Earth “black hole”

  At present, the exploration of the mystery of Bermuda is being combined with the search for the “Great West Country” site. “The Great West Kingdom” is an eternal mystery left by the famous ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogue works in the fifth century BC for later generations. People for generations have sighed: Where is the tragic fate of the “Great Western Kingdom” buried in the waters?
  According to legend, 9,000 years ago, there was a huge land in the “West Sea”, and this was the continent of Atlantis where the “Great West Kingdom” was located. The land has beautiful scenery, rich products, and highly developed civilization. The people live a prosperous life, and the powerful army is shocking everywhere. Unexpectedly, a devastating earthquake and the accompanying tsunami caused the entire Atlantis continent, carrying cities, temples, roads, canals, and all citizens, to sink to the seabed overnight and disappear into the monstrous In the peaks and valleys…
  Although Plato’s account of the “Great West Country” is suspected by contemporary scholars, since the 1960s, more and more relics of prehistoric civilization have been discovered on the ocean floor of the Bermuda Sea. A new diving archaeology is in the making. This emerging discipline will take it as its mission to uncover the mystery of the sinking and hiding of the ancient land of Atlantis. This will surely promote people’s gradual understanding of the true face of Bermuda’s “Magic Triangle”.
  In 1967, an American pilot Robel Blus and his assistant Dimitlai Lepikov flew at low altitudes in the Bahaba Islands in the Bermuda Sea. Suddenly they found a huge rectangular object under the water of Bimini, and they immediately photographed it. Le Pickov is a French submerged explorer. He quickly contacted Professor Valentine of Yale University and proposed to organize an investigation team to conduct underwater research on Bimini and surrounding islands. In August of the following year, the investigation team came to the waters of Bimini to start underwater archaeological work, and successively obtained a series of unprecedented precious discoveries. Subsequently, more manpower and material resources were invested in the investigation of the remains of Bermuda’s underwater civilization.
  Under the water of Bimini, huge stone buildings are lying on the ocean floor. They are tightly structured, large in scale, and varied in shape. The 1,600-meter-long large stone wall is built with large stones 4.5 meters long, 6 meters wide and 3 meters high. Each boulder weighs at least 25 tons. In the stone-built streets, various patterns are arranged with rectangular or polygonal stones. A flat-topped pyramid with a height of 42 meters and a length of 54 meters on each side sleeps under nearly 400 meters of water. In addition, there are wharves, port equipment remains and marble statues. According to the analysis of seabed limestone near the Bahaba Islands, it proved that it existed in the air 12,000 years ago, which means that it was once land.
  An “underwater stone city” with an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters was discovered on the continental shelf of Cuba. The building complex has many streets, slab paving, stone door frames, stone sculptures, and even slab coffins. It is a veritable stone world. Divers found that this “underwater stone city” is full of shell fossils, very old.
  In addition, along the coasts of Mexico and Honduras, stone embankments have been found to extend the sea of ​​people and disappear into the ocean floor. Many large stone houses were found on the seabed of Hispaniola, the largest of which was 70 meters wide and 25 meters high. Under the sea near the island of Andros, there is a remnant of a fairly old temple with a width of 25 meters and a length of 30 meters.
  The most exciting discovery in the Bermuda waters is the giant pyramid under the sea in 1978. At that time, Rocheway, director of the International Diving Center, led a part of the team to investigate near the “Magic Triangle” in Bermuda. Suddenly, a storm broke out on a clear sunny day, the sea was instantly foggy, and the white light hit the sky. The boat was no longer able to control. When they dived into a depth of 100 meters, they saw a huge pyramid. It had two large holes. The sea water passed through the holes at a very fast speed. It stirred up raging waves on the sea surface. This phenomenon disappeared and the sea returned to calm again.
