Polar mystery

  People who have never been to Antarctica don’t know what is really cold. The year-round temperature here is below -40℃, and there are severe cold winds of grade 5-6 blowing all year round. I don’t know what the real darkness is without going through the polar night. Although it is a white desert, the whole land is covered with thick snow and ice, but at night, I can’t see my fingers.
  The hinterland of Antarctica is even more terrifying. It is difficult to get out once you enter, and many explorers are buried here. But warriors continue to emerge, trying to reveal the mysteries in this endless white desert. There are indeed too many mysterious trails here, which have aroused great interest from scientists and explorers in the United States, Russia, and some countries in Western Europe, who have come to explore and reveal these incomprehensible mysteries.
  In 1998, the artificial satellites of the United States and Russia discovered a city at the same time in the hinterland of the 5 million square kilometers of Antarctica! The city’s architecture is unique, with large domed houses and wide roads. There is an invisible thermal barrier around it. Although the city is surrounded by desert, ice and snow, the temperature is -65℃, but the city is full of trees. , Warm as spring. According to US satellite measurement: This city uses similar nuclear energy to generate electricity for residents.
  People can’t help asking: Which country in the world today has such a high level of technology to build a city in this “white desert” at -65°C? According to NASA scientists, this city in the hinterland of Antarctica has an ultra-modern level that cannot be built by humans on Earth.
  If people want to enter the hinterland of Antarctica, the first thing they cannot deal with is the terrible death light that will suddenly appear on the Antarctic snowfield. The dead light will lead people into traps along with airplanes and off-road vehicles.
  In 1975, a helicopter at the American Antarctic Research Station wanted to find a way for scientists entering the Antarctic hinterland. Suddenly there was a dead light during the flight, and the surrounding area suddenly became chaotic. The flight lost its direction, causing the plane to crash. Similarly, the investigators in the snowmobiles also rushed through because they lost their direction, and they fell into the huge gap on the ice sheet together with their vehicles.
  The scientist at the Soviet Antarctic Research Station, Dr. Rolanoff, was a survivor from the dead. He told reporters about the terrible experience of his own death. In June 1978, Rolanov and his three companions drove a snowmobile to the hinterland. At noon, all the surrounding landscape suddenly disappeared! The icebergs, oceans, and snowfields seemed to be gone, and there was whiteness everywhere, and people and cars fell into a huge “milk bottle”. The human mind is in a chaos and groggy, it is very difficult to escape this terrible death light. The off-road vehicle lost its way and couldn’t drive, and it crashed into an iceberg invisible to the naked eye! All three partners in the car died due to serious injuries. Only Rolanoff crawled out of the overturned car. He stumbled and walked for 3 days before being found by rescuers and brought back to the camp of the inspection station. He was almost frozen. Die, starve to death.
  Scientists have different discussions on how the mysterious death light of Antarctica is formed, but it undoubtedly established an invisible natural barrier for this ultra-modern city located in the hinterland of Antarctica, preventing humans from approaching it.
  Scientists from NASA have found a large hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica based on the measurement of artificial satellites. This is the “ozone hole.” Scientists have always believed that the reduction of the ozone layer is the result of industrial pollution and humans’ failure to protect the environment. However, in the 5 million square kilometers of Antarctica, there are few people and no industry, so how can pollution come from? It’s incredible!
  What’s even more surprising is that scientists on the Antarctic expedition discovered that on a huge floating iceberg, there are many ice sculptures. These ice sculptures are all huge, about 50 meters high. There are huge human figures, dolphins, sea lions, penguins and other animal shapes. These giant ice sculptures are vivid and lifelike. Even beards and claws are clearly visible. Professor Cocles from the American Scientific Research Station took a helicopter to investigate this huge iceberg. He watched and video carefully on the plane and exclaimed: “Each ice sculpture is carved very delicately and touchingly, and the craftsmanship is admirable. This iceberg cannot be climbed because it has no support points. It is impossible to erect scaffolding at all, and the severe cold and strong winds of Antarctica cannot make people use their hands and feet flexibly in the open open air. How did this huge art project be made? It is indeed inexplicable…”
  According to the field test and analysis of scientists, the production of this huge ice sculpture project has a history of at least two to three thousand years, and two to three thousand years ago, human beings were still in the stage of slave society. With the level of science and technology at that time, who could cross the ocean? , Come to this icy world, thousands of miles of ice and snow in Antarctica to make this huge artistic project? Even today’s human beings have high-tech levels and can go to the moon, fly to Mars and Jupiter, but it is difficult to complete such a huge artistic project in the Antarctic. Then whose masterpiece is it? It is difficult for scientists to answer.
