Soft life

Xie Dongmin and Li Xiaoai met in the singing of “Meeting in the silver moonlight, meeting in warm affection” all over the street, and it didn’t take long for the two to establish a romantic relationship. Several major events occurred in those years, such as the return of Hong Kong and Macau, people playing chess with computers, the successful closure of the Three Gorges and the Asian financial turmoil. These so-called major events have a relatively long heat spreading cycle. Unlike now, no matter how big the event is, the longest one is only a week, and the shortest one and half a day will pass. But Xie Dongmin, who was in love, didn’t care about these. He took Li Xiaoai to the Yangtze River to see if the Yangtze River had dried up after the closure of the Three Gorges. The result was still the same, the river still surging, and life continued as usual.

At that time, Xie Dongmin had just started working, and his salary was pitifully low. When his office colleagues were spitting and talking about the financial turmoil, he was too lazy to interrupt. What he is passionate about is pulling Li Xiaoai’s hand over the road.

Their route of rolling the road is basically like this: go downstairs from Banshanyuan Road near the rental house under the Ming City Wall, turn right after exiting the community, follow a section of uphill road to Zhongshanmen, and then head east or west. At that time, Banshanyuan Road was potholes and there were many shallow pits of different sizes on the road. When it rained, water would accumulate. Xie Dongmin, who relied on bicycles to get in and out of the road, even fell down because of the shallow pits when the water accumulated on the road or when he was riding at night. Twice. Even if it doesn’t rain, sewage and urine from the shops on both sides are often deposited in the pit, which is yellowish, especially in summer, the whole street is filled with a scorching air.

Xie Dongmin took Li Xiaoai’s hand and carefully avoided those shallow pits, which were heard from the barbershops, small restaurants, disc rental houses or fruit and snack stalls on both sides of the road, “Let’s meet year after year, no matter where the distance is.” Singing all the way uphill, as soon as you reach Zhongshan Gate, you suddenly see your eyes. If you go east through the city gate and turn left, you can walk along Mingling Road Xiangqian Lake, Zhongshan Botanical Garden, and Pipa Lake. Or walk forward two miles and then turn left, and you will walk on the famous boulevard. On both sides of the avenue are towering platanus trees. After manual pruning, each thick tree stump has only three or two main trunks, straight up, lifting the lush branches and leaves into the sky. This tree-lined avenue is called Mausoleum Road, which was specially built for the construction of Sun Yat-sen’s mausoleum.

If you don’t go out of Zhongshan Gate, but head west, you will pass China’s Second History Museum, Ming Forbidden City-the Astronautics University where Li Xiaoai went to school. The colleges and majors that Li Xiaoai went to are strange, the accounting class of the Department of Meteorology. It is not surprising that the University of Astronautics has a major in meteorology. What is strange is how can the Department of Meteorology set up an accounting major, it is nondescript. Later, Xie Dongmin learned that Li Xiaoai was in a privately-run college class. Her grades could not be admitted to the undergraduate major of this prestigious university. His parents could only spend more money to send her to this kind of self-run class, but she had a certificate when she graduated. The stamp on the card is still the University of Astronautics, which makes sense.

Going further west, passing the Textile Building and Xinhua Bookstore, about the foot of Sanzhan Road, you will reach Xinjiekou, the central part of the city. In Xinjiekou, there is a round square with a bronze statue of Mr. Sun Yat-sen. Later, because of the subway repair, the bronze statue disappeared from the central square for more than ten years before returning. Mr. Sun Yat-sen was able to pay attention to the changes in the city again. At that time, Xinjiekou had only two commercial centers, the department store and the central shopping mall. Xie Dongmin spent nearly one-third of his salary to buy a plush jacket for Li Xiaoai, who was still a student, and it looked cute. But Li Xiaoai only wore it for one season, and she didn’t say why.

Xie Dongmin doesn’t like to go to Xinjiekou. Li Xiaoai prefers some. After getting married, she likes it better, but Xie Dongmin is too lazy to go shopping with her. She goes by herself, or with her girlfriend, or with Xie Zhihao. In short Xie Dongmin was determined not to accompany him again. Li Xiaoai complained a few times about this, but after gradually adjusting to the situation of shopping without Xie Dongmin, he stopped complaining. Neither of them are greedy. Xie Dongmin only bought a bunch of candied haws and a bunch of fried stinky tofu for Li Xiaoai. She also asked her to watch the “British Patient” which had just won an Oscar award shortly after, with English soundtrack and Chinese subtitles. That kind, two yuan per ticket. At that time, you could see this kind of movies in private video halls instead of movie theaters. Later, I don’t know from which day, the video halls withdrew from the historical stage and completely disappeared from this city. Disc rental shops and BP have withdrawn one after another. Machines, telephone booths, newsagents, car repair booths… It seems that withdrawal is the mechanism by which humans move forward.