  In order to clarify the situation of this underwater pyramid, a group of American scientists used advanced equipment to investigate the “Magic Triangle” of Bermuda again. After careful measurement, they found that the pyramid located on the ocean floor is 200 meters high and the spire is 100 meters above the sea Meters, each side of the tower is 300 meters long, and its construction age is about 7000 years earlier than the Egyptian Golden Tower. Because the sea is too deep and the environment is complicated, scientists who surveyed underwater could not determine whether the pyramid and other ancient buildings at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean are products of the same era.
  Two years before the discovery of this giant underwater pyramid, scientists discovered a pyramid hidden deep in the bottom of the Bermuda Sea on its east side, and its tower top was 700 meters above the water.
  The latest discovery of the Bermuda undersea civilization in the Atlantic Ocean was in 1989, when two Norwegian divers saw an ancient city on an underwater plain in the “Magic Triangle”. The two of them took the relevant shots with underwater cameras, from which many criss-cross roads can be seen, with round-roofed buildings lined up on both sides of the road, in addition to arenas and rectangular buildings. They are all well preserved. The two Norwegians confidently discovered the “Atlantis ancient land” mentioned by Plato.
  This discovery undoubtedly provides new evidence for the history of the sea and land changes in Bermuda waters.
  Scientists have different opinions about the underwater discoveries of various prehistoric civilization relics centered on the Bermuda Sea. Some believe that the sunken “Atlantis ancient land” may indeed be hidden in the Bermuda waters and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Some people disagree, because people have mentioned hundreds of sinking waters that may become the “Great West Country” in the past. Perhaps Plato’s “West Sea” is not the Atlantic Ocean but the Mediterranean Sea.
  For those imaginative explorers, their thoughts are quite weird. This is that they actually doubt whether the “Great Westerners” are still living on the bottom of Bermuda.
Let people talk about the sea of ​​death

  From the Bermuda area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, walk up along the meridian, after crossing the North Pole, and then walk down to the part of the same latitude where Bermuda is located, which is the western Pacific east of Tokyo, Japan. If you take Tokyo Bay as a point, take 145 degrees east longitude and 35 degrees north latitude as a point, and Yap Island as a point, connect these three points with a line to form a triangular area. The seas in these three areas are the seas of death called the “Magic Sea Dragon Triangle”.
  If an imaginary straight line penetrates the earth from the center of the Bermuda Triangle, the exit of the straight line on the other side of the earth is another dangerous navigation zone, namely the “Devil Sea” in Japan, commonly known as the “Demon Sea Dragon Triangle”.
  The “Devil’s Sea” is located between Japan and the Mariana Islands and is an area of ​​volcanic activity. Like other “death triangles” in this hemisphere, it is also located at 30 degrees north latitude, and there are deep trenches on the sea floor.

  Since ancient times, mysterious disappearances have often occurred in this area. Any fisherman would say this: “Fishing in this area will always bring great gains, but it is also very dangerous here. The monsters on the bottom of the sea will unknowingly swallow unfortunate boats and fishermen.” The
  disappearance made Japan. Scholars are deeply disturbed. They made up their minds that if such things happen again, they must investigate and find out.
  The opportunity came.
  On September 18, 1952, when the Japanese fishing vessel “Miaojin Maru” returned to the port, the fishermen all said that “the evil waves rolled over and formed a huge dome.”
  This may be a submarine volcanic eruption! The famous Mount Fuji mountain range extends from the Izu Peninsula to the Mariana Islands, and most of the earthquakes in the Japanese archipelago are caused by it. When the submarine volcano erupts in this sea area, the waves roar and roar, which can set off extremely terrible waves and form tsunamis, and sometimes rush to the coast, bringing serious disasters to coastal villages. In this regard, Japanese fishermen are very afraid.
  Japanese researchers expressed great interest in the report of the “Miaojin Maru” fishing vessel. On the third day of the news, that is, September 21, the Japan Navigation and Safety Agency sent its own research ship. At the same time, Tokyo Fisheries University also convened a group of researchers to take the “Xinyang Maru” research ship to the Devil Sea. These researchers are all prestigious scholars in the Japanese scientific community, from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Education, Tokyo Science Museum, and other research institutions.
