Disaster is coming

The year I first entered junior high school, the light from the sun became increasingly dimmed. At first glance, it hung in the sky like a burning discus. At first I thought that the sun would also blow up sandstorms, but since the moment I stood on the giant astronomical telescope, I knew that the end of the world, which is more miserable for humans than dinosaurs, is coming.

Under a small lens, I saw a thick white fog at the position of the “three thousand parsec arm” of the Milky Way. There are clusters of yellow misty clouds with unusually clear boundaries rolling in the thick fog, and the clouds have a feeling of being burnt. It has many strange shapes, like a devil and a ghost. Behind it was flashing diffused aurora, and they walked alone and chased sometimes in the dust of the universe. They seem to be monsters boiled alive under the control of the fire demon, jumping up and down, ending their way. They rushed all the way to the solar system at an extremely fast speed. A strong sense of oppression made me fear that I had never had before.

The teacher told me: This is a “hydrogen cloud” that is several times the size of the solar system. It was pulled by the new “black hole” of the Milky Way 10,000 years ago and has broken away from its parent body. It has recently accelerated to 8,000 kilometers per second and is spinning. Rushing to the solar system quickly. The distance between the hydrogen cloud and us is only 0.01 light-years, that is to say, 100 years later, when it scrapes through the solar system, it encounters the sun’s 6,000-degree heat, and the hot “hydrogen cloud” is in contact with the oxygen on the earth. , The entire solar system will be instantly detonated…

Xiaomei, who was standing on the side, trembled all over, pulling the corner of my clothes so hard not to let go.

“Save the earth and protect mankind” has become the slogan of this era.

The United Nations at this time no longer exists, and the world has established a “shared international coalition government”, with the head of the government recommended by the Chinese government. Ma Jie was appointed by the chief as the commander-in-chief of the “Disaster Relief Command”.

Ma Jie is not tall, thin, sharp and confident underneath his generous and elegant appearance. In just over ten years, he has made a small company of several people become the world’s top 500. He combined his ability to capture business opportunities with surrealist wisdom, and made the world amazed. It is said that he is an alien…

Ten years later, I graduated from the journalism department of a communications college in the United States and was hired by Ma Jie as a special correspondent for the headquarters.

I remember that it was an early spring morning. Ma Jie asked the secretary to call and asked me to rush to his office quickly, saying that there was a big news that needed to be interviewed.

As soon as I stepped into Ma Jie’s office, I was surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere. Ma Jie was very serious and introduced me to a foreign friend sitting across from his desk. “This is the French geographer, Professor Rotson, and was introduced by my American secretary, Alice.”

“Who is Alice?” I asked curiously.

“Mary Anris, don’t talk about this now, you will gradually understand later.” Ma Jie interrupted me impatiently.

After a few greetings, Rotson went directly to the subject, “Ma Jie, under our feet, about 20 kilometers away from the ground, there are hundreds of huge underground caves, the size of which is comparable to small and medium-sized countries.”

After speaking, Professor Rotson stood up and waved his hand lightly. A 3D virtual solar system appeared instantly above the pure black “desk” between Ma Jie and him. Only then did I discover that Ma Jie’s empty desk was actually a holographic image display.

“Look, this is the solar system and the earth tens of millions of years ago. I shortened the time and space to one hour to simulate and demonstrate its evolution.”

Professor Rotson used his thumb and middle finger on the holographic display to draw a timeline of 100 million years.

The solar system began to spin at a speed that ordinary people could not imagine.

You must have seen “skip frame play” on TV. A small tree sapling took root and sprouted hundreds of years ago, and now it has grown into a towering tree. If you use the “quick shot” method to demonstrate, it will grow wildly. The state will definitely make you feel extremely shocked.

The same is true for the solar system in front of us. The earth revolves around the sun and rotates at high speed around its axis. However, the metal core, which accounts for half the weight of the entire earth, is completely slower than the crust. This gap has caused the earth’s own huge magnetic eccentricity and strong centrifugal force, deflection force and shear force.

“Look, the solar system moved to the late Cretaceous period of the Earth, and the same frequency resonance produced by the combined forces appeared…”

Suddenly, the surface of the earth cracked a crack that stretched for tens of thousands of kilometers, with no sides and no bottom. The monstrous sea water rushed into the gap and met the reddish magma, suffocating white gas, and the whole earth rolled into a sauna, enveloped in steaming steam.

In the depths of the earth, the Pacific plate, which was originally a desert, was inserted obliquely under the crust of the Sea of ​​Japan and subducted toward the continental shelf. The Pacific plate sank and turned into a vast ocean. However, the Himalayas and Kunlun regions, which were originally vast expanse of the ocean, rose to tens of thousands of meters in an instant.

The mantle is like a huge bearing. Although it has a buffering effect, in the depths of the earth’s crust, among the incomparably hard ultrabasic rocks, it is abruptly torn into huge caves.

At this time, Rotson and Ma Jie almost forgot the passage of time, and they seemed to be in another world. In the frozen space, staring intently at this rapidly changing virtual world.

“How did you find them later?” Ma Jie recovered, staring at Rotson and asked.

“Look carefully, gas.” Rotson said, pointing to a tall mountain. “There is gas faintly floating out. This method was discovered by Alice.”

“She believes that after the disaster, the earth will return to its former calm. The special gas accumulated in the cave for many years will surely seep out through the cracks in the ground connected to the surface and float in the air under the 6,000 degree high temperature steaming in the center of the earth. As expected, things did not happen to Alice. We used this method to find the entrance to the cave. Drilling is the most stupid method.”