Later, Li Xiaoai often told Xie Zhihao that his mother was bought by his father with a bunch of candied haws, a bunch of fried stinky tofu and a movie ticket. Xie Dongmin made a first comment, indicating that it was two movie tickets. Although it was a joke, Xie Dongmin still felt that he owed Li Xiaoai, and Li Xiaoai felt that he was owed a lot. This is an ability that she could not avoid and quickly cultivated as a woman in the subsequent marriage life, or a measure of self-protection, she can always reveal the so-called truth that Xie Dongmin owes her in just a few words.

Not long after watching “The British Patient”, Li Xiaoai graduated. The two lived together for a year in a rough rented house on Banshanyuan Road, and a year later they received a marriage certificate. After another year, Xie Dongmin finally got together. Eight made up one hundred thousand yuan and bought a commercial house with a loan. In another year, Xie Zhihao was born.

When living in a rental house on Banshanyuan Road, the rent was a huge expense. In addition, the income was not high. Xie Dongmin could not always take Li Xiaoai out to eat, so he bought vegetables and cooks by himself. For a long period of time afterwards, Xie Dongmin was quite happy to do this, and even took a second-level cook certificate cultural course for a fellow villager.

Xie Dongmin specializes in several dishes: shredded potatoes with green pepper, shredded pork with green pepper, scrambled eggs with green pepper. Later dishes added include tiger skin green peppers, green pepper edamame, green pepper spicy chicken, green pepper tomato scrambled eggs, these are from restaurants or his mother. Learned there. Green pepper and potato stew this dish, add a few slices of thinly sliced ​​garlic cloves, thicken half a bowl of powder, half a spoon of chicken essence for flavor, half a spoon of sugar for freshness, a little vinegar for flavor, and a plate of vegetable soup. It can be said to have both meat and vegetable, good color and fragrance, just pouring white rice with soup is enough to eat. Li Xiaoai is a southerner who doesn’t eat spicy food. Xie Dongmin specializes in green peppers that are wide and fat. This kind of pepper is not very spicy, and some can even be eaten as fruit. Xie Dongmin comes from a place where you can eat spicy food, and often buys some fried eggs with hot peppers to eat. Li Xiaoai sizzles and says you don’t know that I can’t eat spicy food. Xie Dongmin, like all the people who complained about having a meal, put the chopsticks up and said that I was deliberate, and I like to eat or not. Gradually, Li Xiaoai was able to eat spicy food. Before giving birth, the harmony of spicy food between the two reached its peak. They also inquired about the hottest restaurants in the city. After going to eat a few times, they both had some problems after they came out. Disappointed, and at the same time proudly commented, thinking that the spiciness index of this one is only seven points, and that one is okay, it can score eight and five points. The two agreed with each other, occasionally had doubts about each other’s evaluation, and quickly reached an agreement by combining their opinions. After Xie Zhihao was born, he has been reluctant to touch spicy food. The family’s diet has changed back to Li Xiaoai’s taste habits, so that green peppers have almost disappeared from the table.

During the period of green peppers, Li Xiaoai was able to eat deliciously, but he didn’t forgive others. He said that I would turn green after eating like this, and even dreamed that I had become a green pepper, which made Xie Dongmin feel eating The side owed her again.

One weekend afternoon, Xie Dongmin suddenly didn’t bother to talk about dinner, and Li Xiaoai didn’t mean to talk about things, so he felt a little depressed. After a stalemate for an hour, Xie Dongmin asked Li Xiaoai to go downstairs to buy cold vegetables and biscuits, and eat porridge at night. Li Xiaoai does not like to eat porridge, nor does he like to eat biscuits. The two bet for a while, and they were about to have an attack. The fellow Cui Can called and invited him to take Li Xiaoai to his house for dinner.

Xie Dongmin drove Li Xiaoai to Xiaolingwei by bicycle, climbing the slope while avoiding shallow pits of different sizes on the road in Banshanyuan. It was hard to pedal the brakes, but Li Xiaoai’s butt seemed to be welded to the back seat. He didn’t know how to come down and walk a few steps, and even gave him a push.