  On September 24, the two research ships completed their missions and returned safely. The staff of the Japanese Hydrographic Bureau looked at their investigation report and began to worry about the “Haiyang 5 Maru” expedition ship they sent. This ship also left Tokyo on September 21, and there were many scholars on it. After waiting for a few days, I didn’t get any news of “Haiyang 5 pills”. At this time, the whole of Japan was panicked, because there were several of Japan’s most famous geologists and oceanographers on board, as well as more than 20 crew members.
  What is puzzling is that this research ship has not sent back even a telegram since it left port. The people who had been sent out to look for it came back one after another. They reported that they had found nothing but a new volcano erupting again.
  Soon, the Japanese maritime authorities officially announced that “Haiyang 5 Maru” had disappeared. Prior to this, the government had sent a large number of planes and ships to search around, but in the end there was no clue. The most important harvest is the pieces of wood found on the sea near the newly discovered volcano. In addition, people did not even see a pontoon, a rubber boat, or a corpse.
  This disaster caused the Japanese scientific community to suffer irreparable huge losses, and the disaster itself has a mysterious color. People are asking: Why didn’t they receive any telegram from the “Haiyang 5 Maru”? Why didn’t it send out a call for help at the most dangerous moment? Even if the submarine volcano erupts no matter how fierce it is, the body should always be found in the nearby sea? Why not? What’s even more shocking is that this research ship with 30 tons of gasoline did not leave a trace of oil!
  It seems that the disappearance of the “Haiyang 5 Maru” is like other death triangles. It is a mystery that no one can solve. The
  Japanese began to regard this sea area as the “devil’s sea area” since 1955. At that time, in the calm and sunny day, hundreds of tons of large ships occurred in the sea area. The mysterious disappearance of traces. To this end, the Japanese government sent a fishery surveillance ship “Sibiya Maru” to investigate. Unexpectedly, after a 10-day fruitless search at sea, the ship also suddenly navigated with land. The station lost contact and has nowhere to go. So far, such unexplained disappearances of sea ships have been common. According to the investigation of the Navigation Safety Section of the Japan Coast Guard, 161 large and small ships suddenly disappeared during the nine years from 1963 to 1972!
  Just like the Bermuda “Magic Triangle”, when ships and aircraft enter the waters of the “Dragon Triangle”, there are often phenomena such as compass failure, radio communication failure or interruption. Sudden waves, sea fog, strong winds, and vortexes will also occur. And the dense fog that bursts out suddenly. There are often “triangular waves”, that is, huge waves hitting ships from three directions at the same time. From the natural conditions of the seabed and other natural conditions, the “Dragon Triangle” and the “Magic Triangle” are two places. The sea areas are almost the same. At the same time, they all also conceal unknown mysteries, bringing about the disappearance of many ships and aircraft.
  Among the many aircraft missing over the “Dragon Triangle” was the HK-8 Japanese reconnaissance aircraft. Before the aircraft disappeared near Iwo Jima, the message sent back by the pilot was shocking: “Something strange happened in the sky… The sky opened…” At this point, the communication was suddenly cut off. After that, the plane lost contact and all the people on board disappeared without a trace.
  On April 19, 1957, the Japanese ship “Yoshikawa Maru” was heading back home from the South Pacific along the “Dragon Triangle” route. The captain and sailors suddenly and clearly saw two shining silver lights, no wings, 10 diameters. The multi-meter-long, disk-shaped metal flying object fell from the sky and plunged into the water not far from the ship, and then a surging swell was set off on the sea.
  The captain immediately noted the position at that time: 30 degrees 15 minutes north latitude, 142 degrees 30 minutes east longitude.
  Obviously, the flying saucer is the suspect. No, in addition to flying saucers, a mysterious object called the “glistening underwater giant wheel” has been discovered in the Far East including Japan’s “Devil Sea”.
