“Couple Ghosts” in the Ancient Italian City

The lingering erotic rumors of the Phantom of the Ancient House

  Joel Bogda is a student of an academy of fine arts in France. This young man in his twenties has a lively nature. At the end of 2014, he drove to Italy and traveled all the way to the small city of Casentino. He had an accident while driving under the influence. Although the car crashed and no one died, he was fined by the police and a broken leg.
  The hapless Joel can only stay in the ward every day, taking a manual wheelchair to the balcony to breathe. Depressed, he set up a half-old telescope he carried on the balcony, watching the scenery from a distance to kill time. The ward is close to the backyard of the hospital, and the mountains on the opposite bank of the small river outside the wall are lush. One night, when the bored Joel looked far away, he inadvertently noticed a faint light from the stone house on the top of the hill on the opposite bank. There was a pair of intimate men and women in the house, and they could vaguely recognize that the woman was dressed in a nurse’s costume.
  The next night, Joel peeped at the little stone house again through the telescope, and saw the man and woman with blurred figures. Out of curiosity about the pair of men and women, on the third day, Joel took the initiative to mention it when the attending doctor Angelo Costa was rounding the ward, with the intention of finding out.
  After hearing this, Dr. Angelo shook his head flatly and said: “Did you look dazzling? The stone house is a run-down vacant house. Except for occasional shepherds to avoid wind and rain, no one lives at all.” But
  Joel still felt that he was not wrong, so I quietly observed the surrounding nurses, hoping to find familiar figures from their figures and behavior. Unexpectedly, suspicion gave birth to dark ghosts, but it made him look like everyone, and look like no one, and his heart became more and more crazy.
  In the blink of an eye, it was night again, and Joel crouched on the balcony, using his binoculars to continue peeking at the small stone house on the other side of the mountain. This time, the man and woman changed their clothes. The man wore a tuxedo and the woman a dark blue dress. The two embraced and danced for a while, and then the lights went out.
  Casentino is a small town with a long history. In addition to monuments, there are still some ancient families that have lasted for several generations. Every New Year, various “retro” party cocktail parties are held, so it is not surprising that local men and women go out in ancient costumes.
  Because Joel wanted to find out who the men and women were in the tryst, he then went to the nurse who was in charge of the ward to inquire about the costume party. During the question and answer, he confided the situation of the small stone house he saw.
  Upon hearing this, the faces of several nurses suddenly changed and they told Joel weirdly: “Perhaps, what you saw was the local legend of the
  ”Couple Ghost” .” Speaking of “Couple Ghost” dates back to the 16th century. The local wealthy Deluca family married a woman named Postella. However, her husband was extravagant and indulged, spending all day long, and she fell in love with the painter hired by the family instead of being left out. The relationship between the two grew stronger and they decided to elope. Unexpectedly, their husband’s family heard the news and put them to death and buried them in the wilderness. Although some of Postella’s family asked for judicial intervention, because there was no real evidence of lynching, the bones of the two were not found, so they could not get it.
  There has been a lot of discussion about this: because the small stone house on the top of the mountain was originally the territory of the De Luca family and was suspected to be the place of burial, so some people rumored that they had witnessed the ghosts of the two people appearing on the night of the black and high winds, and said that they were wearing blue velvet. Prom dresses and tuxedos. According to the historical records of this koan, they were indeed dressed in this costume when they last appeared before their lives. After that, they evaporated, leaving a mystery that has been hanging for hundreds of years.
Strange myth like falling into the clouds