When they arrived at Cui Can’s house, Jian Ruyi was busy in the kitchen, Li Xiaoai went into the kitchen to fight, Xie Dongmin and Cui Can smoked in the living room and teased their five-year-old son Cui Wo. When eating, Cui Can said that it takes only 20 minutes to ride by bike. It is not worth cooking for the two of you. You can come over to eat at any time. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with you, just take your kids and cook. Xie Dongmin was very moved. He and Cui Can drank a bottle of Yanghe Daqu and chatted while drinking.

After riding back to Banshanyuan Road, Xie Dongmin did not realize that he was drunk. Afterwards, he realized that the bottle of Yanghe Daqu that the two drunk was a fake wine. He was so drunk that he could not tell where it was. At night, where is the light, I forgot about the ditches and ridges on the road, and even the two rollers of the bicycle bumped comfortably on the downhill road. This was a serious drunk driving, and the bicycle fell into a larger pit and both of them fell. Xie Dongmin leaped forward and heard Li Xiaoai’s screaming vaguely. When he got up from the ground, Li Xiaoai was sitting on the ground crying, my hand, my finger. Panting heavily, Xie Dongmin first helped Li Xiaoai and then the bicycle. He could hardly pay attention to Li Xiaoai’s cry.

Back in the rental room, Xie Dongmin fell headlessly on the bed, feeling that the sky was spinning, the whole house seemed to turn upside down, and the ceiling and walls became parallelograms. He was already drunk and unconscious, but he could still hear Li Xiaoai’s cries clearly. When Li Xiaoai confirmed under the light that his little finger on his left hand was cut off, with only a layer of skin attached, and said “My finger was broken”, Xie Dongmin felt nervous and seemed to be sober. He struggled to get up, but his limbs did not listen. Xiao Ai kept crying. While crying, he beat Xie Dongmin with another blood-stained hand and said, “My finger is broken, you take me to the hospital.” Li Xiaoai cried these words repeatedly, and Xie Dongmin heard it sincerely. He understood that he should take Xiaoai to the hospital as soon as possible, but his limbs were clinged to the hospital with thick drunkenness and he couldn’t move at all. Soon he fell asleep.

When she woke up, the window was white, and Li Xiaoai had returned from the hospital with her best friend, with a bandage on her right hand. Fortunately, the delay was not long, the severed finger was connected smoothly, and there should be no major problems after recovery. Dongmin breathed a sigh of relief, letting his best friend criticize him, but bowed his head silently. With tears on Li Xiaoai’s face, she sobbed and said to her girlfriend, don’t blame him, if he takes me to the hospital, I don’t know what else will happen!

At that time, Li Xiaoai had just started work for half a month. His work was in a foreign company. The office was in the best five-star hotel in the city. The internship period was three months, and the internship salary was the same as Xie Dongmin’s salary for two years. Dongmin was worried that her income after being officially hired would be higher than that of herself-that would make her look insecure, and this happened. Xiao Ai had to take sick leave. As soon as he heard that he had to take a one-month leave, he would just say that you should take care of the illness, and you will not use it anymore. Before I started working, I lost my job, which is undoubtedly worse for Li Xiaoai.

In the face of sudden changes, Xie Dongmin secretly instructed himself not to say anything, first take care of Li Xiaoai’s injury, and then marry her as his wife. At that time, Xie Dongmin went out late and returned early. He bought big bones, black fish, old hens, etc., made a thick soup, or cooked a pot of whole grain porridge, and delivered it the two days when Li Xiaoai just started to sleep in bed and didn’t want to get up. On the bedside, feed her bite by bite. Black fish is fat. Rooster beef and eggs contain too much calcium. It is best not to put irritating things such as chili and ginger. Xie Dongmin likes to put soy sauce in cooking, let alone touch it. For this reason, he has been greeted by Xiao Ai more than once. Dongmin felt a little innocent, saying that we had never served patients with fractures, and they didn’t understand this. Feeling wronged, Xie Dongmin still asked her older female colleague and Jian Ruyi humbly about which foods and supplements are beneficial to the fractured patients. Jian Ruyi was very enthusiastic, and delivered two bone soups.