  In March 1967, the sailors on the three freighters all saw a phosphorescent wheel-like object moving underwater at high speed, with light radiating from the center of rotation. A sailor on one of the three ships saw this strange phenomenon twice in a week. The sailor of another ship found the same phenomenon in the same sea area in October. Within half a year, people observed it 5 times in total. This sea area is on a straight line from Bangkok to the northwest of Borneo.
  Let’s take a look at some records of the events that took place in the “Magic Sea Dragon Triangle” below:
  In January 1970, a Liberian ship called “Sophia Barbas” sailed here. At the beginning, it sailed normally, but after little time, people lost contact with it. The ship “Sophia Barbas” sank inexplicably just like that.
  On November 12, 1970, a Liberian ship named “Banaluna” also disappeared here suddenly and mysteriously.
  On December 29, 1975, the South African freighter “Pachin Istria” was loaded with iron sand and sailed from South Africa to Japan. This freighter is huge, with a deadweight of 227,900 tons. When the “Bergie Istria” sailed to the sea area of ​​the Mohailong Triangle, the radio captain and his wife told his wife: “The sea is calm and the sky is clear.” Soon, the freighter disappeared suddenly. Up.

  A few years later, the sister ship “Patzing Istria” freighter “Patzing Vanga” sailed to the sea area of ​​the Mohailong triangle, and the radio communication was suddenly interrupted. Since then, people have never seen it again.
  In February 1977, a cargo ship named “Victory No. 1” in Panama sailed to the sea area of ​​the Mohailong Triangle and suddenly disappeared.
  Soon, a freighter called “Georgis” suddenly sank in the waters of the Mohailong Triangle. Before it sank, it did not issue an SOS distress signal.
  In September 1980, the British freighter “Derbyshire” suddenly sank in the waters of the Mohailong Triangle. Before sinking, there was no SOS distress signal. Soon, the Japanese freighter “Bolivar” was similarly dismissed by the “Derbysha” freighter in the Mohailong Triangle.
  These ships mentioned above are all hired ships, so what is the fate of military ships? According to the information that has been revealed, military ships also have accidents here. In the Soviet Union, 13 submarines have disappeared in the Mohailong Triangle, and most of them are nuclear-powered submarines with advanced equipment.
  Ships that have sunk in the ocean generally find survivors and the bodies of victims more or less after people’s salvage. However, any ship that has suffered misfortune in the waters of the Mohailong Triangle, no matter how much power or time it takes, even a survivor or the body of a victim cannot be found.
  The Mohailong Triangle, a sea area that makes people on the ship frighten as long as they talk about it, and a sea area that makes people on the ship shudder even when they hear its name.
  So, what will happen to the plane when it sails here?
  On March 12, 1957, a KB-50 tanker sailed to the waters of the Mohailong Triangle. The weather was good at that time. However, the plane suddenly disappeared here, and the eight crew members on the plane disappeared. At that time, the base did not receive any distress signals at all.
  On March 16, 1957, an American “Invader” fighter jet flew into the waters of the Mohailong Triangle and suddenly disappeared. The fighter did not issue a distress signal.
  On March 19, 1957, the plane of Philippine President McGregor was quietly missing in the sea area of ​​the Mohailong Triangle. The president himself and the 24 entourage were gone.
  In the history of the world, in the same place, it is rare to see the disappearance of planes continuously within a month, or even never. However, such an event has indeed happened in the waters of the Mohailong Triangle. Therefore, people later called March in 1953 the “Evil Moon”.
  So, excluding the “evil moon”, will the plane sail to the sea of ​​the Mohailong triangle to escape this terrible bad luck? Let’s take a look at the following record:
  On April 27, 1971, a PZV-7 anti-submarine patrol aircraft of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force conducted night patrol training at night. Due to the bad weather that night, the plane requested to return. When it flew to the sea area of ​​the Mohailong triangle, it suddenly disappeared.
  In June 1971, a Japanese LM-1 single-seater training aircraft suddenly disappeared when it flew over the sea area of ​​the Mohailong triangle.