  The comeback of “Couple Ghost” made Joel a little bit dumbfounded, and he managed to get in touch with Suss DeLuca, the heir of the DeLuca family.
  Suss, who is nearly 30 years old, told Joel: Postela and the painter do have their own lives, and the two are strangely missing. However, there is no real evidence for the so-called lynching and execution by the family for the alleged adultery.
  ”The little stone house on the hilltop is indeed our family territory, but its location is remote and deserted for a long time.” Su Si confessed, “However, it is not ruled out that a couple staying in it for a short time, and you happened to see it through the telescope.”
  Joel was speechless, but he still felt strange. Later, he questioned several locals about the “Couple Ghosts”, and the result was a clue: This so-called “Couple Ghosts” rumor was the most quarrelsome in the fall of 2009, when Su Si was a half-parent My sister, Bergere DeLuca, who was only 23 years old, left home without news. Coincidentally, before and after the incident, some people claimed to have witnessed strange lights and shadows in small stone houses at night.
  According to this, Joel turned to ask Suzie again. She somewhat helplessly explained that it was not a deliberate concealment, but that there was a reason for it: Bergere had been found after running away from home several times. The last time she planned meticulously, not only quietly emptied the cash in her own account in batches, but also took away some precious jewelry. The police searched everywhere to no avail. In order to preserve their reputation, the whole family kept secret about this.
  The speaker speaks in a way that makes sense, and the listener is naturally not good at questioning. However, Joel was still unwilling to watch the small stone house on the top of the mountain for several nights, and it was no different. Just as Joel’s curiosity faded away, the storm rose again. Late one night, when he got up to go to the bathroom with sleepy sleep, he accidentally caught a glimpse of a faint light flashing in the direction of the small stone house on the top of the mountain.
  When Joel hurriedly rolled his wheelchair on the balcony, adjusted the binoculars and looked over, he saw the dim light swaying in the house, and there was a figure moving around. The dynamic image was originally blurred in the telescope, and he accidentally knocked over the telescope during his busy schedule, and the lens was completely broken.
  Although it ended in vain, Joel felt a sense of ominousness. After struggling for two days, it was accidentally learned that a female doctor in orthopedic surgery who had returned home from leave did not return on schedule. After contacting her family, the other party told the female doctor that she did not go home at all.
  Recently, because of what Joel saw, the nurses have added their enthusiasm to the news. There is a more wicked saying about “Couple Ghosts”, that is, whenever someone witnesses “Couple Ghosts”, someone will disappear inexplicably. Locals say This is the “happiness”.
  Joel didn’t believe in “the ghost of lovers” at all, but the disappearance of the female doctor reminded him of what he had seen and heard during this period. Thinking carefully, people can’t help but wonder.
  If you think about it carefully, if there is a grievance, the missing Bergere belongs to the descendants of the De Luca family, which is considered to be related to the rumors; then the female doctor is neither a local, nor can it be seen that it is related to the ancient rumors. The family background has nothing to do with the Deluca family, and the ecstasy of the resentful spirit seems incredible.
  Every night after the incident, Joel would go to the balcony alone in his wheelchair, quietly and long looking towards the mountain top stone house. In fact, with the naked eye, he could only see the faint outline of the top of the mountain on the other side of the river, but in his heart, he especially hoped that his eyes could penetrate the dark night and understand the truth hidden behind the heavy fog.
The bloody turmoil begins

  Faced with many inexplicable mysteries, Joel felt that since many signs started in a small stone house on the top of the mountain, it was better to start here. So, he spent a small amount of money to “buy” the son of the hospital gardener, and then sneaked out of the hospital through the back door unprepared.
  With the help of the gardener’s son, Joel climbed up the small stone house on the top of the mountain with crutches. Just as Joel was looking around, the gardener’s son’s dog barking suddenly came from outside the house. Joel walked out of the house and saw the puppy barking at the fence outside the wall. He leaned closer and pulled the vines a few times and saw the soil under his feet showing signs of being dug.

