Preventing a cold in children starts with clearing the lung heat

  The cold is a common disease in children, but when a child catches a cold, the body will experience external cold and internal heat. What should parents do at this time?
Children with colds are mostly caused by feelings of internal and external evils

  Chinese medicine believes that children’s colds mainly occur under the interaction of internal and external evils. The internal evil is lung heat (lung fire, heat extreme is fire), which is commonly referred to as “getting fire”; external evil is the evil of external wind and cold, which is commonly referred to as “cold cold.”
  The lungs dominate the fur, and the fiery evils in the lungs can originally be emitted through the hair orifices with sweat, etc., once the evil of wind and cold is felt, the hair orifices are blocked due to the cold evil, and the heat evils in the lungs cannot be emitted. The most common type of cold-cold package-heat syndrome, that is, external cold and internal heat. In the entire process of the occurrence of a cold, “heating” (lung heat) is the fundamental and decisive role. Therefore, the prevention of a cold in children must start with removing the lung heat.
7 common manifestations of lung fever in children

  The occurrence of 2 or more of the following 7 conditions indicates that the fiery heat syndrome in children already exists. If the heat evil is not removed in time, a cold may occur anytime and anywhere.
  Eye feces: After getting up in the morning, children’s eyes are difficult to open, and the eyelashes are stuck by secretions.
  Eye feces: When waking up in the morning, the eyelashes are stuck with eye secretions, and it is difficult for children to open their eyes.
  Heavy breath: it is bad breath, which can be clearly smelled close to the child’s face.
  Sore throat: dry and painful throat, red and swollen tonsils.
  Lips are red: it’s as red as lipstick.
  Red tongue: The tip of the tongue is obviously redder than the tongue, and even has many bright red spots. Some children may also have ulcers on the tip or tongue.
  Map tongue: Many children’s tongue coating is peeled off in pieces, which is irregular like a map (caused by extreme heat damage to Yin).
  Stools are dry and smelly: The stools are hard and hard to get down. Some children have reddened faces and tears in their eyes when they defecate. Some children defecate once every two days or once every few days, and some are dry like sheep feces. It is spherical. The stools of these children have a particularly strong smell.
Chinese patent medicine + herbal tea, clear lung heat

  If you find that your child has lung heat, you can try the following methods for conditioning-
  Chinese patent medicine: In daily life, pay attention to the situation of the child’s stool, the change of the tongue and the color of the lips, etc., and find out whether the child is angry in time. Whether there is lung fever. When the child’s symptoms are obvious or severe, he should go to a regular hospital for examination in time. Some Chinese patent medicines can be selected under the guidance of a doctor. The most commonly used drugs to eliminate lung heat are Xiaoer Qingfei Huatan Oral Liquid, Qingre Jiedu Oral Liquid, Xiaoer Qingre Cough Oral Liquid, Qizhen Pills, Wangshi Baochi Pills; In addition, Huanglian Shangqing Tablets and Fangfeng Tongsheng Pills can also be used. .
  Herbal tea: You can drink some herbal tea to remove lung heat, such as boiled water with Chinese herbal medicines such as Kuding tea and honeysuckle that have the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying.
  Recipe: 30g each of Ophiopogon japonicus, Radix Scrophulariaceae, Scrophulariaceae, 1 Luo Han Guo, 2 rock sugar, 500 ml decocted water, substitute for tea, 1 time/day, 1 time/dose. The prescription has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, and laxative, and has a good taste, so it is very suitable for children to prevent colds.
  Life care: Drink as much warm water as possible for the child. Water can make fire, promote urination, and expel fiery evils from the body quickly. The diet should be light and easy to digest, and not overeating, otherwise food accumulation will easily occur, leading to aggravation of heat accumulation. In addition, it is forbidden to eat foods or drugs that help fire, such as: dog meat, lamb, sea urchin, puffed food, durian, spicy food, barbecue, sea cucumber, Chinese medicine ginseng, etc. Once you eat the above foods or drugs, you will add fuel to the fire. The evil fire in the body becomes more vigorous.
  Fever care: The hypothalamic body temperature regulation center in children is unstable, so the most common surface symptom of a cold in children is fever. If you have a general fever, you can use physical cooling, such as antipyretic stickers, cold water tape, etc. This is a normal immune response; once the child’s body temperature is close to 38°C, Chinese medicine can be used to reduce fever, such as Xiaoer Resuqing or Antelope Horn Oral Liquid, etc.; when the body temperature is >38°C, western medicine can be used to reduce the fever, such as Baifening and Tai Norin et al. Related research scholars believe that the application of anti-fever drugs can only reduce fever in a short period of time. Once the drug effect cycle has passed, there will be repetitions. This situation is normal. Because anti-fever drugs can only relieve fever, and will not fundamentally solve the infectious factors that cause fever.