  These records tell people that no matter what time or what kind of plane it is, as long as it flies into the sea of ​​the Mohailong triangle and encounters that kind of unlucky moment, it will suffer misfortune.
  On April 17, 1981, “Taki Maru” sailed off the east coast of Japan. Suddenly, a disc-shaped object shining with blue light emerged from the sea, causing a big wave and almost knocking the “Taki Maru” over. It hovered in the air at a very fast speed, unable to see the details of its appearance, and its diameter was about 200 meters. When it appeared, the radio on the ship failed, and the pointers of the instrument on the ship were also messed up, spinning frantically. Later, it flew back into the sea again, causing a big wave and breaking the outer shell of Takiwan. The captain Tian Tian calculated the time. The luminous flying object from the sea took about 15 minutes from appearance to disappearance. However, after it went underwater, the captain found that the clock on the ship was strangely slow by 15 minutes.
  A more disturbing fact is the disappearance of submarines and aircraft with nuclear weapons. The famous American scholar Charles Bolz pointed out: “So far, at least 126 nuclear warheads have mysteriously disappeared in the Dragon Triangle.”
  Bolz even thought of this: “Is there a mysterious force on the bottom of the Dragon Triangle” Collect these nuclear weapons?”
  If this mysterious force does exist in the “Dragon Triangle”, where will its power come from? British researcher Joan Chavard conducted a detailed investigation for 16 years and determined that there was a vast “M mainland” in the South Pacific 12,000 years ago. “M” means “the kingdom of the sun”. People on the mainland have created a splendid culture together. Their navigation and construction industries are quite developed, and they have spread civilization on the Dazuo Islands. Due to an unprecedented earthquake and volcanic eruption, the “Mu continent” was devastated, and the creators of civilization sank into the depths of the blue ocean along with their native land.
  The discovery of diving archaeology has provided the necessary basis for the insights about the “Mu continent”. For example, there is a Pohnpei island in the Micronesia Islands. The inhabitants of the island have been passed down from generation to generation, and there is a sunken ancient land near the seabed. Sure enough, divers found quite intact streets, stone pillars, statues and houses on the seabed nearby. They also fished out very precious gold and jewelry from the local seabed.
  Easter Island, a small Pacific island 3,000 kilometers away from South America, covers an area of ​​about 120 square kilometers. The island has stone walls, stone temples, and pyramids made of megaliths. The most fascinating thing is the more than 200 peculiarly shaped stone busts standing facing the sea. They seem to be waiting or thinking about something. There is also a long-standing legend among the indigenous people on the island. The local area used to be a continent called “Shiva”. Later, due to a sudden change, most of the area was sinking to the bottom of the ocean, leaving only Easter Island alone.
  It is worth noting that there are huge stone platforms, ruins of stone cities, stone statues, etc., left on many islands in the Pacific Ocean. In some places, there are still huge stones that have just been used or unfinished stone statues. This shows that the fruitful labor of the ancients came to an abrupt end, and there are clear signs of this on Easter Island. This can’t help but make scholars guess: “A highly civilized race once existed in this area. After they built large-scale cities, statues, and ports with high-level architectural skills, they were affected by reasons that we do not yet know Mass evacuation or mass extinction, leaving behind spectacular architectural relics.”
  Will the ancestors on “Mu Continent” escape to the bottom of the ocean where the “Dragon Triangle” is due to some sudden catastrophe? As Char Boerz boldly guessed when he mentioned the disappearance of nuclear warheads:
  ”Is there a certain civilization hidden on the bottom of the’Dragon Triangle’ seabed? Is there a nuclear defense system left over from a prehistoric civilization?”

  On July 30, 1969, various Spanish newspapers published a piece of news that a domestic “albatross” aircraft disappeared in the Alboran waters at about 15:50 on the 29th.
