Demystifying “Clothes Bermuda”

  As long as you leave your clothes, you will get holes inexplicably. Villagers in Meiwan Village, Dushi Town, Jiangjin City, Chongqing have not worn a piece of intact clothes and pants for 30 years. This phenomenon is called “clothing Bermuda”. According to a person from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Chongqing University, some local environmental changes and other factors may have triggered changes in the earth’s magnetic field, causing holes in the clothes and pants in the closet to dry or store.
The holes in the pants seem to be possessed

  ”You must hold your clothes in your hands, don’t put them down!” Peng Taiyu reminded reporters who had just entered the house like this, Yan Bi was full of mystery and feared.
  Peng Taiyu is 56 years old this year and is from the 6th community of Meiwan Village, Dushi Town, Jiangjin City, Chongqing. In the summer of 1972, the clothes hanging outside her house were suddenly covered with holes as small as beans and as big as thumbs, and the holes were cut like a knife. “Mom thought that my grandson was asking for suspicion, so I stabbed the clothes with a knife and beat him. This situation happened constantly, and it was’infected’ to the next three houses. I hid my clothes in the cabinet and put them on the bedside… I have tried all the methods, but the hole was created for no reason.” She recalled that at that time everyone discovered that only the clothes on the body could not afford the hole.
  It is impossible to wear all the clothes and pants in the house, and you have to take it off when you sleep. As a result, the villagers simply folded their clothes and pants and hid them under their pillows, guessing that such “popular” clothes and pants might not have holes. However, the trousers still had holes in them, just less. This phenomenon has continued to the present.
  At that time, the poorly educated villagers believed that the holes in their clothes might be caused by an evil at home, so Mr. Yin and Yang from Feng Shui came to exorcise demons. After doing the ritual, Mr. Yin Yang suddenly found that the clothes he had taken off at the dam were also riddled with holes, so he had to leave in a desperate manner, saying “I hit a ghost.”
  A person from the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Chongqing University said that the status of “Clothes Bermuda” is indeed very mysterious. It may be caused by some local environmental changes and other factors that stimulated changes in the earth’s magnetic field, causing holes in the clothes and pants in the closet. The reason why the clothes and pants will not have holes may be related to the fact that the human body’s own small magnetic field and the earth’s magnetic field cancel each other out and escape the “catastrophe”.
The reporter personally experienced the mysterious hole in the new clothes

  On the morning of October 13, 2004, the reporter came to Meiwan Village 6 with questions for the fourth time. Same as the previous few times, the purpose is still to verify the mysterious process of making holes in the pants. At the time of the drizzle, on the mountainside, the peasant houses with holes in their clothes are looming, adding a bit of mystery. At 4 pm, local media reporters and CCTV reporters jointly verified and saw holes in the clothes.
  ”This is a new dress that has just been hung.” At Peng Taiyu’s home, who first discovered the inexplicable hole in his clothes, Peng pointed to the vest under the eaves. The vest was bought by a reporter from the CCTV News Channel from Dushi Town. In addition, brand new cotton T-shirts are hung under the eaves of two neighboring farmhouses. The purpose is the same as this newspaper: to verify the mysterious holes in the underwear.
  ”God! It’s a hole.” The CCTV reporter who had been carrying the camera monitoring vest suddenly exclaimed. The crowd gathered around and fixed their eyes, only to see several small holes in the clothes, like a knife cut. The exclaim quickly turned into surprise—no insects were seen flying; no peculiar smell in the air was smelled; no one touched the vest after hanging the eaves. What is the reason for the hole? Onlookers-confused.
Analysis of PhD in the United States

  The CCTV reporter put away the white T-shirt that had been hidden for two days in doubt, and carefully looked at the tattered clothes. The conclusion of the staff of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau added a touch of mystery to “Clothes Bermuda”.
  Excluding radioactive factors, a CCTV reporter contacted a PhD in the Department of Chemistry who was studying in the United States. After learning of this peculiar phenomenon, the doctor studying in the United States made a preliminary analysis: there may be a “problem” with water or air.
  As for clothes that must be worn on the body to avoid damage, the doctor said, it may be because the human body secretes and produces an enzyme that can just neutralize the “special substance” that exists in the air or water.
The truth about sumo

  ”Are there any results from holes in the clothes?” Someone kept asking reporters this way. The reporter told what they had seen and heard, and they were all surprised, and at the same time questioned that the situation may be man-made-a hole and a crack are similar to a knife cut. The villagers of Wan Village vowed to be “no man-made”: Who has 30 years of perseverance, perseverance, special knives to cut other people’s clothes and pants, or even flashlights, and still not get caught?
  But there are also psychologists who hold different views: “Clothing Bermuda” may be a prank, and the perpetrator is suspected of having OCD. But who is the perpetrator is still a mystery. What is the truth? We will wait and see.