When Xie Zhihao was going to elementary school, the house had been living for six or seven years, the walls were stained, the laminate floor began to bald and peeled in some places, the latex paint on the roof cracked, and it would fall off during the rainy season and fall to the floor. . On the weekend before the rainy season, while Li Xiaoai took Xie Zhihao back to her family’s home, Xie Dongmin bought a bucket of latex paint wherever he went, and repainted the areas that couldn’t be seen. It can’t cover it all over, and it forms a considerable contrast with the unpainted place, and the wall is no longer smooth. Xie Dongmin was so tired that he stumbled all day, and his nasal mucosa was a little uncomfortable. When he returned home on Sunday afternoon, Li Xiaoai understood what Xie Dongmin had done. He did not praise him, but frowned. Seeing the half bucket of latex paint left on the balcony, Li Xiaoai blamed Xie Dongmin for the bad latex paint. Xie Dongmin said, I don’t know which one is better or which is not good. Li Xiaoai said, “If it’s not good, you won’t ask, why don’t you just buy expensive ones? You are not even willing to spend this little money.” Xie Dongmin was displeased when he heard it. He repeated what he said just now, and Li Xiaoai continued to mumble, that the food and drink that he usually eats, even the breathlessness is not clean, do you think our wife has suffered less? Xie Dongmin said that environmental pollution has nothing to do with me. It doesn’t matter, Li Xiaoai retorted, saying, “You just don’t want to spend money on our wives, but it’s very generous to spend money on the women who are inconsistent.”

Xie Dongmin had to admire Li Xiaoai’s ability to do connection questions. Even if there was only one answer, she could always connect all the answers, and the reason was good. Take painting the wall as an example. The caption on the left is “After painting, the smell in the room is pungent”, and the reason on the right is “The female college student came back from abroad, Xie Dongmin did not return all night” and “Xie Dongmin doesn’t know how to choose. Latex paint” “Xie Dongmin is reluctant to spend money on her family” “A girl celebrates her birthday, Xie Dongmin buys her Chanel lipstick” “Xie Dongmin goes to a bar and keeps in touch with a woman who accompanies a drinker” “Others change houses and buy cars, Xie Dongmin earns Money is wasted”, etc. For Xie Dongmin, there is only one answer. He has always hoped that Li Xiaoai can be as sensible, understand right and wrong as he expected, and not pull up the carrots to bring out the mud, which is not conducive to the relationship between husband and wife and family harmony. But Li Xiaoai didn’t analyze the question in this way. She even understood the obvious answer as a trap deliberately designed by the person who asked the question, and ignored it at all. Instead, she forced those options that couldn’t be beaten or related. Correspondingly, stubbornly draw multiple connecting lines.

The person who wrote the question didn’t understand life at all. How could he know that I know your odds and ends, and the two were arguing. The more Li Xiaoai talked, the more angry and the more wronged.

Xie Dongmin roared, this question maker is life itself, we are just respondents, the reader is still the question maker, do you understand?

Li Xiaoai said, I am my own scorer on what basis he is the scorer, and I only know how comfortable it is.

Xie Dongmin said that the uncomfortable is because you are nonsense. You ripped out those stinky eggs and made the house smelly. Can you feel comfortable?

It was not all you laid, but you laid some fresh eggs.

Li Xiaoai was so shocked that Xie Dongmin had nothing to say again. The whole feeling is that the longer the two people live together, the more things he will sorry for her and the more he owes her. Many things that have been pulled down in the past have been abandoned to the corners of life. It is no longer a problem for Xie Dongmin, but Li Xiaoai is different. She can mark all unpleasant things deep in her heart, no matter how many. The darkness, as long as a single spark, can ignite all the charcoal particles scattered in the corners, which are not related to each other, so that they are all shining brightly and burning people’s hearts.

Li Xiaoai packed up a bag of clothes, picked up Xie Zhihao’s schoolbag, and left a word before going out. I took my son to stay in a hotel, how choking at home, how to live.

Xie Dongmin also got angry, did not say anything, and went with his wife.

Going to work the next day and returning home in the evening, the wife did not come back, but Xie Dongmin discovered that Li Xiaoai had obviously come back because the laundry and bed sheets she washed were hanging on the balcony. On the afternoon of the third day, Xie Dongmin left the unit earlier and rushed to Xie Zhihao’s school, but still did not catch up. His son had been picked up by Li Xiaoai. He came to the Yongli Jiayuan Hotel across the road from the school and asked at the front desk that the mother and son lived here. Xie Dongmin knocked on the door of the room, but there was no response. He walked out of the hotel. It was getting late. He walked into the KFC next to the hotel. Before he had time to search, Xie Zhihao had already called “Dad, Daddy” and threw himself in his arms. Li Xiaoai was sitting next to the floor-to-ceiling window with his back facing him, and was eating Orleans grilled chicken wings. Xie Dongmin stepped forward, splashed the bone scum that Li Xiaoai threw in the paper box on her, grabbed Xie Zhihao’s schoolbag, took his son by the hand and left the restaurant.

