Wonderful world

Paris fashion brand actually walks in the toilet on Monday

  According to reports, the first appearance of a clothing brand at Paris Fashion Week was actually in an old public toilet in Paris. Designers Mao Usami and Alfer showed their latest clothing products in public toilets in Paris. This toilet built in 1905 is different from other public toilets. It has a special mahogany door, ceramic tile floor, stained glass, art deco mirror and brass faucet. The two designers both graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art in London. They said that the reason why they chose such a place to display their brand was that they wanted to praise this place because it allowed trivial things or thoughts in life. Free flowing place.
British piano tuner found a lot of gold coins in a piano

  On Christmas Eve 2016, a piano tuner in Shropshire, England, found a large pile of gold coins in a vintage piano waiting to be repaired, which may have been hidden during the First World War. The treasure appraiser John Aurely appealed to the insiders to provide relevant information. It is reported that this piano was made in 1906 and was tuned by its owner in 2016. Then a piano tuner found a pile of gold coins in the piano. According to the dates on the gold coins, these gold coins were cast from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. It is estimated that the value of each gold coin is approximately RMB 1,705, which will be a huge wealth for the owner or heir to change his life. If the owner or heir of the gold coin cannot be found, the owner of the piano will own the wealth.
120 people eat “Overlord Meal” in a restaurant in Romania

  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, 120 diners in Benbivre, Romania, ate at a Spanish restaurant, took advantage of the waiter to serve desserts, hurriedly left the table to avoid paying about 14,000 yuan bills. It is reported that the group was celebrating the baptism in the restaurant. They paid 6522 yuan in advance before the meal, but after they finished the main course, while the waiter went to serve desserts, they ran away from the restaurant and had a “Overlord Meal.” This “luxury meal” includes appetizers, main dishes and 30 bottles of wine, worth nearly 22,000 yuan. The restaurant owner said that this is the first time he has encountered this situation in 35 years since he opened a restaurant. At present, the restaurant owner has called the police, but the local police said they have not found relevant clues.
Man walks 16 kilometers to work every day, colleague sends car to tears

  Derek Taylor, a 19-year-old young man from Oxford, Alabama, works for UPS Express. Because his mother is sick and unable to work, he has been earning money to support his family since he was 14 years old and paying for medical expenses for his mother. Derek walks 8 kilometers to go to the 4 o’clock morning shift every morning, and does housework after returning home from work, but he never complains, just wants to make enough money to take care of his mother and pay off debts. As a result, enthusiastic colleagues bought him a dark green jeep valued at 1,100 US dollars (about 7,570 yuan), so that he was no longer so hard to commute. Derek was moved to tears.
The driver hides the woman in the hood of the truck for smuggling into the UK

  At Cauclere, France, the terminal of the Channel Tunnel, border guards stopped a suspicious truck and found that the driver Nicolas was talking inconsistently and suspiciously. They searched the truck and found a vehicle crouching inside the engine. woman. According to reports, the woman was from Albania and was sent to the French Border Agency after being rescued. Nikolai was immediately arrested and handed over to immigration law enforcement and financial crime investigators for investigation. The only support for this woman is a metal plate underneath. Once the truck encounters a collision, the consequences will be unimaginable. Nicholas pleaded guilty to assisting in the entry of illegal immigrants when he was tried at the Canterbury Criminal Court and was sentenced to three years in prison.
Australia 190 caterpillars line up to feed collectively

  A netizen in the interior of Australia caught a scene of 190 caterpillars lining up to hunt for food in their garden. The line of caterpillars is about 3 meters long, which is very rare. He accidentally found these caterpillars in his garden. He also deliberately counted them. There are 190 caterpillars, which is longer than the utility vehicle parked on the left. Under the leadership of the Insect King, they sent out collectively looking for food.
19-year-old youth puts on 3D printed shoes

  According to reports, 19-year-old Brock Brown from Michigan, USA, is about 2.4 meters tall and has the largest pair of feet in the world, often worrying about buying shoes. Brown suffers from Soto’s gigantism, which is one case in about 15,000 people. This disease has brought great inconvenience to Brown’s life, one of which is that it is difficult for him to find suitable shoes. At present, Feetz Company has 3D printed a pair of sneakers for him. The upper is black and the sole is red. These two colors are the colors of Brown’s favorite basketball team-the Chicago Bulls. Feetz first used an app to convert photos of Brown’s feet into 3D models, and then the machine could print out the shoes. The 3D printed shoes customized by FFeetz are cheaper than custom-made shoes, about RMB 682-1720.
Russian men’s volleyball player was “kicked off” plane for too long legs

  Alexandra Kimerova, a 20-year-old member of the Dynamo Moscow Volleyball team in the Russian capital, was embarrassedly driven off the plane while flying on a Pobeda Airlines plane. The reason for being driven off was her legs. Too long! Kimerova was about 2.13 meters tall, but encountered a “small accident” when he was on the plane. Because his hind legs were too long, the stewardess claimed that his two long legs blocked the passage and hindered the work of the flight attendants. So he called three police officers and “kicked him off” the plane. Kimerova was shocked by all this. He filmed his experience into a video and uploaded it to the Internet.