The seven most thrilling chess games in history

  Both Go and Chess have a long history of entertainment in our country, and there have been some amazing stories about playing chess in the past. There are such unusual seven games in history, which is thrilling to read.
First game: the most calm

  During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a famous war broke out with less victory over more-the Battle of Feishui. With 80,000 horses, the Eastern Jin Dynasty defeated the 800,000 army of the former Qin which was known as one million horses. When the good news came back to Jiankang, Xie An was playing chess with a friend. After watching it at will, he put it aside and continued to play chess. Everything seemed to be expected.
  When a friend asked, he just said lightly that it was nothing, but the children had defeated the enemy. “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” records this event as follows: “Xie Xuanhuai went to the game with the people, and Xie Xuanhuai wrote to him, read the book, but was silent, Xu Xiangju. The guest asked about the interests of Huai, and replied: “The younger generation is broken. A thief. ”
  Importance and deportment are no different from the usual.” No wonder the old saying goes that those who have thunder in their chest and face like Minghu can only worship the general. Xie An’s “not different from normal” continued to play chess with aloof demeanor, and the indifferent words of “children’s big thief” made me and other ordinary people stunned. In current words, Xie Gong is really “cool” and “cool”.
Second game: the most forbearing

  Gu Yong, the prime minister of Wu, was a famous chess fan. The grandson of Wu Taihe opposed the game of chess and made it useless. Gu Yong is the prime minister, with high authority, pretending not to hear what the prince said, and playing chess with the guests in the palace as usual. Once, the chess battle was in full swing, and his son Gu Shao, who was an official in a foreign country, died of serious illness. Gu Yong didn’t change his face after hearing the news, and he played the game as usual. However, under the chess table, he pinched the flesh on his palm with his nails, and the blood flowed out to vent the pain in his heart.
  Among the politicians of the Three Kingdoms, Gu Yong is known as the “Eastern Wu Mingxiang”. After Zhang Zhao and Sun Shao, the famous ministers of the State of Wu, he took charge of the phase and assisted Sun Quan. He was a man of great merit. History books say that he is magnificent and not surprised at every change, as can be seen from his story of playing chess. Gu Yong has his own unique insights and ideas in handling affairs, considers issues comprehensively, handles problems steadily, and pays attention to methods and methods. Under his governance, Wu Guo has experienced full prosperity and prosperity.
Game 3: The calmest

  Kong Rong, a famous scholar in the Eastern Han Dynasty and the first of the seven Jian’an sons, was a famous civil servant at that time. In the “San Zi Jing”, “Rong four years old, can make pears” Rong said is him. He is unrelenting, and he is hated by Cao Cao, who controls the government.
  Once, Cao Cao arrested him on charges of weaving. At this time, Kong Rong’s 9-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter were playing chess. Some people advised them to run away. The brothers and sisters replied: “Where can the bird’s nest be destroyed? An you have finished eggs)?” The two of them quietly finished a round of chess and were also taken away, and they were killed together with their father. “Shi Shuo Xin Yu” recorded this peaceful record, which makes people horrified.
Fourth game: the most stubborn

  Ruan Ji, one of the “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest” in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, was a famous writer and thinker. One day, when he was playing chess with a friend, his family came to report: “The old lady is dead!” The friend hurriedly got up and urged him to go back and take care of his mother’s funeral, but Ruan Ji had to finish the game of chess. The two sides played for more than two hours before the game ended. Ruan Ji Chuan of Jin Shu recorded this: “Sex is filial, mother ends, playing chess with people, begging to stop the opponent, staying and gambling.”
  If you think Ruan Ji is not filial, you will be wronged. “Jin Shu Ruan Ji Biography” said that after he finished the game of chess: “Since he drank two buckets of alcohol, raised a trumpet, vomited blood for several liters. And buried, eat one steamed gizzard, drank two buckets of wine, and then approached the tactics and spoke out. , Raising the sound of the trumpet, because of vomiting blood for several liters, the barren bones were destroyed, and it was devastating.”
The fifth game: the most calm

