Older pregnancy: what you should know

With the changes of society, the phenomenon of late marriage and late childbearing of the right-age marriage and childbearing youth has become more and more prominent. The reason is closely related to the development of the social economy and the increase in wealth. On the one hand, the development of society has led to people‚Äôs increasing work pressure and desire for wealth. Many people postpone the age of marriage and childbearing in order to get better positions and affluent life after marriage, as well as sufficient future parenting expenses; on the other hand , The wealth of life makes more and more young people immersed in the single life or the chic of the two-person world, unwilling to be prematurely fettered by family and children. This makes the age of pregnancy and birth of modern women getting later and later. Thus, the concept of “elderly pregnancy” appeared in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

From a sociological point of view, advanced-age pregnancy is a manifestation of social progress. This means that the delay of the immobilization of individual social roles has provided more possibilities for personal development; it also means that the increase in the cost of childbirth and the increase in the cost of children’s education make the development of human science and technology progress faster and faster. After all, we are far from the time when we had children early and a bite of food was enough. But from a physiological point of view, advanced pregnancy is not desirable. With the gradual physical aging of women, it is difficult to get pregnant at an advanced age, difficult to give birth, more premature births, more miscarriages, and more problems during pregnancy. Therefore, medical experts strongly call for age-appropriate pregnancy.

It is an indisputable fact that today’s social changes have exceeded people’s physiological adaptability. Just as the disappearance of physical labor and the abundance of diet will lead to a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, what people have to do is not to return to physical labor and lack of food, but to strengthen physical exercise; advanced-age pregnancy is not just calling for women to have children of the right age. If you can solve the problem, you need to face it more actively. What’s more, those “actresses” who want to do more careers in their youth, most of them have elderly children, such as Zhang Ziyi, Xu Ruozhen, Ruby Lin, Yi Nengjing, etc., etc. It can be seen that as long as you prepare for pregnancy and health care during pregnancy, advanced-age pregnancy is not so terrible.

The environment is difficult to change, the choice is self. Those women who have to marry and give birth late due to various reasons need to know about the hazards of advanced pregnancy, how to avoid these hazards, how to do well in pregnancy health care and other related knowledge. Hope this knowledge will help you make the best choice for you.