A small town hidden underground

  In South Australia, Australia, there is an area surrounded by the Victoria Desert and the Simpson Desert. Walking in this desolate place, you will find that the ground is scattered with jagged rocks, alien spaceships, broken down antique cars, mushroom-topped barrels and other things, like a garbage dump, and it shows a bit Unbelievably weird.
  In fact, these weird things are a kind of special markers, which are “private gardens” placed or built on the ground by homes. Under their corresponding caves are home caves with more than 3,500 people living. This place is the unique and legendary town in the world-Coober Pedy.
  The name Coober Pedy is derived from the aboriginal Australian language “KUPAPITI”, which means “the white man living in the cave”. Why don’t people live on the ground under the sun, but live under the ground? Things have to start 100 years ago.
  In 1915, Coober Pedy first discovered the gem deposit “opal”. The legend of getting rich overnight attracted people from all over the area to mine and taobao. Due to its location in the desert, the surface temperature in summer often exceeds 40 degrees Celsius. In order to avoid the heat, the miners used the gem-digging cave as a habitat and simply lived in it. The temperature in the cave can be stable at 24 degrees Celsius in summer, even in the cold winter, the underground is still warm as spring.
  The underground caves that miners live in are warm in winter and cool in summer, and the local aborigines have followed suit. For one hundred years, people living underground have continuously improved their underground residences. They excavated more spacious space in the cave. The living area and storage area gradually separated, and a special bedroom and kitchen were opened. Each room will be erected with a chimney for ventilation, reducing the humidity of the cave, and even hanging on the cave wall The curtains are added to create a window feel. Then, on the surface of the earth, those seemingly weird but ingenious ground “gardens” were created to show the existence of human beings.
  As more and more people lived in caves and the scale of the dungeon became larger and larger, some merchants sensed business opportunities. In 1981, a small town resident named Umberto Corot realized this sleepy underground town With profitable space, he built the first hotel here. Under his leadership, casinos, hotels, bookstores, billiards and other facilities have also opened in this underground town, and even built an underground church and underground art museum. While meeting the needs of town residents, it is open to tourists and develops tourism to generate income.
  The peculiar underground town attracts tourists from all over the world to explore the Rover. They stay in a cave hotel, hotel or private residence, taste the wine from the natural wine cellar in a fantastic cave, and sleep in a cool, spacious, soundproofed room In the labyrinth-like art museum rebuilt from an ancient mine, you can admire the opal mines, or put on a helmet and experience mining with a pick and a shovel. If you are lucky, you can dig up treasures and take them away for free. Even if there is no harvest from the excavation, you can buy authentic opals in the shop attached to the museum. Tourists experience a different atmosphere in the underground town and linger forever.
  In recent years, the town’s residents have returned to their natural lifestyle, attracting more people to come here. They spent tens of thousands of Australian dollars on a piece of land and then used a tunnel excavator to excavate it. Within a few days, a five-bedroom underground suite would be enough. Can be completed. In addition, you can also buy “second-hand holes” at a lower price. Residents living in the Coober Pedy Underground City never have to worry about housing prices. If they think the house is too small, they can expand at any time.
  Natural selection, survival of the fittest. In the face of harsh natural conditions, the people of Coober Pedy did not give in, but ingeniously hid the town underground, creating the most unique legendary scenery in the world.
  Human creativity is endless, as long as you dare to think and do and persevere, you are bound to be different.