Maybe ghosts really exist?

Scientific explanation

  1. The human brain is always making up various scenarios, mainly subconscious activities. When you encounter similar scenarios in reality, it will echo the previous fictional scenarios in your memory, plus the role of psychological strengthening, you There will be a feeling of deja vu. Because people are sleeping, the brain is still calculating some parameters in reality and getting many kinds of results. The familiar scene is one of the results of the brain’s calculations.
  2. Researchers believe that this may be an impression that has long been hidden in the dreamer’s subconscious and then accidentally appeared in the dream. Some studies have pointed out that this phenomenon is related to another subconscious that transcends time and space. On the other hand, some brain activity research experts pointed out that this phenomenon may also be caused by one half of our brain processing information slightly faster than the other half.
  3. This is the collision of time and space tunnels or the memory of dreams. I have seen the scene about to happen in the dream, but I can’t remember the dream clearly, so when you encounter something happened, you will feel as if you have experienced it there. In fact, it evokes your own memory, the memory of dreams.
  4. Another medical explanation for this is the instantaneous discharge phenomenon of the cerebral cortex, or illusion phenomenon, or visual memory, which often occurs when you are in a very familiar environment. Our brain has a memory buffer area. When you see something or encounter something, you first store the memory and then buffer it. The reason why the things in front of us seem to have experienced this feeling is because we made a mistake when storing the memory and stored it in the historical memory. When looking at the things in front of you, you learned from the historical memory. Find it out, and you feel as if it has happened before. It is easier to produce such illusions when the brain is tired.
  5. The difference in the flow of life and death consciousness. People are born with consciousness, and this consciousness flows smoothly until death. After death, the human consciousness will follow a tortuous route until the birth, thus reciprocating. Because of the twists and turns of the post-death course, the memories of life are recorded in segments. Only the memories at the contact point may be entangled by the consciousness of the next stage of “life”, and the phenomenon of deja-vu will appear. As for why young people and old people have this phenomenon, it is also easy to explain. The normal ideology of the young is still being formed, while the brain of the old has a strong memory recall function. And middle-aged people often ignore this feeling because of excessive pressure in life, rather than non-existent.
  6. In physics, this phenomenon is called backwards in time, that is, when the speed is greater than the speed of light, time and space intersect, and the four-dimensional space occasionally has a special human feeling of chaos. When a certain scene occurs, the human control nerve (part of the central nerve) will be transmitted to the memory nerve at an extremely fast speed. At this time, the brain’s response has not been transmitted to the memory nerve, so when the brain’s response is transmitted to the memory nerve It will make people feel that the same has happened before. Some scientists speculate that the transmission speed of the control nerve and memory nerve will be greater than the speed of light at this time. This is a huge challenge to relative decline. Of course, this theory has not been proven now, it is just a guessing stage.
  7. Although orthodox scientists refuse to talk about the existence of souls, or have no room to deny this view, the involvement of high-energy physics and some other marginal physics on this issue is undeniable. First, it is to explore the constituent substances of the soul. Some heretical physicists have proposed that the essence of the soul is a kind of high-energy particle (there is a lot of speculative evidence in physics, because although humans can rely on the laws and laws of physics to predict its existence, human science and technology cannot be verified, including Many kinds of high-energy particles, etc.), which carry huge energy, can break through the barriers of time and space, that is, they can move in time and space. This inference is in full compliance with Einstein’s theory of relativity. Its specific nature is that it can be used as a carrier of information to move in disorderly time and space. All the memories and all the thoughts in our minds can be called information. Although it is still not clear what the essence of information is, it is certain that brain waves have a certain effect on it. This is what we call thinking or conscious activity in the brain. And this kind of particles usually spread in large quantities in the space around us, and of course they also exist in our brains. Because of its characteristics, we can receive external information to think, remember, recall, and forget. The so-called forgetting is a part of the particles with information floating in the consciousness space of our brain. Regrettably, it is still not clear what causes the attraction and repulsion between the particles, which may be related to our brain waves and other brain chemicals. However, when our brain dies, there will be a large number of particles free in the memory area of ​​our brain. Since the principle of attraction and repulsion of this kind of particles is not yet clear, it is impossible to explain and calculate their free probability. When the probability is very low, this particle still maintains its original arrangement in the human brain after disassociating, in other words, it maintains the basic personality and memory of the person (dead). When they encounter a new combination date (another person’s brain) and combine, the personality transfer will occur when the person is a newborn (without the memory already formed), which is what we usually call The reunion or seizing the house. But there are also unexpected situations, such as a sudden awakening after being held in a latent state for a certain period of time after the combination. This is what we often call the phenomenon of personality mutation (also exists in people whose memories have been formed and awakened after being combined, causing them to lose their original Personal situation). In fact, we are bound to this kind of particle all the time, such as we Suddenly a strange idea came up, and some words and sentences appeared in my mind… Even phenomena such as dreams and predictions can be explained by this theory. The visual perception can also be explained in this way.
  8. Time and space disorder. For example: you need a tool, but you can’t find it after searching the whole house, but after a while or a period of time, the tool is clearly placed where it is usually placed. To explain from Einstein’s point of view, there are many time and space in this world, and each time and space runs in accordance with general laws. They are parallel and generally do not cross. They just have time sequence, but there are exceptions. When space-time crosses, instantaneous space-time confusion, this is the situation where the tool disappears. For example, if a pliers is gone, it is there again in a blink of an eye. That is to say, the pliers temporarily rotates in another time and space, and this time is let You come across, of course, such coincidences are rare. The same is true for people. If it happens that the time and space of your existence intersect with the time and space of the future, that is to say, you have a short time to enter the future time and space, and you will soon come together again. If you use pliers to repair a white car in the future time and space , After you have reached the current time and space, you still have to perform the same action (fixing a white car), but this matter has been stored in your memory, so you feel this matter, this scene seems to be where you have experienced it. This has nothing to do with age and other experiences.

