Americans who love to drink

During the epidemic, California specifically allowed take-out and wine delivery. The Chinese find it strange, does this require special permission? So I specifically checked the law, and it turned out that this is really an extra-law favor.

The United States has very strict restrictions on drinking. You can drink at the age of 21. You must go to a licensed store to buy alcohol. You must also show your ID certificate. Takeout and delivery of alcohol are indeed a “benevolent government” in an extraordinary period. There is a joke that Americans can take a driver’s license at the age of 16, buy a gun and run for president at the age of 18, but can drink at the age of 21.

Why is it 21 years old? According to a study, whites are genetically prone to alcohol addiction, and minor drinking is more likely to become a social problem. Psychology generally believes that the prefrontal lobe, which controls self-control, does not mature until the age of 21. Therefore, This red line is stuck at the age of 21.

Can I drink it open after 21 years old? Nor is it.

Under the local legal framework, alcohol is not allowed in most public spaces, such as roads and beaches. Holding a can of beer while walking on the road and drinking, or sitting on the beach drinking, drunk walking on the street, or even taking an open bottle for a walk without drinking, is illegal in many places.

In the eyes of us Chinese, this rule is too boring. If it is placed in a domestic idol drama, the emotional line of men and women will not be pushed forward; no matter how big the brain is, the “Hu’er will exchange for wine,” If you put in this rule, a bunch of stinky drinkers will have to be fined or go to jail.

There are strict restrictions on places to drink, and people are stuck everywhere when buying alcohol. When we were born in the 80s and 90s, when we were young, we gave my dad to run errands to buy Red Star Erguotou in exchange for pocket money to buy popsicles. This is a happy parent-child scene. Daddy scored minutes and was reported to prison by the owner. And maybe there are only a few shops with a liquor license (sale permit) within a radius of more than a dozen miles. Even if a child can buy alcohol for an adult, it will probably be broken.

Then the child will be more tolerant with his parents, right? That is not necessarily.

In the United States, many bars are almost similar to our domestic milk tea shops. They are open from noon, with some simple snacks, French fries, lemon cakes and other high-calorie foods, but children are not allowed to enter. Once our family of three went to New Orleans to visit the Great Manor. The line in the restaurant was too long at noon. We saw a small tavern opposite the restaurant where no one was interested. So we wanted to order some fast food, but the waiter said to us apologetically, “Child Can’t enter”. There were no other customers at that time, and we only wanted to buy some chicken wings, but the waiter did not dare to violate the law. It happened to be raining at that time. We asked the children if they could stand at the door to avoid the rain. The waiter tremblingly pointed to the floor tiles at the door and said: “Then you let her stand here, don’t go beyond this line, thank you. “I came back and thought. Fortunately, I also brought some snacks with me. Otherwise, I could only watch the hot chicken wings come out of the pot in the heavy rain through the glass of the bar, while tears and saliva flowed.

Americans have such strict restrictions on drinking, will they curb sales? On the contrary, every Chinese who comes to the United States for the first time will be shocked by the dazzling array of wine racks in the supermarket, most of which are hard liquor. The local social pattern is single. In addition to parties, which are cocktail parties, our young people in China also have a bunch of late-night pastimes. In the United States, adults who do not drink have almost no friends.

If you want to trace the origin of Americans’ love of drinking, this pot may have to be remembered by American ancestors. During the immigration period of the 17th century, it took about two months to wander at sea from Europe to the Americas. Because of the poor pure technology at the time, fresh water could not be stored for long on the boat, and beer had a longer shelf life because it was fermented. Passengers basically drink at sea, even if they are puritans who abide by the rules when they board the ship, they become experienced alcoholics when they disembark. The first batch of wineries and pubs on the North American continent were established by people who immigrated to the Americas from Europe.

In this sense, Americans’ love of alcohol can be regarded as a manifestation of not forgetting their roots.