Just when Xie Dongmin and Li Xiaoai were in a stalemate, Cui Can called and asked him to fight the fire. It turned out that those few years have always been a hot foreign trade industry. I don’t know from which day it won’t work. Cui Can’s unit has left a lot of people. Cui Can has no other way, so he has to hold on. Due to the decreasing income, Cui Can’s temper became bad, and he also developed a habit of drinking, often throwing dishes and bowls. Cui Wo’s grades were not very good and he was often beaten. Jian Ruyi finally couldn’t bear it and moved out with Cui Wo. Cui Can panicked, and found the place where his wife lived by following his son after school. Anyway, Jian Ruyi just didn’t want to go home. Cui Can had no choice but to invite Xie Dongmin and Li Xiaoai to help out.

Jian Ruyi took Cui Wo home temporarily. Li Xiaoai was responsible for comforting her, while Xie Dongmin pretended to reprimand Cui Can in the living room and told him not to drink anymore. Cui Can fully agreed. Xie Dongmin invited Jian Ruyi out of the bedroom and repeated the previous exchange with Cui Can in front of her. Before leaving, the couple brought to the door and thanked Cui Can and Li Xiaoai by their arms.

Downstairs and on the way out of the community, Xie Dongmin said with concern, how do I feel their reconciliation is light and fluttering. Li Xiaoai said angrily, you should take care of yourself first. Xie Dongmin didn’t say anything, and took the initiative to take Li Xiaoai’s shoulders, Li Xiaoai did not dodge.

Three months later, at midnight, Cui Can called again and asked the couple to go there again. Hearing Cui Can’s voice, Xie Dongmin knew that he was drunk again. Apart from slurred speech, he was crying. They had already fallen asleep and were a little too lazy to get up. After hearing that Jian Ruyi took Cui Wo and ran away again, and could not find it, Xie Dongmin got out of bed while dressing, and urged Li Xiaoai to get up. Xie Dongmin said, let me just say it. At first, I felt that their reconciliation was light and flamboyant. As expected, it seems to be more serious this time. Li Xiaoai didn’t mean to get up, saying that I won’t go, I suggest you don’t go, can we make him a wife and son after we go? Xie Dongmin felt that Li Xiaoai made sense, and even in the middle of the night, he used to make sense alone, not to mention that he really didn’t have the ability to change Jian Ruyi and Cui Wo. He went there for nothing more than The affection of the fellow shows its face.

Cui Can couldn’t control himself at all, and he drank it again after three days without enduring it. Jian Ruyi quit his job, took his son and ran away. Cui Can went to school. The school said that Jian Ruyi told them to transfer to Cui Wo, and he would never come again. Cui Can went to Jian Ruyi’s family, but there was no one in the house. Jian Ruyi also has a younger brother who works in Xi’an. Cui Can went to Xi’an. After arriving, he realized that he didn’t know where her brother lived or what unit he was in. He didn’t even remember his name, so he returned sadly. He is looking forward to his wife and children coming home, his son is doing homework, Jian Ruyi is busy as in the past, mopping the floor, washing the floor, cooking and cooking, and the ceramic pot on the stove is boiling with soup and spitting steam. The windows in the house are bright and clean, and the clothes drying on the balcony exudes a good smell.

However, none of this appeared. It seemed that it was not his wife who took his son to go missing, but he was swept out and became a lonely wild dog.

Cui Can lay on the sofa, drunk-eyed, his voice soft, with depression and depression that was completely crushed. There are many liquor bottles and beer bottles on the dining table, coffee table, and sofa. Xie Dongmin picked up a liquor bottle, looked at the trademark and said, I told you earlier that this is a fake liquor, so why did you consume it with him? Cui Can smiled bitterly and said that he was used to drinking it, but the real wine was boring.

The disappearance of Jian Ruyi and Cui Wo posed a spur or threat to Xie Dongmin and Li Xiaoai, but it was not that they had never divorced.

