Empty joy

Folgham was an honest, cowardly man, and his wife Elizabeth was domineering and a complete miser. Folgham works for a large company and receives his salary every Friday afternoon. Folgham has worked in the company for more than 20 years and received a high salary. It stands to reason that Friday should be his happiest day. But in fact, on the contrary, on Friday, he looked sad. Colleagues know this well. Because after returning home every Friday night, his wife will let him hand over all the money, leaving him only for lunch every day, not even a cup of coffee. To prevent her husband from deceiving him, she went to the finance department of her husband’s company several times to verify her husband’s salary.

One day, Folgham bought a lottery ticket on the way from get off work. In the evening when the lottery was drawn, Folgham found that the lottery he had bought had won the third prize with a prize of 10,000 US dollars. Folgham was so happy that he thought to himself: Now I finally have pocket money! Naturally, he did not tell his wife Elizabeth about this. However, very unfortunately, Folgham ran into his neighbor Shanny when he went to the betting shop the next day to receive the prize. Shanni also won the prize, and Shanni and Elizabeth are good friends. Folgham’s excitement disappeared without a trace.

Sure enough, as soon as Folgham stepped into the house that night, Elizabeth glared at him. Folgham didn’t want to even run out of money for lunch from now on, so he pretended to be excited and said, “My dear, I’ll tell you a good news. I won ten thousand dollars in the lottery ticket!” Then he took it from his briefcase. The $10,000 bonus was handed over to his wife.

“Looking at how honest you are now, I won’t scold you or punish you.” Elizabeth said excitedly while counting the money. But within a few seconds, she suddenly stopped counting money and shouted at her husband: “Where did you get the money for the lottery ticket?”