A bizarre case that travels through time and space

To reach the future through heavy rain

  In 1935, Victor Goddard, then a lieutenant colonel of the Royal Air Force, was sent to inspect an abandoned airport in Drem about 20 kilometers east of Edinburgh. When he flew over this abandoned airport, he saw that the airport was dilapidated, overgrown with weeds, and cows walking around on the grass.
  Not long after he returned to the voyage, it suddenly rained heavily. Because of the heavy rain, he could not tell the direction, so he decided to return to the abandoned airport in Drem to locate his position. When he flew close to the airport, the rainstorm suddenly dissipated and dazzling sunlight appeared.
  When he looked down, he was surprised to find that the airport had become new and was in use. People in blue overalls were walking on the runway of the airport, and there were 4 yellow airplanes parked on the runway. One of the planes was a monoplane, all of which Goddard had never seen before. At that time, the staff at the Air Force Airport were all dressed in khaki-colored clothes, while the Air Force planes were painted with silver aluminum paint.
  Is it just remodeled? This is impossible, because Goddard hasn’t been long since he left, and there is no time for reform.
  Finally, Goddard successfully returned to the base. But he always doubted whether the scene he had seen was true? If it is true, what is going on?
  The story is not over here. Four years later, when the war spread in Europe, Goddard once again came to the once-abandoned airport in Drem, which has been renovated due to the needs of the war. When he arrived, he was stunned by everything in front of him. Isn’t this the scene he saw 4 years ago? The staff in blue overalls, the yellow plane, he even saw the monoplane that once confused him.
  Does this mean that Goddard inexplicably traveled to the future four years later, and then quickly returned to his own time and space?
A sudden future air strike

  Some people may think that Goddard’s crossing incident is not so reliable, because everything is said by himself. So if there are two protagonists in the crossing event, is it more convincing?
  In 1932, a German newspaper reporter Bernard Hutton and photographer Joachim Brandt were sent to interview the shipyard in Hamburg, Germany. They drove to the shipyard in Hamburg and interviewed several executives and workers from the shipyard. The interview went well, and they completed the task in the afternoon.
  But just when they were about to leave, something amazing happened. They heard the sound of aircraft engines in the sky, and when they looked up, they saw fighter jets everywhere in the sky. After that, the bombs dropped on the plane began to explode around them. Then, something more thrilling happened-an oil storage tank in the shipyard was hit, the fire flashed, and the fire spread rapidly in the shipyard. The warehouse exploded violently, and the crane on the dock was also twisted and twisted.
  All of this happened suddenly, but Hutton and Brandt quickly recovered, and they realized that this was not a drill.
  They quickly rushed to the car and came to the gate of the shipyard. Hutton asked a security guard if they needed to do anything, but they were persuaded to leave the scene.
  Just as they drove back to downtown Hamburg, something confusing them happened. Although the sky is getting darker, the city is obviously calm. There were no pits caused by shells in the streets of the city, the buildings were intact, and the people on the streets showed no panic.
  And when they looked in the direction of the shipyard, the scene confuses them even more-there is no smoke from the explosion in the sky. What happened?
  These are not the only things that surprise and perplex them. They returned to the newspaper and washed out the photos in Brandt’s camera, only to discover an astonishing situation. Brandt had been filming during the airstrike. The two of them were sure to witness an airstrike, but there were no enemy planes and no explosions in the photo. Everything they saw when they first arrived at the shipyard. Look like.
  The next day, they handed over the photos to the editor in chief and narrated what happened. But the editor-in-chief didn’t believe it was true after seeing the photo, and thought they must have had a drink in a pub on the way back to the office, so Hu made up a story.
  This incident was slowly forgotten by them. Before the Second World War, Bernard Hutton moved to London, England. However, in 1943, he saw a piece of news about the successful raid on the Hamburg shipyard by the Royal Air Force squadron. He checked the photos in the newspaper carefully, and couldn’t help but shudder-the scene of the destruction of the shipyard was the same as what he and Brandt saw after an air raid during an interview in the spring of 1932. The only difference is that there is an 11-year interval between the appearance of the two scenes.
Strange dialogue across time and space on the highway