  This series of mysterious trails on Antarctica has attracted many scientists to boldly imagine, explore and study. Does mankind have a prehistoric civilization beyond the age?
  Two archaeologists specializing in Mayan culture in the United States pointed out that the mysterious Maya originated in Antarctica. As early as 10,000 years ago, Antarctica was not entirely covered with ice and snow. There were oasis suitable for human survival. Because scientists in the United States and Russia announced the discovery of artificial satellites: a huge freshwater lake was found in the hinterland of Antarctica, its size is similar to Lake Ontario. The temperature around this freshwater lake is higher than elsewhere, so it is suitable for living things. Because of this, these two American experts believe that there are still mysteriously disappearing Mayans living in the hinterland of Antarctica today. They have infiltrated alien civilizations and mastered super-era science and technology. The mysterious hinterland city was built by the Maya. These are just personal opinions and assumptions.
  About the mystery of Antarctica, there is an even more bizarre rumor.
  After the Second World War, both the United States and the Soviet Union discovered in Hitler’s Nazi classified archives that Hitler had sent a group of outstanding German scientists to hide in Antarctica, develop cutting-edge weapons in this deserted place, and prepare to dominate the world. The operatives of the United States and the Soviet Union have verified that in 1939, Hitler sent his confidant Alfred Ritchell to Antarctica, and brought a large number of scientists, engineers, and experimental equipment to take a number of submarines. Peer. After the Second World War, both the United States and the Soviet Union wanted to obtain information on the results of the cutting-edge weapons developed by Hitler, and sent a large number of special agents to track down the whereabouts of the scientists and engineers taken by Alfred Ritchell, but they have never been found. . As a result, some officials of the US Department of Defense and the FBI believe that the mysterious city in the hinterland of Antarctica discovered by the US satellite was built by Hitler’s scientists sent to Antarctica, and Hitler’s scientists sent to Antarctica are hidden here. .
  However, this statement has been rejected by many American scientists. Dr. Remeder of the American Antarctic Scientific Research Station has been investigating in Antarctica for many years. He believes that Antarctica is a barren land, and it is impossible to obtain materials on the spot. To build this mysterious city, all the special building materials needed need to be remote. It needs ultra-modern means of transportation to be transported from other places, especially into the hinterland of Antarctica, which was not possible with the technological level of Nazi Germany. If Hitler had such a high level of technology, he would have dominated the world a long time ago, and he would have been defeated.
  So, who built this mysterious city? Antarctic scientific research stations in Russia, Australia and other countries have repeatedly discovered that flying saucers are flying towards the Antarctic hinterland. Especially in 1979, at 9 p.m. one day, a cigar-shaped long flying saucer flew to the Antarctic hinterland. While passing through the Soviet Antarctic scientific research station, it stayed in the sky for four to five minutes before flying away, as if observing on the ground. . Tracked by the observation station’s radar, the flying saucer was flying in the direction of that mysterious city. Therefore, many scientists believe that this mysterious city on Antarctica was not built by humans on Earth, but may have been built by intelligent creatures higher than humans on Earth. It is most likely a “stronghold” for flying saucers.
  To truly uncover this mystery, it is necessary for scientists to visit the city and do fieldwork in order to uncover the answer. Professor Tomarel, an expert on Antarctic research in Australia, believes that many difficult obstacles still need to be broken through in order to conduct field investigations, which is still difficult to achieve with the current level of technology.