  It’s in the deep winter, here is in the wind, the soil is hard, who will dig here? This doubt surprised Joel slightly. He thought for a while, turned around and found the iron rod and shovel, and dug them with the gardener’s son. After digging for a while, a piece of blue velvet covered with soil was exposed. Joel stared at the blue velvet covered with mud, feeling aroused in his body, and then tremblingly took out his cell phone to call the police.
  The police who arrived easily dug up the uncorrupted body of the missing female doctor from the soil; more unexpectedly, they dug up another human skeleton. A few days later, the DNA test report came out and proved to be Bergere DeLuca, who was missing for five years.
  Now that the mysterious “ghost of lovers” rumors have become criminal cases, the police naturally rush to investigate clues. The police took a multi-pronged approach and quickly found out that the female doctor had recently made a few large sums of money in the account. The payer was actually Dr. Angelo.
  At the same time, Suzie also revealed to the police a past that the family secretaries did not disclose: It turned out that Bergere was hospitalized with a sprained foot playing tennis, and Angelo and the dead female doctor were responsible for the treatment. After being discharged from the hospital, Bergere had a close personal relationship with Dr. Angelo and had an affair. Later, the DeLuca family opposed and broke up. Unexpectedly, half a year later, Bergduan left a letter and ran away from home.
  Since all the clues finally pointed to Dr. Angelo, the police immediately arrested him.
  Joel heard that when Lenovo first mentioned the image of the small stone house on the top of the mountain, Dr. Angelo’s reaction was strange, but if the clues of the verification were carefully sorted out, it was assumed that Dr. Angelo was in love with Bergere. Killing intent, then why should he pay expensive fees to unrelated female doctors after 5 years? Why did the same trick be repeated?
  That night, Joel sat quietly on the balcony, staring at the shadows of the mountains in the distance. At this time, the phone rang, and the police informed that they had just captured a mysterious person who wanted to sneak into Dr. Angelo’s house-Su Si. A jewellery bracelet with a family mark was found from her body. The bracelet was registered as Bergere’s missing personal belongings. It is now unusual for Suzie to appear.
  In fact, regardless of Su Si’s appearance as an elegant lady, she became addicted to drugs more than 5 years ago and embezzled family business funds to pay for drug use.
  Out of brotherhood, Bergere also used his own money to fill up the shortfall for Suzie several times, but seeing her sinking deeper and deeper, she persuaded her sister to confess to her family. Unexpectedly, the kindness of her sister worries Suzie, because once the incident occurs, her heir qualification will not only be cancelled, but the family will also cut off her high cost of living.
  Therefore, after careful design, Su Si tricked Berger into a small stone house on the top of the mountain to kill and hide the body, and then spread rumors that her sister ran away from home to cover up the truth.
  Originally thought that God knew nothing about it, unexpectedly Bergere ran into a female doctor on the way to the little stone house and told him to meet with her sister. After the disappearance of Bergere, the female doctor found that all the details of Lenovo found strangeness, and then frequently blackmailed Suzie for money.
  Recently, the family of female doctors has changed, and a large amount of money is urgently needed, and the family business controlled by Su Si is approaching bankruptcy due to poor management. Therefore, the female doctor turned to Dr. Angelo for payment on the grounds of knowing the whereabouts of Bergere. The doctor, eager to learn the whereabouts of her lover, did not hesitate and paid her a large amount of compensation several times.
  After Susie learned, worried that the truth would be revealed, so she invited the female doctor to the small stone house on the top of the mountain several times and warned her to stop. During the conversation, she learned from the female doctor that Joel was investigating the light and shadow of the small stone house on the top of the mountain at night, so she had an idea, using the prom as an excuse to dress herself as a woman in a tuxedo and a blue velvet skirt. A scene of “The Ghost of a Couple”, which confuses the audience, is actually taking the opportunity to poison a female doctor.
  After all, with a guilty conscience, after Joel came to inquire about the old things, Su Si quietly went to the small stone house on the top of the mountain again to fill and reinforce the fence where the body was buried. And this was the last time Joel saw the light and shadow reappear.
  The truth is revealed, the mystery is solved, the small town of Casentino still maintains a peaceful and leisurely manner. The Deluca family renovated the small stone house on the top of the mountain, and displayed the blue velvet beauty portrait in the showroom, attracting tourists with the mysterious and sad rumors of “couple ghosts” and two cracked mysteries.