  Although two people experienced the crossing incident at the same time, Hutton and Brandt are partners after all, so it is inevitable that people will doubt the authenticity of the incident. What if there are three protagonists in the crossing event, and one of them does not know each other with the other two?
  In 1969, the American LC (real initials) and his business partner Charlie ate lunch in the small town of Abbeville in southwestern Louisiana. After that, they drove north and drove along Highway 167 towards the oil city of Lafayette, 24 kilometers away. They have been discussing work matters along the way. It was autumn, and the weather was fine that day. Although the wind was a bit cool, it was nice to roll down the window for a ride.
  There were almost no other vehicles on the highway at that time. Not long after, they suddenly saw an old vintage car driving slowly not far ahead. When they got closer, they found that the car was definitely a car from decades ago. It was like an exhibit in the exhibition hall, but it could be seen that its performance was very good. LC and Charlie couldn’t help but admire them.
  Because the old car drove very slowly, the two of them decided to catch up with it and admire the exterior and interior of the car. However, when they got closer, they were surprised to find that the bright orange license plate of the car clearly printed “1940”, which represented the year. This should be a violation of traffic laws, unless these antiques have been approved for ceremonial parades.
  When they drove slowly to the left side of the old car, the LC sitting in the passenger seat saw that the driver of the car was dressed as old as the car! The driver was a young woman with a hat decorated with long colorful feathers and a fur coat. There was also a child in the car in a thick coat and hat. This is a typical dress style in the 1940s, when it was 1969. It’s not surprising that some people like weird outfits. What puzzles LC and Charlie is that although the weather was a bit cold, it was enough to wear a lightweight sweater, while the people in the car were wearing heavy fur coats and windows. It’s still closed.

  At this moment, the woman in the vintage car suddenly showed a panic expression. She kept looking back, seeming to be looking for something, and the speed of the car also accelerated. She looked helpless, with tears in her eyes.
  The LC sitting in the passenger seat called her and asked if she needed help. She seemed to hear it, so she nodded, and looked down at their car with a surprised expression (older cars are taller than LC cars). LC motioned her to pull over and stop. Since her car windows were closed, it seemed that they couldn’t hear them clearly. LC can only express his meaning through gestures. She seemed to understand and began to pull slowly, and LC and Charlie’s car passed her car and stopped in front of her car.
  After LC and Charlie’s car parked on the side of the highway, they turned to look at the vintage car behind. It turned out to be surprised that there was no car behind their car. It was an open highway with no forks, and there was no place to hide a car. But the fact is that the car and the people on it have disappeared.
  LC and Charlie sat in the car at a loss. They had no idea what was going on. At this moment, a car stopped in front of their car, but it was not the old car, but a new car. The driver who got out of the car ran up to LC and Charlie and asked them frantically what had happened. Why did the vintage car in front of him suddenly disappear?
  The strange man described what he saw: He was driving north along Highway 167, and he saw a new car very slowly overtaking an old car. Then the new car stopped on the side of the road, and the old car started to do the same. But almost instantly, the old car blocked the new car, and then the old car disappeared. Only LC and Charlie’s new car remained in his sight. All these incredible plots were connected, and he immediately thought of what accident should have happened. But there was no traffic accident here, and things began to become mysterious and weird.
  After discussion, the three of them started searching nearby, but after an hour passed, they found nothing. The man who questioned LC and Charlie insisted on reporting to the police. Because he believes that someone is missing, and they are witnesses and are obliged to report the crime. But LC and Charlie disagreed, because they couldn’t explain where the vintage car, the woman and the child in the car finally appeared, and in what direction.
  Even if the case was reported, the police could not find them at all, because there were no clues left nearby. In the end, the man gave up reporting the crime. Because if he was the only one to report the crime, he would definitely be considered a mental problem. He exchanged addresses and phone numbers with LC and Charlie. In the years that followed, they kept in touch, often calling to talk about the weird thing they had encountered together, and confirming that what they had seen was true.