15 years of working for the Mafia

  Many people in Campania, Italy know the Mafia. Dealing with them is often chilling, but profitable. The shaver who has been cutting hair for the mafia leader for a long time tells us the story of him and Kemora.
  The last time I saw Mr. Schiavone was in 2015. I went to the hospital to see him, and the guards stood around him frowning. Despite having just undergone a major spine surgery, the 71-year-old still looks energetic. But no one expected that a few days later, Schiavone died of a heart attack, and people around him quietly discussed whether it was a murder. As soon as I entered the ward, the boss immediately recognized me and greeted my family warmly. Family is the most sacred to Italians. This may be the reason why the Mafia is used to calling their gangs “family”.
“Well, you treat”

  I am Polish, born in Krakow, but have lived in Italy for a long time. In 1997, when I was 23 years old, I learned Italian and moved with my wife to the town of Casar di Principe in Campania, Italy. I found a job in a local barber shop, and soon I had my own customer base. One day, a man came. He bypassed the four waiting guests and walked straight to me. He has gray hair, but he does not look old, wearing a white shirt and plain jeans. He sat on the chair in front of me, waved his hand and said, “Cut it!” I was dissatisfied with his rude behavior of not lining up. I ignored him and walked away flatly, looking at the line. But the team was motionless, and no one came forward. Ten seconds later, my leader rushed over…
  It turned out that this “cheeky man” is the famous Carmine Schiavone, the leader of the Casareshi family, and the Casaresi family is K One of the most influential families in the Mora organization. The business managed by his family extends not only to Campania, but also to Lazio, Apulia and Emilia-Romagna. After knowing this, my legs became weak and I hurriedly apologized to Mr. Schiavone and offered to entertain him at my own expense. To my surprise, he said readily: “Well, you treat me.” That’s how we met.
  The word “mafia” we often say today is derived from Italian, and its original meaning is “our business”. The Mafia originated in Italy and initially only referred to criminal organizations in Sicily in Italy and Corsica in France. At first, they only rose to protect their families from harassment, but gradually evolved into a criminal organization for revenge and favoritism. In order to evade sanctions, they began to emigrate overseas, all over the world, mostly to the United States. Nowadays, the term “mafia” has become synonymous with all organized crimes, and it has also left a mysterious impression in many film and television works.
  Camora is one of Italy’s largest criminal organizations and one of the bloodiest mafia. It emerged in Naples in the 19th century. Unlike other mafia, their structure is not obvious. They are composed of separate families, which operate independently and often compete for territory with each other. It is said that Kemora controls the drug trade throughout Europe. In Italy, the organization is involved in most of the financial, prostitution, illegal weapons and smuggling trade, and controls some areas. The police have repeatedly arrested members of the criminal gang, but due to the horizontal structure of the Kemora organization, controlling one or two families will not affect the normal operation of the entire organization. According to statistics from the Transnational Crime Research Center, the average annual income of the Italian Mafia is 25.7 billion euros, of which Camorra accounts for the largest share (35%).
  Later, Schiavone often asked me to haircut him when he came to the shop. Later, he invited me to be a personal hairdresser. “I like the hairstyle you cut. It’s very brisk. Every hair is like alive.” Schiavone is very demanding of a hairdresser. Not only must he be professional, he must also be polite and not ask too many questions. “Intermittent hearing loss.” I do meet these requirements. The leader of the Casareshi family has a wife, two sons, four mistresses and several close associates. They also come to me to have a haircut from time to time.
Labor compensation