  9. Neurologists believe that memory is actually made up of many brain cells, which are connected through a strong chemical reaction. To awaken memory, it is necessary to locate and stimulate a certain group of brain cells. The brain understands the similarities between memories. For example, the sweet and sour taste of raspberries is similar to that of strawberries, and it can also distinguish similar but not identical memories. For example, eating certain red berries can make people sick. This ability is called “module separation”. The “module separation” circuit in the brain sometimes fails. In this way, the new experience and the old memory seem to be exactly the same. This is why people feel “déjà vu”.
Pseudo-scientific explanation:

  Ghosts exist after death. What kind of ghosts are they? In fact, the relationship between the ghost and the body is like the relationship between electromagnetic waves and walkie-talkies. Ghost is also a kind of magnetic field, a magnetic field with memory. The relationship between the ghost and the body is like this: the human body is divided into the body and the ghost. The body serves the ghost, and the ghost relies on the body. The existence of organs is reserved for physical health, so that the ghost will not disappear.
  The formation of ghosts-when the fetus is in the mother’s body, the first three months is very weak, or even non-existent. Its source depends on brain activity and body fluids (the most important thing is blood, body fluids are Formed by the flow of electric ions. There are ghosts for all animals after death, that is, as long as there is a flow of electric ions, an electric current is formed. When there is an electric current, there is a magnetic field. When the fetus is three months later, the brain gradually develops and the blood flow to the mother increases, gradually forming ghosts. The body of newborn babies is close to primitive, so many children (6 years old) and under will see ghosts. They are not seeing with their eyes, but their ghosts and their communication (the vision range of children under 3 years old is very close At this time, the child’s body and the ghost are not very harmonious, and they are easily separated by reasons such as fright. This is the proverb “losing the soul”.
  The growth and maturity of ghosts——As the human body grows, ghosts gradually become closely integrated with the body. All human memories are stored by ghosts, and the brain acts as a medium, just like the relationship between the information on the disk and the magnetic powder on the disk. It is not exactly the same, and the ghost does not completely rely on the brain to exist. It has its own magnetic field memory. Just like the information on the disk is sent out in the form of electromagnetic waves, they can be received and displayed by your brain at any time. It needs to be explained that magnetic field memory depends on the structure of the brain (position and arrangement of magnetic particles on the disk). If it is not appropriate, it will produce idiots. If memory is simply a function of “brain folds” as some scientists say, there are reports that idiots have fewer brain folds than normal people? Some scientists experimented that the energy that a person should produce from food intake is far greater than the energy consumed by a person’s daily fever. So where does the difference in energy go? It is sent out by the brain in the form of electromagnetic waves. Someone may ask, why did I not receive the electromagnetic wave? With this question, please continue to look down.
  The separation of ghost and body-when a person’s organs are damaged or the body is weak and aging and cannot produce enough energy, the ghost is separated from the body. To be precise, the body dies before the ghost leaves the body, not the ghost leaves the body After the talent died. Ghosts will continue to exist after leaving the body. They may be received by personal bodies that have the same attributes as their original bodies. This is what people call ghost possession, so these people who are possessed by ghosts will know a lot of ghost original bodies. Secret. Some people worry that the ghost will not leave the attached body. This is unnecessary. Although it is temporarily possessed, the attached body is not exactly the same as the original one, so it will not be provided with energy to make it continue. It will also disappear after possessing, and its energy will be exhausted. Some people may wonder, from ancient times to the present, there should be many ghosts in the world, are they everywhere? The answer is “no”, ghosts are a kind of magnetic field, which will be shattered when hit by other powerful magnetic fields, such as those generated by lightning. So many ghosts have been wiped out. This is the reason why people can still find them if there is no thunder and lightning after the “lost soul”.
  The world is made up of matter, which also includes time and ghosts. Time and ghosts are just a form of matter that we do not fully understand.
  The ghost is also material. It is a field similar to a magnetic field. I will call it a “ghost field”, which is the same as a magnetic field between two magnets. Once this field is recognized and used by us humans, it will lead to major changes in Lu’s history.
  Ghosts have their own activities. When our body is resting, sometimes they don’t rest, wandering around and stored vaguely, but it is vague without the help of the body. I don’t know if you have this feeling: one day you will be surprised when you go to a certain place or something happens: Huh! I seem to have experienced this place (this experience)!