Encountered workplace violence, why don’t I suggest you resign immediately?

The idol Yamy used a long Weibo with audio recordings to disclose to the outside world the suppression and accusation that her boss had carried out over the past two years, and “workplace violence” was once again on hot search. Netizens gave great support to Yamy. This is because, through Yamy’s experience, many people associate themselves with the “darkest moment” in the workplace. We have also received many submissions of similar workplace experience:

Someone said: “I endured the perverted collective culture for almost a year. For example, letting sales crowns wear shoes to step on other people’s heads, which completely tramples on dignity. But half of my annual salary is a bonus, and I have to wait until the next year. , Should I give up this money and leave?”

Someone said: “In the tenth year of a business unit, the new boss ushered in a moody and moody mood. Some young colleagues were forced to leave, leaving a letter of resignation, but I did not have the courage to leave the system.”

The female celebrities who are brave and self-improving when they encounter workplace oppression and “anti-kill” provide everyone with an idealized template and an outlet to release their emotions, but it is difficult for ordinary people to become a career survival guide.

Faced with the violence of a powerful authority, people in the workplace may have the ability to perceive and a sense of resistance. They may have the idea of ​​”fire the boss” ten times in a day, but they are often trapped by various practical factors and dare not resist or are unable to resist. resignation.

Success in learning chicken soup tells people in the workplace: There is no unyielding job in the world, you must bear it or go. Indeed, workplace violence can be seen everywhere. What you need to do is not to circumvent it, but to think about and try more possibilities for change in the complex workplace ecology and within the limited living space, and strive for more favorable conditions for yourself. Including as much as possible to reduce physical and mental and economic losses when resisting fruitless.

We list the following attempts. If your situation has not improved after you finish, it will not be too late. Perhaps, when you have done all this, you will find that the situation is not as bad as you originally thought.

1. Remove yourself from the emotion of abuse, calm down to identify the nature of the problem
You can ask yourself, is the boss violating you personally, or is the company’s corporate culture violating you? There are two answers: the unfortunate one is the tyrant boss + the corporate culture that you can hardly identify with. Then, don’t hesitate and withdraw, while you still have the strength to withdraw; the other is the violent boss + the career platform you want— — There may be an industry benchmark for a certain skill you want to learn, it may be an ideal springboard for you to achieve entrepreneurship, there may be a high salary you need to make a living, or there may be a public office that you cannot easily abandon, etc., as long as you Make it clear that this platform is beneficial to your stage goals, and if you need it, it is worth all the effort to fight for all possible changes for yourself.

We do not judge the pros and cons of any choice. The important thing is that you ask yourself: What do I want?

2. As long as your boss is not a born “tyrant”, don’t give up the possibility of active communication
Don’t use more intense emotions against your boss when he is dominated by emotions, because your power levels are not equal, at this point you are naturally weak. Learn to avoid the edge and choose a time that is good for you. For example, when a project task you participate in is smooth or over-completed, you can talk frankly with your boss and tell him clearly that you are willing to work together with your boss and team for department goals. I also understand that the boss is under the pressure of KPI, and I hope to communicate more gently in the future. As long as the boss is not a born tyrant, he will pay attention to the way he communicates with you later. Know that not only you need this job, but the boss also needs subordinates who can work with him or complement each other.

3. Help yourself out of work
When you encounter top-down violence, you want to quit but you have not found your next home and have to live under the hands of a “tyrant”, do not forget to seek strength in the close relationship between family and friends. A person’s sense of value is composed of multiple dimensions, and the understanding, love, encouragement and support from your loved ones are the warm light to help you through the “darkest moments” of the workplace.

Finally, if you solve the problem and stay, then start a new round of struggle; if you still choose to leave after fighting hard, it doesn’t matter, I wish you a new life to ride the wind and waves, but in any case, don’t doubt yourself. You are great, you can do everything well!