Flip the book without incident

Girlfriend Jinger said that most of her reading with her painter and her husband was in the bathroom, and they took a photo for me—a small wooden table with a few books not neatly placed on it, some of which were opened. There are also some combined, and when you look closely, several books have been carefully touched. Jing’er said: “In our house, the most popular books are all in the bathroom. Isn’t it the most refined and vulgar?” I smiled and said, “That’s right, one of the top three books in ancient books is the toilet.”

When I was a child, I heard from my father the “three above” theory of “immediately, on the pillow, on the toilet”, and later learned that in the second volume of Ouyang Xiu’s “Return to Tianlu”, it was mentioned that Qian Sigong (Qian Weiyan) was only good in his life. Reading, sitting to read the history of the classics, lying down to read novels, go to the toilet to read a small poem, Song Gongchui (Song Shou) “every time you go to the toilet, you must hold a book in the past, and the sound of satire is heard far and near.” The reading style of two masters is beyond our reach for mortals.

I know I can only be regarded as a reading lover, without advanced knowledge, at most I read free books, lest I become disgusting. Thinking about it carefully, I rarely sit and read in the study, let alone the piety of those real scholars who turn their hands and burn incense. I am not “on the toilet” like Jing’er and his wife, but there have been modern “immediate” on the plane on the high-speed rail. I prefer to lean on the sofa at will, leaning on the head of the bed, eating snacks and reading. If there were no snacks, I would never be at ease studying.

Of course, some books are inconvenient to read at will. Ren Xiang’s “Heirloom” is a thick large format, with four volumes in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and each volume weighs several kilograms. Even sitting on the sofa, leaning forward, I feel uncomfortable. I would rather move a small bench and sit in front of the coffee table with my legs bent. I subconsciously seem to prefer to flip through books in a living place, so that the elegance of reading can be tainted with some of the common customs of life.

I rarely finish reading a book in one sitting. I often pick up one and flip through it, and then change another book in another place. So many times, a book will be read from the beginning repeatedly, and the reading speed is very slow. For example, Ishiguro Kazuo’s “Distant Mountain Light Shadow”, I read three or four times from the beginning, and the faint brushwork made me a little bit suspicious of Sachiko in the faint sadness. Another example is Professor Ye Jiaying’s “Gu Sui Poetry Notes”. For me, a person with poor classical literature skills, I have to read it from the beginning every time, and I still feel that I cannot understand it in case. I admire those who read “Supersonic” very much. I remember once saw a master reader in the newspaper, who read more than 300 books in a year, and I was amazed.

What I like most is reading a few pages at the bedside before going to bed, and I insist on it almost every night. Even if I go to bed late for some reason, I will turn a few pages before going to bed. This posture is extremely comfortable for reading, but it also has drawbacks, that is, it can easily lead to shoulder and neck problems. Every time I feel dizzy, I think, did the ancients have this problem with reading on the pillow?

I remember that “there are poems and books in my belly”, and I remember Sanmao said: “Reading too many books will naturally change your appearance. Many times, I may think that many books I have read have become a cloud of smoke and no longer remember them. In fact, they It is still in the underlying temperament, in conversation, in the boundless mind, and of course it may also be revealed in life and words.” I have always believed that even if I read the book freely, I still hope that I will be “not beautiful.” But it’s stylish.