  After receiving the news, people immediately went to the Strait of Gibraltar. The Alboran between Almeria and Almería was searched. Since the crew on that plane were all middle-ranking officers (colon and lieutenant colonel) of the Spanish Navy, the military authorities attached great importance to it and used more than 10 aircraft and 4 surface vessels. Ship. When people searched a large area of ​​the sea, only two seats on the missing plane were found, and nothing else was found.
  Two months before the accident, on May 15 of the same year, Another “Albatross” plane also inexplicably planted into the sea in the same area. The
  accident happened at about 18:00 and there were 8 flight attendants on board. According to witnesses, the plane was flying very low and the pilot Perhaps it was an attempt to force a water landing without success. The captain, Captain McKinrong, was lucky to be alive, and he was taken to the hospital immediately. Although the injuries were not serious, he could not tell the cause of the accident at all.
  People are still there. The bodies of two crew members were recovered near the accident site about one nautical mile from the coast. Later, several warships and divers searched carefully for a few days, but the other five were never found.
  According to unofficial sources, the flight Originally, an air force captain named Boado was assigned as the captain, and he decided to change to McKinley before taking off. In this way, Boado was fortunate to escape the disaster. However, good luck did not always take care of him. After two months, Boado, who had been granted leave, was sent again to serve as the captain of the “Albatross” aircraft. This time, he could not return.
  This fact prompted people to conclude that this was the case. Two identical plane crashes-two planes of the same type took off from the same airport and were piloted by the same captain (Boado) to perform the same anti-submarine security mission, and they encountered the same in the same sea area. Disaster. But no one can explain what the last call from the missing “Albatross” aircraft means “We are flying towards the huge sun”.
  The three vertices of the “death triangle” in the Western Mediterranean are the Canico Mountains in the Pyrenees, Yandouf, which borders Morocco, Elgeria and Mauritania, and the Canary Islands. In this disaster-prone sea area, plane crashes and disappearances continue to occur.
  At 10:30 on the morning of July 11, 1975, four “Saeta” planes of the Spanish Air Force Academy were conducting training flights in a mass formation. Suddenly, a flash of light passed by. Then, the four planes all landed on the sea. Go down.
  Nearby warships, fishing boats and divers all participated in the rescue operation and the salvage of the plane. They quickly found the bodies of five crew members. But why do these four planes that have just taken off for a few minutes have to rush toward the sea together? The Spanish military authorities did not give any explanation for this, and the press said: “The reason is unknown.”
  According to statistics, from the end of World War II in 1945 to 1969, during the peace period of more than 20 years, 11 air crashes occurred on this small spot on the map and 229 people were killed. The pilots were very afraid to fly over here. They said that every time an airplane passes here, the onboard instruments and radio will be disturbed strangely, and even the positioning system often fails, so that they can’t figure out where they are. This is probably why they call this “aircraft graveyard”.
  If the plane crash was caused by a malfunction of the positioning system, which led to the loss, then it would be puzzling for the freighter. Because any crew member knows that the sun can be used as a reference to determine the direction.
  The area of ​​the Western Mediterranean is not large, and the climatic conditions are quite superior compared to the Atlantic Ocean. However, the number of ships wrecked in this area is no less than the number of planes.
  The first ship crash that occurred here was in July 1964, when a fishing boat named “Maena” was killed and 16 fishermen were killed. This matter is quite peculiar and has aroused all kinds of speculations. But on August 8, when the Spanish newspaper published the news, it said: “There is no reasonable explanation.”
  The story goes like this: At 22:30 on July 26, a coast station on Tener Island received an ambiguous “SOS” call for help from a ship. But it neither reported its name nor its location. At 23 o’clock, the station received the same emergency signal again, and then nothing was heard.
  At 10:45 am the next day, the coast radio received a telegram from another fishing boat stating that they had found seven bodies in life jackets a few nautical miles north of Bojador. Someone recognized them as the crew of the “Maena”. The message also stated that an empty oil drum and 6 watermelons were floating beside the 7 bodies, and nothing else was found.
