Hungarian “Naked Female Gold Coin” Revealed

  An ancient coin of the Ottoman Empire that has been regained and lost, a long and blurred rumors, two bizarre dead deceased, the naked criminal woman on the gold coin was resurrected with blood, and the blood stains of the past were spattered.
Rumors about ancient coins startled

  Fevin Spencer, 28, is an American network engineer. His parents divorced when he was young. He immigrated to the United States with his mother, while his biological father James Spencer has been living in the historic city of Debrecen in eastern Hungary. Although he had little contact with his biological father, Feiwen knew that he was a well-known archaeologist.
  At the end of 2014, Fei Wen went to Eastern Europe on official business, intending to take this opportunity to get together with his biological father. Unexpectedly, when he arrived in Hungary, he was told that James was seriously ill in the hospital.
  James had told his son that he had the flu, but the condition has been controlled. Anxious Fei Wen rushed to the hospital and learned that his biological father had fallen into a deep coma. The hospital informed that he did have a severe flu before, but his illness did not continue to worsen. Unexpectedly, late at night two days ago, he ran out of the ward alone in thin clothes. When the nurse on duty found out, he was lying frozen in the garden, and his condition took a turn for the worse.
  To be cautious, the hospital security department once called surveillance video, but found no abnormalities. But Laura Nick, the nurse in charge of taking care of James, told Fevin somewhat mysteriously that James had shown her a picture of her mobile phone during the hospitalization, and said that it was a death warning from the Underworld.
  Feiwen immediately turned on his father’s cell phone, and Nurse Laura quickly identified a picture in the memory. The picture is an antique gold coin with a half-kneeling nude girl on one side and an oyster shell pattern on the other.
  Before his death, James awoke for a short time. Feiwen, who was waiting nearby, saw his father trying his best to say: “The last gold coin of a naked prisoner appeared. Please be careful with Chris and Root.” These words sounded to outsiders. Without knowing it, Feiwen suddenly thinks of the pictures on his father’s phone.
  In the next few days, while dealing with the funeral of his biological father, Feiwen contacted his close friends and colleagues during his lifetime to inquire about the gold coins. Sure enough, James’s colleague told Fei Wen that the peculiar gold coin was called the “naked female gold coin”, which was a special non-circulation coin during the Ottoman Empire. At that time, people had a very harsh secular punishment for women who committed theft. , After the offender was naked and kneeling in public, he used oyster shells to cut the arteries of his hands and wrists until his blood ran out. Not only that, the ruler also specially cast the scene of the torture and the oyster shell torture instrument into gold coins. The four pieces were placed in the tomb of the tortured person, demonstrating the authority that the sinful soul cannot escape punishment even in another world, a bit similar to what the Chinese call. “Eternal life cannot be overborn.”
  Fivin’s biological father, James, also had a connection with the “naked woman gold coin”: in 1991, during a fieldwork in the eastern villages of Hungary, he accidentally discovered a set of “naked woman gold coin” from a 16th-century tomb. Based on this, he demonstrated from the historical origin the legal evolution of the Ottoman Empire during the Hungarian rule, thus establishing his academic position in the field of research and his reputation.
  As for the “naked criminal woman gold coin”, what’s wrong? A colleague of James also told Feiwen an ancient rumor: Because this gold coin has a special meaning, once the tomb of the victim is restarted, the guilty soul of the deceased will be attached to the gold coin, and the digger will endanger the life.
  Although Feiwen disdains the rumors, he still feels suspicious when he recalls his father’s dying words.
Bloody suspicious shadow