Xie Dongmin made two determinations on this head. Once he drew up the divorce agreement on the computer. He wanted to discuss with Li Xiaoai to see what other terms need to be revised, and then he left the house by himself. When I met Cui Can on the street, Xie Dongmin hesitated again and again when he saw him chirping, and quietly deleted the files on the computer when he went home. The second time was when the two met in seven or eight years, Li Xiaoai also learned to run away from home with Jian Ruyi, packed a large bag of things, and took Xie Zhihao to live with her girlfriend. Although Xie Dongmin knew the whereabouts of his mother and son, he was very angry. He blocked Li Xiaoai downstairs at his girlfriend’s house, pushed her into the taxi, and went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau. As a result, the staff responsible for the divorce only said that the terms of the divorce agreement were imperfect, and they had to bring this certificate, which certificate or something, and nothing else would work. Xie Dongmin was discouraged and mumbled to the staff that divorce is really fucking troublesome. , Turned around and left the office hall. Li Xiaoai came out with tears on his face.

Li Xiaoai has also taken care of this twice.

Once when Xie Zhihao was in the second grade of elementary school, Xie Zhihao’s single father saw Li Xiaoai riding an electric bike every day to pick up his son in the wind and rain, so he took the initiative to drive and pick Xie Zhihao to school. This single dad is a rich man who made a fortune by selling toilet paper. The car is a good car. There are several houses and the material conditions are much better than Xie Dongmin. But this is not the crux of the problem. The problem is that Li Xiaoai always travels with the car and often urges Xie Zhihao to go downstairs while answering the phone. Three months later, Li Xiaoai sent his son to school by himself without knowing why. Later, when the two of them talked about this, Li Xiaoai said that she thought that although the single father had good material conditions, he might not be able to treat her sincerely. There is definitely no lack of glamorous and beautiful little girls around the rich, how can she really treat her yellow-faced woman. Xie Dongmin said, didn’t you pay attention to dressing? Li Xiaoai got embarrassed, and suddenly turned his face and said, “You obviously noticed it, why didn’t you stop it? Would you like me to leave you?”

The second time was after Xie Zhihao entered high school, Li Xiaoai finally got relief and gave birth to divorce. Divorce, family abandonment, fitness, traveling alone, have afternoon tea with close friends, and sunbathe behind the floor-to-ceiling windows. There are no more tedious housework and no troublesome relationships. You can do whatever you want. What are you doing, what a pleasant second half of your life will be. As a result, when she chatted with her girlfriends and the women around her, she found that every woman at their age had had this idea or was thinking about it. It turned out to be a common female psychology, not a life or death decision that cannot be stopped by herself. Li Xiaoai couldn’t help feeling that he and everyone were actually quite selfish and wretched, so he stopped thinking about divorce.

In a blink of an eye, my son went to university, and the time between the two suddenly became abundant. They lost their original passion and temperament when they were young. Maybe they were tired, or because of the increase in age, people would be more tolerant. Things can be done blindly. Xie Dongmin’s hometown is in a small seaside city with beautiful scenery. His grandmother had her 100th birthday, so she specifically called the couple back. Her grandmother had more than a dozen children in her lifetime, and few died. She kept sending white-haired people to black-haired people, and she has been living well. There are dozens of grandchildren, all living an ordinary life of getting married and having children and divorcing.

After celebrating the birthday of the old grandmother, the couple did not return immediately. Instead, they went to the beach and spent two days in a holiday villa facing the sea. When Xie Dongmin was lying on the sofa, looking at the endless sea beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows, he suddenly recites which article it was in or a sentence from Wang Xiaobo’s book, met you in the ocean, and finally returned you to the ocean. At this time, the coffee cup on the small round table next to it was steaming.

Li Xiaoai uses his mobile phone to watch a movie on another sofa, “The British Patient”. She no longer remembers that she had watched this film. Xie Dongmin said, we watched it once when we were in love, and then I rented you a DVD again when you recovered at home. Li Xiaoai said that the first time I was in love, I didn’t care at all, and the second time I didn’t watch it at all. At that time, I was anxious all day and I didn’t know if it was worth it to be with you. Xie Dongmin asked, now you think it’s worth it, Li Xiaoai didn’t answer, and continued to watch the movie. Seeing that Emma Shu took Catherine out of the cave after death, and was so sad that he couldn’t be herself, Li Xiaoai said to herself, that sentence clearly met you in the crowd, and finally returned you. To people, Xie Dongmin, do you want to leave me again? Xie Dongmin said, don’t listen to wind or rain. There is only one way to happiness when people live, and that is to return to nothingness, just like the ocean.