  In order to find possible survivors, the coast radio told the ships in that sea area to also sail along the route of the previous fishing boat. One day later, a fishing vessel reported that it had found three bodies in life jackets. Dozens of ships searched here for another three days, but found nothing. Later, the bodies of two people were found on the beach of the African Sea. A total of 12 people were found in this way, and the remaining 4 people have never been whereabouts.
  Afterwards, people raised many questions, such as: How did the crew of the “Maena” fail to escape during the two calls for help half an hour apart? Why did they not report their ship’s name and location twice? Maybe those wearing life jackets were drowned? But the location of the disaster was only one nautical mile from the coast. Why didn’t even one of the skilled crew members swim to the shore?
  Others speculate that they starved to death. But this seems untenable, because the seven crew members who were picked up first spent a maximum of 9 hours in the sea. In such a short period of time, it is generally unlikely that people will starve to death. There is also a hypothesis that an explosion occurred on board the ship can also be overturned, because the recovered body was completely unscathed.
  No matter how people guess, the sea that caused this disaster has remained silent.
  The Mediterranean climate in July is always sunny. On the morning of July 26, 1972, the freighter “Praia Roqueta” sailed from Barcelona towards Minorca. In the afternoon, somehow, the freighter turned around and sailed to the right of the original route. It turned out that the navigator on the ship was disturbed strangely, and neither the captain nor all the crew could tell the direction. At the time of departure, the captain had estimated that they would arrive at their destination at around 10 am the next day. But at 5 a.m. the next day, several fishermen met by the “Praia Roqueta” said that it was hundreds of nautical miles away from the island of Minorca where they were going.
  It is hard to imagine that during this period of time, all the people on this freighter lost their minds or were drunk, so that they did not even have the ability to recognize directions. This is another maritime accident that no one can tell.
  In the Gulf of Toulon in the Mediterranean Sea, 6 submarines lost their tracks in the 25 years from 1964 to 1970. During this period, the total number of submarine deaths in other parts of the world is only 11. In comparison, the number of submarines killed here is too high. In this regard, France must have won the “gold medal”-4 of the 6 submarines that died were French.

  On January 20, 1968, the French submarine Minerva with 52 crew members disappeared in the Toulon Sea. Since there are many deep trenches on the seabed here, it is considered a good place to test the performance of the deep submersible, and it was sent to this place for such tests.
  The news came that the French military immediately sent 30 naval ships equipped with advanced sonar to search for the accident site, and some reconnaissance aircraft and life-saving aircraft were also dispatched. The Haiyan, a US ship dedicated to seabed search, came to assist at the request of the French government. Two days ago, the “Haiyan” was looking for the Israeli submarine “Dakar”, which was missing in the same sea area. Since there was no progress in the work, a new round of search was launched.
  In the end all hopes were shattered. The “Minerva”, like the “Dakar”, disappeared from the earth forever.
  People began to provide hypotheses to explain two consecutive disappearances that occurred in two days. However, all assumptions were quickly rejected by the French military and experts. A spokesman for the French Navy said: “The assumption that they are attacked by the same enemy is as mysterious and whimsical as their disappearance itself.” Experts firmly believe that the two submarines disappeared within two days in a row. Accidental coincidence. Their disappearance was neither caused by some strange phenomenon under the sea, nor was it caused by the Sicily earthquake (there was no seismic activity in Sicily at that time). The most interesting is the words of a spokesperson for the French Ministry of Defense: “All signs make people believe with certainty that the submarine was killed.”
Fierce magic sea

  When mentioning the Devil Sea, people naturally think of the Bermuda “Devil’s Triangle” on the Atlantic Ocean. This vicious Devil Sea has swallowed many ships and planes. What kind of power is its “magic”? Scientists have different opinions, and it is still a mystery. However, in Antarctica, there is also a magic sea. Although this magic sea does not greedily swallow past ships and aircrafts like the Bermuda Triangle, its “magic power” is enough to make many explorers consider it daunting. This is the Weddell Sea.
