hours, no one claimed it. George had to hand the money to the police.

The coal mine town of Blackhall is not big, and George’s ignorance of the money is gone. Everyone said that his luck was coming, but not many people would have such luck. But within a few days, another villager accidentally picked up money. As a result, the villagers began to speculate. Some people said, was it deliberately thrown by the fraud group? Is it related to criminal organizations?

The villagers nervously handed the money to the police station. The local law has a special stipulation that all the money found belongs to the person who found it temporarily before the owner is found. However, the simple villagers did not dare to spend the money, because they felt that the money did not belong to them, but what if the owner suddenly appeared?

In the following years, it became the norm to find red envelopes in the coal mine town of Blackhall. The way people met and greeted gradually became like this: “Did you find the money again?” The villagers felt that this matter was more and more weird, and many details were confusing and doubtful. For example, the money is neatly bundled together, and it looks like it has been “packaged”, with traces of man-made artifacts; although the amount of each bundle varies, it is composed of 20 pound notes. The owner seems to be right There is a preference for 20 pounds; most of the money appears in the places where people come and go; the amount of money is getting larger and larger, and the most once reached 2000 pounds.

Regarding this matter, the police felt a great headache. They used many methods and could not find out the truth. They visited the villagers and asked if they had seen any suspicious people; they also went to the bank and post office to investigate, and even compared the banknotes one by one to see if there were any special marks on them, or some “signals” were hidden. . But the result was disappointing and everything was normal.

The police calculated that since Uncle George picked up the first money in 2014, the residents of Blackhall coal mine town have picked up 26,000 pounds. It is a good thing to have red envelopes falling from the sky, but money of unknown origin is like a hot potato, making it difficult.

In desperation, the police planned to make a big move. They posted posts seeking clues on major local websites. One day, two mysterious people who did not want to be named came to the police station, claiming that they were not a criminal organization and that the money was given to the villagers voluntarily because the villagers were kind to them.

The whole story is this: Many years ago, two young people had suffered life misfortunes. In the most difficult times, the residents of Blackhall coal mine town took them in and gave them food. A few years later, they developed. In order to create a little surprise for the residents, they thought of using this method. But they didn’t expect things to become like this anyway, so they specifically came to clarify the facts.

After listening to this story, the police were dumbfounded by the “chic” way of repaying the gratitude of the two mysterious people, but they were more touched, because the red envelopes haunt the town, making people feel good and hopeful nowadays.