Bermuda Triangle on the Wasteland

 One day in April 1995. British retired postman Tony Nagel took his dog for a walk in Derbyshire Peak District National Park. He is located in an area called “Black Peak” in the northern part of the Peak District National Park, where there are the highest peaks in the park and a large swampland.
  Suddenly, Nagel realized that the sky had become darker. He subconsciously looked up at the sky, only to find that an airplane was just blocking the sun above him. The strange thing is that the plane was obviously close to the ground, but he didn’t hear any sound! What is even more strange is that the plane swayed to the bushes not far away, but when he ran over to look, he did not see the plane, and his dog barked and refused to continue to approach that area.
  This incident is incredible. According to common sense, the sound of the plane should be loud when flying. Why didn’t Nagel hear the sound? Could it be that there is a problem with his ears? If Nagel’s ears are not working well because of his age, it is understandable, but this is not the only mysterious plane incident involving Black Peak. On the afternoon of June 17, 2013, an eyewitness claimed to have seen a large plane falling into the valley of Heifeng, but when people arrived there, no trace of the plane was found. What’s even stranger is that the people attached to the incident did not hear anything. Because these planes are mysterious and weird, they are called “ghost planes”, and the Black Peak area is called the Bermuda Triangle of Britain. So, what is going on with the ghost plane?
The bizarre explanation of the mysterious event

  On this issue, people are also puzzled, but the weird incident has stimulated people’s imagination. Some people think that the Black Bee area may be a space-time gap. This space-time gap opens and closes. When the time-space gap opens and the plane happens to pass there, the plane will pass through the time-space gap to other time and space and never return. This is why the witnesses clearly saw the plane but could not find the wreckage of the plane.
  It seems that this point of view seems to have completely solved the mysterious phenomenon of ghost planes. However, there are also problems with this statement. Although it may not be possible to detect the space-time gap with the existing technology, if the space-time gap exists, then it is not just the airplane that is missing. Various things that appear there may pass through the space-time gap to other time and space. But in fact, a large number of hiking enthusiasts travel in the Heifeng area every year, but they have never heard of someone missing there inexplicably, and the locals have never reported any abnormalities. This means that the view of the gap in time and space cannot explain the events of Heifeng.
  Does this mean that ghost planes do not exist? The generally accepted view is that there are no ghost planes at all, and those sightings may be fabricated, just like many UFO sightings. Because in most events, there are usually only one or two witnesses for each witnessing event, and their witness testimony has yet to be verified. For some reason, they may have deliberately lied, or they may be blinded.
Mysterious explanation of real events

  Although the ghost plane incident in Heifeng is doubtful, it is strange that a lot of plane wreckage is indeed scattered on the wasteland in Heifeng area.
  It is said that dozens of planes have crashed in Heifeng since World War II, but most of the planes crashed there during World War II. It can be said that there is like a cemetery for World War II aircraft. But why so many planes crashed in Heifeng? Could it be that Heifeng really has some mysterious power?
  Scientists don’t believe in the so-called mysterious force, they search for the cause of the Heifeng plane crash from a scientific point of view. At first, it was suggested that the plane crash in Heifeng might be related to rocks in that area. Different rocks are more or less magnetic, and some strong magnetic rocks can interfere with nearby compasses and some electronic products.
  In this case, maybe the rock of Heifeng is really the culprit of the plane crash? But this view was quickly rejected. Research by geologists shows that the rocks of Heifeng are mainly sandstone and shale. Although these two types of rocks are magnetic, they are very weak and will not cause any interference to the aircraft, let alone cause a crash.
The real man behind the scenes

  So, is there a more reliable point of view? Some experts put forward a possible point of bad weather.
  The weather in the Peak District National Park is fickle, often alternating with rain and rain. Due to the higher terrain, Heifeng has more rainfall than other places, which is one of the reasons for the swampland there. In addition, on the vast wasteland of Black Peak, there are few objects that can block the wind, so the wind speed can be very fast.
  Through the study of recorded plane crashes and combined with the meteorological archives at the time, experts found that these incidents happened to happen when there was heavy rain or strong winds. Below a certain altitude, the aircraft will be pulled to the ground due to gravity. In this case, if you encounter heavy storms again, the aircraft is obviously more difficult to control.
  This means that the plane that crashed in Heifeng may have been flying at a relatively low altitude at the time, and it happened to have encountered severe weather. It can be seen from the wreckage of the aircraft that most of the aircraft that crashed there were military aircraft from World War II. The planes of World War II were relatively primitive, and when they encountered heavy storms at low altitude, they might not be able to withstand them and crashed. Therefore, those planes that crashed were probably “killed” by bad weather.
  Although the view that bad weather is the culprit of the plane crash seems to be reasonable, some people think that this may not be the final answer because there are still loopholes in this explanation: even though the planes were relatively rudimentary during World War II. When there is a violent storm ahead, the pilots still have the opportunity to choose a better path instead of having to pass through Heifeng. Why did they all fall there? Does Heifeng have any unknown secrets? It seems that the final answer remains to be studied.