  There was an official named Wang Jingwen during Emperor Ming Emperor of the Southern Dynasty, who was very capable. Emperor Ming of Song Dynasty highly valued Wang Jingwen, not only married Emperor Ming of Song Ming Jingwen, but also named Emperor Ming after Jingwen. But when Emperor Song Ming was dying, he was very worried about Wang Jingwen, worried that after his death, Wang Jingwen would not be willing to become a courtier when the queen was in court. When Emperor Ming of Song Dynasty was seriously ill, Wang Jingwen died as an envoy to give medicine to him.
  When the edict was delivered to Wang’s house, he was playing chess with his friends. After reading the edict, Wang Jingwen pressed it under the chessboard and continued to play chess with his friends with a calm expression. At the end of the game, Wang Jingwen calmly packed the chess pieces, took out the edict, then picked up the poisoned wine, raised a glass and said to his friend: “I’m leaving, I can’t persuade you to drink this glass of wine.” , The year was sixty.
Game 6: The worst

  Emperor Kangxi was a fan of chess and always liked to kill two games when he was fine. Once, Kangxi led his entourage to go hunting in the Mulan Paddock near Chengde. When he became addicted to chess, he played against a minister and quickly won three games in a row. Before Kangxi’s Yixing was finished, he found a high-level chess guard called Renfu to play against him. Na Renfu is also a chess fan, he is very focused on the game. His chess skills are very strong. For a moment he forgets that the player is the emperor, but he is attacking the city and the momentum is like a broken bamboo. After entering the middle game, he quickly eats the opponent’s cart. The old eunuch Guo Jigong, who was watching the game next to him, saw that the emperor’s chess was lost, and said wisely: “The emperor, there is a tiger at the foot of the mountain, please hurry out to hunt.”
  Kangxi was very happy when he heard it, and said to Na Renfu: “You are Waiting here, let’s continue after I come back from hunting tigers.” As he said, he turned on his horse and ran down the mountain with his bow. Where is the tiger under the mountain, the entourage only found a sika deer. Kangxi likes hunting and is an old hunter. Based on experience, he knows that if there is a deer, there will be no tigers. It must be Guo Jigong’s dazzling and mistaken deer for a tiger. In fact, Guo Jigong was right. The emperor and Na Renfu were fighting on the chessboard. If there was a deer under the mountain, he would definitely not go down the mountain, so he deliberately described it as a tiger in order to arouse the emperor’s interest and draw him down the mountain to avoid chess. Embarrassed after defeat.
  Kangxi was also very interested in hunting deer. The deer ran very fast, and Kangxi rode a horse to chase him. After several mountains, Kangxi shot the deer. The days passed by like water, and a few days passed in a blink of an eye. When he remembered the chess game with Na Renfu, he returned to the place where he had played together. Seeing that Renfu was still kneeling beside the chessboard, motionless. At this time, Kangxi realized that the benevolence who was loyal to his duty was dead, and he was very sad. “The Analects of Confucius: Weizheng” put it well: “People do not have faith, and I don’t know what is possible.” From then on, Kangxi learned from lessons learned and vowed never to lose faith in others.
Game Seven: Most Obsessed

  During the Qianlong period, there was a salt merchant named Hu Zhaolin in Yangzhou who loved chess. Once, Hu Zhaolin played chess with the famous player Fan Xiping. By the time they reached the mid-game, they were already clearly at a disadvantage, so they didn’t dare to play any more. Hu Zhaolin went to the then master Shi Ding’an for advice, and then hurried back to continue playing with Fan Xiping. Shi Ding’an lived far away from Yangzhou, and Hu Zhaolin spent two days and one night back and forth. In order to win a game of chess it takes so much effort, such a top chess idiot can be described as unprecedented.