Soul out of the body

  My home is deep in the mountains, very remote. I have heard stories about demons and ghosts from adults since I was a child, and I was convinced at that time. After I got older, I learned that demons and ghosts were made up by people, and they couldn’t take it seriously. However, a series of strange things that happened after my father died made me wonder whether people have souls. Whether the soul can be free from the body of human beings, that is, the soul out of the body spread by the people.
  My father is a good man, he loves to do some good deeds of paving roads and bridges, he is very popular in the village, and he is still full of energy even in his eighties. This makes me feel very at ease when I work outside, and I don’t have to worry about my father all the time.
  A few days ago, I suddenly received a call from my sister, saying that my father was seriously ill and wanted to see me very much. I was investigating the project, and I immediately returned to China by plane, and drove home in the rain overnight after arriving at the unit. When there were more than 100 miles away from my hometown, it rained more and more. I missed my father and eagerly drove on the mountain road regardless.
  About an hour later, I came to a fork in the road more than 40 miles away from home. One road is a dirt road, which is not easy to walk. It has to cross the beam and is far from home: one road is a national road, and a long tunnel is in front of it. It takes more than half an hour to drive and is closer to home. It stands to reason that I should walk through the tunnel, and I walk this way every time I go home, and today is no exception. When I drove the car to the national highway, I suddenly felt sleepy. It was not uncomfortable to doze off. Counting it all, I haven’t rested for one night, I think, anyway, I will be home soon, so let’s stop for a while. Looking at my watch, I parked the car on the fork before 9 o’clock, leaned on the steering wheel and closed my eyes.
  In the rain, I saw a figure waving at me. The man wore a piece of plastic cloth and staggered in the mud. I took a closer look, isn’t this the father? I was so excited that I just wanted to get out of the car, but my father quickly turned and ran toward the dirt road, and immediately threw me down for a long time. My father ran and looked back at me. I wanted to shout but couldn’t make a sound. I immediately started the car to chase my father. After chasing for a long time but did not catch up, my father kept running towards Liang.
  When I was in a hurry, I woke up and found that the car had reached the middle of the mountain. The rain was still heavy in front, but there was no father.
  I can’t understand why I drove the car away in my sleep? Did I turn off the flame just now?
  But the figure of the father in the dream just now was clearly visible.
  With an inexplicable mood, I drove the car home.
  At the door of the house, I heard crying and people coming and going. I feel that the big thing is not good, and my father must be more ill. Sure enough, the coffin was placed in the yard, and my sister cried into tears, and said to me: “Dad just died. Dad has been in a coma for one night and one night, and only said one sentence: “I’m done paying back, it’s time to go! “Dad died after speaking.”
  I leaned on my father and cried.
  In the afternoon, we buried our father.
  At this time, an astonishing news came: that tunnel, and the mountain outside the tunnel, landslides and collapsed in heavy rain at 9:30 this morning, and all 11 vehicles, large and small, were buried in mudslides and tunnels. The time is exactly the time I was walking on the dirt road.
  Hearing the news, tears filled my eyes. My father didn’t breathe, just to save me! My sister told me that these days, my father often babbled, saying that I saved his life, but I haven’t repaid him.
  I know that my father said I saved his life.
  That year, my father went to see me in the city, I picked him up at the station, and we walked in the cold wind. Suddenly, a car rushed towards my father like crazy. I pushed my father away and fell heavily to the ground. Fortunately, my father only knocked and broke, and blood was rubbed out of my hands, but it was fine. My father said in despair, “Oh, you save my life, or it will be finished!”
  I told everyone what happened to me, and everyone sighed.
  The younger sister said, “Brother, do you know, there is something even stranger.” The
  younger sister told him about his father-in-law’s escape last night.
  The younger sister’s father-in-law lives in three old houses by himself.
  Yesterday, the father-in-law said to her: “Your father asked me to see him in a dream, and he has something to tell me. He said that he has not repaid me for saving his life, and he said he would repay me in person.” My
  sister said, “I.” Dad is unaware, and there is only one breath left, so you don’t want to go, it is inconvenient.” The
  younger sister’s father-in-law lays on the kang all the year round, relying on the younger sister to serve him.
  Unexpectedly, the old man resolutely refused to do it and shouted at his sister: “You just use a pole to carry me to your house.” My
  sister had to find a few people and carried the old man to my grave. The old man sat beside his father, took his father’s cold hand, and talked about his childhood.
  The old man said that when my father was 8 years old, he went to take a bath with him and fell into a big puddle and couldn’t get out. He was catching butterflies on the shore. When he saw his father struggling in the puddle, he jumped in and picked him up. His father was grateful for this.
  The old man sat with his father for a long time plus one night. In the morning, someone sent a letter saying that the three old houses of the old man were washed away by flooding at night. When the old man heard it, he cried loudly, crying that his father was leaving, and he did not forget to repay him.
  I finished my father’s funeral and prepared to return to the city the next day. In the evening, Grandma Liu leaned on crutches with a stack of yellow sheets in her armpit, and came to my house tremblingly and said: “Oh, I took a life back. Your father gave this life.”
  Grandma Liu My sister and I were stunned.
  Grandma Liu said: “Your father has helped me in these years. I am alone and have no children. Your father often helps me with odd jobs and buys rice and noodles for me. Your father went to my house the night before he left. When I stopped by, I talked about Sanwowotou.”
  My sister said strangely: “Grandma Liu, did you remember it wrong? My dad hasn’t been to the kang for more than 10 days. My dad was angry the day he left. Gossamer, how can you go out?”
  Grandma Liu said: “It’s true! I remember it clearly. Your father sat on the edge of the kang and said that in the past, in order to save dry food for you, he drank cold water and ate wild vegetables all day. Once he fell hungry at my door. , I carried him back into the room and gave him three nests. He was full at one go. He said that without my three nests, he would not live now. The great kindness back then, he always remembered .Now I’m leaving, thinking of repaying. Your dad left the house as he said. It was raining heavily outside. I saw that your dad didn’t bring the plastic sheet, so I took out the umbrella and gave it to him. He didn’t pick it up, saying, it’s okay , I can’t get wet. I opened the umbrella and held it for him. He said: “Or you can send me off.” We both took an umbrella and walked towards your house. Suddenly, a lightning bolt struck and I saw A big ball of fire rushed into my house. I said:’Thunderstorm.’ Your dad said:’Sister, don’t send it, it’s okay, go back.’ Your dad said nothing. I’ll return. When I got home, the room was dark and everything was scorched by the thunder. Tell me, wouldn’t I be burned to death without your dad? Good guy! I just heard that he’s gone, I’ll give it He burned some paper money and wished him a safe journey.”
  Grandma Liu wiped her tears after speaking.
  I didn’t believe in ghosts, but my father saved three lives in the dark, and I couldn’t explain it.
  In the end, I have to believe that humans have souls and can be free from the human body. Or, will my sister’s father-in-law and Grandma Liu be saved?