How lonely you are in those years we didn’t know

In my second year of marriage, I had a severe cold, and that cold tortured me for a full week.

On the 9th day, I still felt a little unwell, so I called my family doctor for a review. My doctor told me that the cold virus had disappeared from me, but there was another bigger change in my body-I was pregnant!

10 months later, a boy named Tommy was born in my family. This is a healthy and lively boy. Every day with him, our family is full of happiness.

Over time, Tommy is already 5 years old. On his birthday, we bought cakes for him, we sang together, we blew candles together, and we shared cakes together. Suddenly, Tommy said to me: “Mom, are you happy with me?”

“This is the happiest thing in the world!” I said.

Tommy thought for a while, then asked me: “Mom, how old were you when I was born?”

“27 years old. Tommy, why are you asking this question?” I asked him because I didn’t know what was thinking in his little head.

“It’s a pity!” Tommy replied.

“Why are you sorry?” I was a little confused.

Tommy looked at me with loving eyes and said: “Mom, I can’t imagine how lonely you should be in those years when we didn’t know each other, and in such a lonely time, you have passed 27 years. .”