  The small town of Debrecen in the deep winter seemed particularly cold and quiet, and James’ funeral was held in a small cemetery. In addition to some of his colleagues and industry acquaintances during his lifetime, there is also an uninvited guest-Chris Tarbert, a retired lawyer.
  Throughout the funeral process, Feiwen clearly felt that Chris wanted to talk to himself in private. After others left, the person finally approached Feiwen, and tentatively asked about the “naked female gold coin” after introducing himself.
  Feiwen simply brightened the picture stored on his father’s phone and told him about his deathbed. After hearing this, Chris took out his mobile phone and opened it. There were also several pictures of “Naked Criminal Woman Gold Coins”, all of which were sent via e-mail with an unknown number. In addition, Chris also showed Feiwen a small anime saved on his mobile phone. The content was that the naked woman on the gold coin stood up slowly from a kneeling position, and the enchanting nude gradually turned into a gloomy skeleton. Just as Feiwen was surprised, the skeleton suddenly stretched out his claws to make a rushing motion, and the picture suddenly turned into a scarlet splash of blood, and finally a line of small characters appeared-“From the underworld ‘Naked criminal woman gold coin’ returned to the common question.”
  Feiwen was surprised and ignorant about this, but at this moment Chris opened his mouth, just about to speak, suddenly saw something, and subconsciously raised his hand and pointed forward.
  Unknown Feiwen turned and looked along the direction, vaguely saw the back of a young woman rushing to the other side door of the cemetery, and Chris quickly followed. After a while, Feiwen received a text message from Chris with the address and time of the appointment the next evening.
  Feiwen came to the meeting place as scheduled the next day, which was a simple retirement apartment on the outskirts of the city, because the number of residents was very few and cold. Suddenly, a sharp female voice came from the end of the corridor. Feiwen stayed for a while, and then ran over. At this time, there was a little messy noise from a house, and Fei Wen knocked on the door close, but there was no movement. Immediately he dialed the police station number, and then joined forces with the neighbors who heard the sound to hit the door.
  The door was quickly knocked open, and Feiwen saw Chris lying on the bed at a glance, his wrists were slit, and the red blood had condensed on the sheets and the floor. At the same time, he caught a glimpse of the open window of Hantian Cave, and quickly leaned over to observe-in the low night, he vaguely saw the figure of a woman who was rushing towards the darkness in the depths of the street, dressed in very similar clothes Seen in the cemetery a few days ago.
  When the police heard the news, Fevin, who was a witness, saw the forensic force smashing a clenched fist of Chris, and something rolled onto the floor. Feiwen’s gaze was fixed on that thing, and his heart tightened unconsciously—”Naked Criminal Woman Gold Coin”.
  According to ancient records, the “gold coins for naked criminals” are generally four sets of gold coins placed in the tombs of the tortured, which means to suppress the undead from the four key life patterns. Not long after the “naked female gold coin” discovered by James from the ancient tomb was released, he encountered a theft. Although the police made a quick decision, unfortunately only three of them were found, and the whereabouts of the fourth one has been in doubt. Coincidentally, the most evil part of the ancient rumors is that if the repressive power of the four gold coins is broken, the undead’s hostility will be extremely expanded and difficult to control.
  The “naked female gold coin” at the death scene was quickly verified as genuine, and it was identified as the fourth missing from various aspects of shape and casting.
  The police informed Fei Wen that “Route” was originally named Root Baikalan. He was a policeman and left his job four years ago to run a security company with his son. The three seemingly unrelated people, James, Chris, and Root, actually had a special “intersection” as early as 2002: At that time, the “naked female gold coin” was stolen. James was the informant and Root. It is the police officer handling the case, and Chris is the prosecutor of the court.

  The thief was a girl with a conviction, and the police plan clearly recorded the process of getting the money. However, on the day of the court’s decision, the thief girl hanged herself in a cell in the detention center. She died without revealing the location of the fourth gold coin.
  Now, with all the former affections spread out, Feiwen seems to have touched a clue, but his heart is full of uncertainty and fear. Because he couldn’t help but think of the figure of the woman looming under the window when Chris first saw him in the cemetery and when he died, everything so fits with an old rumor.
A big comeback