  I have worked for Camora for more than 15 years, but I still don’t know about them. Don’t ask questions or talk too much are the basic rules of survival for us little people around the Mafia. If you follow these rules well, you can live safely and happily in the family of a “big man”. They all treat you as family members: be polite to you, care about your health and family, and repay your hard work. thank. Mr. Schiavone once gave me a good bottle of wine. I saw him drank this wine during lunch with a friend. Later I saw the same wine in the store and the price was as high as 7000 euros.
  To be honest, I didn’t even think about what kind of person I was working for. I didn’t know anything about their “business” and I was only responsible for arranging their hair. They look like ordinary Italians: simple, cautious, religious, like most locals-go to church every weekend. However, their income comes from drug transactions in Latin America, Nigeria, Albania and the United Arab Emirates, as well as prostitution, but the main source is financial fraud.
  The biggest scam they have ever created is the garbage collection case. The Camora family makes a profit by processing toxic waste from northern Italy (where there are many industrial companies). The treated garbage must be safely discharged after being authenticated by ecologists, but the experts bought it and the appraisal certificate was also forged. Finally, the garbage that did not meet the emission standards was buried underground, including transported from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Nuclear waste. Later, they received a government bidding project at a preferential price, and used cheap building materials to build schools, playgrounds and hospitals in the landfill.
  I know they made garbage, but garbage has radiation, and I only learned about it later in the newspaper. The whole thing was carried out under the cover of some government officials. Kemora bought out corrupt government officials-they wanted to be elected and needed money, sponsorship and support. I have seen these officials on TV talking about fair elections and fighting the mafia, and I have also seen their cars parked in front of their boss’s villa and talking about “compensation money” in the boss’s office. Kemora agreed to their request, and in return, they would cover up what the Mafia did. Lawyers are also mixed up, they are good at wandering between the Mafia and the government, and get high salaries. I have met 3 lawyers over the years working in Kemora, and they are very valuable in London.
  Kemora is not stingy with outstanding talents and will generously repay those who are valuable to them. Kemora has its own bank and will change its name from time to time. “Do you know how much we spend every month?” Schiavone said, “About 2 million euros. It takes 400,000 to bribe the government. To persuade other families to let us profit on their territories, it costs Give them 10,000 to 12,000 per month. But the bulk of our expenditure is mainly in business, and the rest of our daily consumption is mainly for families and lovers. Many people yearn for this kind of life. ”
  I can’t even dream of it. It is not difficult to join Kemora. Just know who to contact. However, once you join, it is difficult to withdraw. Unlike the wage-earning nanny and cook, the members of Kemora do not cook breakfast for their children or clean the garden for their mistresses. The first thing they do when they enter Kemora is to “blacken” themselves: accept the benefits of Kemora. , To intimidate debtors and become the organization’s dunning weapon.

  After the newcomer members are “blackened”, they can be assigned more difficult tasks. As the difficulty of the task increases, the status in the organization gradually increases, but it will become more and more dangerous: the more you know about the organization, the more you can’t live without it.
  Once, the boss asked me in a casual chat if he was willing to do some small things for him. I said yes, because I respected him very much, and added that I was just a stupid talent, and I was afraid of doing something wrong with him. The boss smiled and said on the contrary, I was too smart.

  The Mafia is very affectionate, and they are sometimes as loyal as described in the movie “The Godfather” and respected as described in some novels. Although the mafia today is no longer a closed underground society, it still requires a secret joining ceremony to become a full member of the family.
  Once, Schiavone met a subordinate during a haircut. At that time, there was no guard at the barber shop, and Schiavone did not evade me. He gave a detailed explanation of the joining ceremony. The applicant has to enter a special room in advance. The “Godfather” pierces his finger with a golden needle, drops blood on the icon they believe in, and then goes through the entry procedures. The applicant swears: “I will be loyal to the organization, if any Betrayal, I will be burned.” Joining this circle means that there is no other way out. But it is much easier for me to “join”, because I am not a full member, just as an ordinary private hairdresser, but as long as they choose me, I cannot refuse, everything is an arrangement of fate.
  In 2011, my wife had a car accident on a motorcycle and was admitted to hospital with a skull injury. The other party’s car was crashed. After I rushed to the police station, I learned that the other party was the mistress of a hostile family leader. In the end, the two sides agreed to “do business in business”: I have to repair the car for them, and a large sum of money is needed, otherwise my wife and children may suffer more harm.
  This was the first and only time I officially asked Schiavone for help, and when he learned about it, he agreed to chat with the opposing boss. Soon after, Schiavone came to me and said: “Cure his wife, they will repair the car by themselves.” He frowned, and I understood that things must not be as simple as he said.
  After my wife was discharged from the hospital, Schiavone said that the doctor advised us to live in a different city because her condition requires a change of climate… We sold the house and raised money to buy a barber shop in a small northern Italian city-a hostile family The power there is very small. Schiavone invited our family to dinner, and we said goodbye.
  When I went to visit Schiavone in the hospital, I saw that his life was not going well in recent years. Other families are expelling them and clearing his team through their own “police power”, which I later read in the newspaper. After Schiavone came out of the witness protection program, he went to the hospital for spinal surgery, but no one expected him to die of a heart attack.
  My arrival made Schiavone very happy. We talked a lot, from prices to family, children and ways to make money. When bidding farewell, Mr. Schiavone pulled his slightly messy silver hair a few times, saying that Kemora hadn’t hired a hairdresser for a long time. He coughed and laughed at his sense of humor.
  I am still very grateful to Schiavone for helping me. Without the money earned from the Mafia, I cannot buy a barber shop, live in my own house, and cannot send my children to a good school. I am very happy to have the opportunity to thank him personally, because in Italy, no matter who it is, as long as the other person helps you, he deserves the most sincere gratitude.