  The Weddell Sea is the marginal sea of ​​Antarctica and part of the South Atlantic Ocean. It is located between the Antarctic Peninsula and the Coats Land, with the southernmost point reaching 83 degrees south latitude and the north reaching 70 degrees 77 degrees south latitude, with a width of more than 550 kilometers. It is named after the British explorer Weddell first arrived here in 1823.
  The magical power of the “Magic Sea” Weddell Sea first lies in the great power of drift ice. In the summer of Antarctica, in the northern part of the Weddell Sea, there are often large tracts of drift ice. These drift ice groups are like a white city wall, connected end to end, and sometimes there are several icebergs floating in the middle. Some icebergs are one to two hundred meters high and have a radius of two to three hundred square kilometers, just like a large ice field. These drift ice and icebergs collided and squeezed each other, making waves of earth-shattering rumblings, which made people frightened. Ships navigating in the gaps of drift ice are extremely dangerous. Maybe they will be hit by drift ice or sail into a “dead end”, leaving the ship in the Antarctic ice sea forever. In 1914, the British expedition ship “Indy Lance” was swallowed by drift ice in the Weddell Sea.
  When sailing in the icy sea of ​​Weddell, the wind direction is very important to the safety of the ship. When a southerly wind blows, the drift ice group spreads to the north. At this time, there will be gaps in the drift ice group, and ships can navigate through the gaps. If a northerly wind blows, the drift ice will squeeze together and surround the ship. At this time, even if the ship is not hit by drift ice, it will not be able to leave the vast ice sea. At least it will have to stay in the large ice sheet of the Weddell Sea for a year. It will not be possible to rush out of the Weddell Sea until the next summer And escape. However, this possibility is extremely small. Due to the limited food and fuel in one year, especially the winter blizzards in the Weddell Sea, it is difficult for most of the troubled ships to leave the magic sea of ​​Weddell. They will never sleep forever. “In the ice sea of ​​Antarctica. Therefore, in Weddell and other waters of Antarctica, there has been a saying that “boats in the south wind are happy, while the north wind flees into the ocean.” To this day, explorers from various countries still adhere to this creed, which shows the “magic power” of the Weddell Sea.
  In the Weddell Sea, not only drift ice and high winds impose prostitution on people, but whales are also a threat to explorers. In summer, whales flock in groups in the blue waters of the Weddell Sea. They often spray water in the crevices of the drift ice to play, don’t look at them leisurely and content, in fact, they are extremely fierce. In particular, the inverse whale is a terrible whale that can swallow any animal on the ice, and is a famous sea “butcher”. When it finds people or animals such as seals on the ice, it will suddenly break through the ice from the sea, stick out its head and swallow it in one bite. Its slender beak greedily devours seals and penguins, its ferocity is creepy. It is the existence of the orca whale that makes it difficult for most people trapped in the Weddell Sea to survive.
  The colorful aurora and the unpredictable mirage are another magic of the Weddell Sea. Ships sailing in the Weddell Sea, like floating in a dream world. Its ever-changing natural wonders, even if people feel mysterious and unpredictable, are frightening. Sometimes a ship is sailing in a crevice of drift ice, and suddenly a steep ice wall appears around the drift ice group, as if the ship is surrounded by the ice wall, blocking the way, and seems to be in desperation; it makes people panic. In an instant, the ice wall disappeared without a trace, turning the ship into safety. Sometimes, the ship was clearly sailing in the water, and suddenly asked as if it was driving to the top of the iceberg, suddenly scaring the crew to the sky. Also, when the sunset shines on the surface of the Red Sea, golden icebergs often appear in front of them, reflecting on the sea, as if they are smashing into the ship, giving people a false alarm. When sailing in the Weddell Sea, nature shows its magic power to people from time to time, teasing people, and making people panic. It is this farce performed by nature that leads many ships astray. Some competed to avoid illusory icebergs and collided with icebergs under the water; some were confused by the illusion and entered the desperate situation surrounded by drift ice.