  Feiwen quickly found Root Baikalan’s security company, but his son Ruot told him that his father had died of cerebral hemorrhage six months ago.
  Feiwen explained the whole story. Xiao Lute immediately called up several emails from his computer, which turned out to be the same pictures and animations of the “Naked Criminal Woman Gold Coins”, and the date of sending was almost the same as that of the mobile phones of the first two deceased. He explained that the anonymous sender may not know that Ruth is dead, so he sent the email directly to the business mailbox shared by their father and son.
  Not long after, the police found the mysterious woman in two locations from the video of the street. Although she was only a back figure, she could still be seen clearly after processing. What is shocking is that the woman’s hair style, figure and clothing are exactly the same as when the young female criminal of the theft case appeared in court. Feiwen stared at the mysterious woman in amazement. Could it be that the undead returned?
  After another two days, Rutte took the initiative to contact Feiwen and told him that he recalled that a female reporter who claimed to be a tabloid had called him about half a month ago to inquire about the “naked female gold coin” theft that her father had handled in his early years, and brought him to the office. Send your phone records to Feiwen.
  It was the gentle voice of a young woman, but it also showed some uneasiness that tried to hide it. Feiwen listened to the recording repeatedly, and his heart gradually became suddenly. After a while, he turned on the phone left by his father, pulled out the picture of the “naked criminal woman gold coin” inside, and then technically entered the backstage of the program, hoping to discover secrets unknown to outsiders.
  At night, Little Rutte, who was sitting alone in the office, accidentally received a call from Feiwen, telling the nurse that Laura at the hospital seemed to have a major suspicion, because the police had verified that her true identity was the cousin of the female criminal in the theft case. In addition, he himself has found out that all the weird pictures and animations are from the same IP address through the detection of his father and Chris’ mobile phones. I believe the police will soon be able to find out the source. At the same time, he earnestly warned Rutte to guard against Laura seeking revenge for her cousin.
  Putting down the phone, Rutte took out the pistol from the drawer with a solemn expression and put it in his arms, then turned off the light and left.
  The underground parking lot was silent at night, and Xiao Lute slowly walked past small cars one after another. The deformed figure reflected on the car shell into various weird movements.
  Suddenly, another weird figure came out from the dark place-it was Laura.
  Xiao Lute stopped and asked, “Why are you here?”
  ”I feel very upset,” Laura said very anxiously, “I’m afraid of being discovered.” Xiao Lu said, “Feiwen just told me, You have been noticed by the police.” Laura said more panicked: “Then I am going to explain something?”
  Little Rutte sneered and said: “No, you are deliberately taking revenge for the dead cousin. , For this reason, you pretended to kill the two related parties in the previous case, and now you want to kill me to achieve the purpose of repaying my father’s debt.”
  Laura opened her mouth in surprise, and just about to speak, she saw Xiao Rutte pull out pistol. “Don’t move!” As soon as the trigger was pulled, there was a scream from the side. Several figures rushed out immediately. Xiao Lu, who was still triumphant just now, pointed his eyes, and several policemen aimed at him with their guns, and Fei Wen stood behind them.
  It turns out that when Laura’s cousin worked as a temporary worker at the research institute where James worked, Xiao Lute pretended to fall in love with her in order to steal “naked female gold coins”, and then instigated her to steal. Unexpectedly, after the Dongchuang incident, Xiao Lute tricked his girlfriend into committing crimes in order to avoid the guilt, which caused him to commit suicide due to unbearable pressure and psychological collapse. As time passed, Laura had no intention of discovering photos of gold coins from her cousin’s relics. She wanted to find out what happened and searched for the person involved. She was the first to find little Rutte, so the instigator who was worried about the exposure of the old crime pretended to be enthusiastic about making suggestions and directed the spearhead to James and Chris.
  Unexpectedly, James was suspicious because of the picture and planned to ask the police for a new investigation. As a nurse, Laura secretly told Rutte when she learned about it, so the two decided to pretend to be a ghost. Laura pretended to be a dead cousin, but James was frightened and died. Later, his old trick was repeated to lead Chris to find an opportunity to kill him, and intentionally left the gold coin on the scene, and then deliberately exposed Laura’s “suspicion” a little bit, but actually wanted to finally get rid of it in the name of “self-defense” The last insider.
  However, Xiao Lute, who was exhausted, did not expect to encounter Feiwen, a network engineer. Not only did he decipher that the network communication channel of the “naked female gold coin” came from Laura, but he also deciphered the record of the mail exchanges between her and Rutte. So, he awoke Laura who was in the dark in time, and the two teamed up with the police to counter the situation, and finally made the old case and the new case of “naked female gold coin” come to light.