“It’s so simple? What happened later?” Ma Jie’s curious nature was inspired by this true story with a legendary color, and he asked desperately.

But at this time Rotson spread his hands, shrugged his shoulders, and sat back in his original chair, a little triumphant. But his eyes were staring blankly at a bottle of 1984 Lafite that Ma Jie put in the window to collect.

“Horse, shouldn’t you celebrate now?” Ma Jie knew that France was born with romance. Although Ma Jie never drinks, he is also passionate at this moment…

Later, according to Rotson, in the depths of the earth’s crust, one by one, coherent or incoherent, half the size of China’s caves were successfully discovered. There are wide lakes as unfathomable as the sea, majestic rivers, bizarre peaks and rocks criss-crossed, towering mountains and valleys, and trickling streams. But all year round, it was dark, extremely sultry, and silent, without a trace of anger.

“The cave is too big to hold the entire world civilization.”

The solar system disaster is approaching, and the world is in an uproar. He thought of China. Only China has an excellent leadership, political foundation and cultural soil. Only China has such a huge administrative mobilization ability and execution ability. Only China has the conditions to create a whole new world.

This year, China is standing at the pinnacle of destiny. It is prosperous and powerful, surpassing any previous era, it is like the noon sun, emitting a dazzling light to the world. It is as perfect as gold and as strong as jade. It is engraved on the printing plate of history, like an immortal legend.

Ma Jie quickly reported this important news to the Shared International Coalition Government, and with the approval of the coalition government, he decided to develop the underground city in an all-round way to avoid the big explosion of the solar system.

Advance into the dungeon

After the joint government research and decision, the underground city construction is divided into two steps. The first step is to establish an underground city scientific research base. The second step is to realize global migration to underground cities.

To surpass itself, humans need to complete a gorgeous turn.

After several years of preparation, the time to advance into the dungeon has finally arrived!

One morning, Ma Jie took a superb team of scientists and took flight UAZ830 over the Pacific Ocean. Me and Xiaomei are among them. We are both members of the Dungeon Advance Team.

After the airtight treatment and air density test, the aircraft steadily penetrated into the sea. With the underwater navigation mode turned on, the wings are automatically retracted, the lights are on, and the engine automatically switches to propeller propulsion. The streamlined plane, like a submarine, quietly dived into the huge electromagnetic slide under the seabed, and behind it came the dull and huge metal door moving sound. The command sound of “normal drainage”, “air synchronization”, “pressure synchronization”, “temperature synchronization”, “chute deceleration”…

“Welcome to the builders of the underground city!” With the last welcome speech, the plane has parked firmly in the mechanized hangar of the underground science and technology city.

The infrastructure construction of the dungeon is nothing short of a piece of cake for the big eastern country known as the “infrastructure madman”. The first thing that catches the eye is that each cave in the entire dungeon is like a huge construction site. Thousands of construction machinery under intense work can be seen everywhere. The rumble of machinery was deafening, heavy trucks drove back and forth with billowing smoke and dust, and various rusty pipes were exposed to the ground. The huge beam of spotlight penetrated the muddy air and stabbed people’s eyes. Although the construction site is messy, it can’t hide the enthusiasm.

“The project is not as simple as everyone imagined. Some caves are not connected to the surface of the earth, and there is a huge pressure difference between inside and outside. When the cave was expanded once, the gas that was sprayed out almost formed a huge explosion at the mouth of the cave and pushed the earth away. The orbit of the solar system.” Professor Rotson still has lingering fears about this.

Global brain

From the calendar, it was a winter morning. A builder who had just got off the ground described to us a terrible thing that had often happened on the ground recently.

“I was scared to death. I was walking on the road, and suddenly someone next to me stretched out his paw and rushed towards me. Without warning, when I was about to be caught, he suddenly returned to normal. This kind of thing often happens. The child was even torn to pieces like a silk scarf. This kind of death has exceeded the normal number of human deaths several times, and it is still spreading. The law can’t help them…” She shrugged, waved her hand, and repeated , Looked helpless and frightened.

Ma Jie asked me to quickly convey this information to the “bioinformatics system” expert Professor Jia Yanan.

Professor Jia’s laboratory is located by the lake surrounded by sloping cypresses and weeds. Walking into his simple and elegant office with a little rustic charm, the master’s own inscribed “boiling water refines the essence, the taste is sweet in the throat” is hung in the middle of the wall. The writing is solemn and concise.

Professor Jia is tall, sturdy, and wearing a dark blue suit. The strong Italian style highlights the gentleman and sophistication.

In the office, Commander Ma was found standing there, listening to his report.

“The reason is very simple. Humans have implanted mechanical computer chips into the central nervous system of the human brain. With the aging and failure of mechanical parts, these people have lost the remaining little thinking and memory functions and become a An incurable’brainless giant baby or’ lunatic. This is typical pseudoscience.”

“Let’s go, everyone should visit our experimental center first. Then you will naturally understand.”

Professor Jia Yanan’s experimental center is under the ground of his office. From a certain perspective, it is a 30-story, rectangular, hollow, open reinforced concrete building, like a black box buried under the ground. The building has no doors and no windows. All pedestrians and vehicles must enter and exit from the underground passage through the intelligent access control system. However, there is a direct “electromagnetic slide” between Professor Jia’s office and the experimental center.

Professor Jia waved his hand, and saw transparent and fine particles piled up quickly around each of us, and then automatically closed like a piece of glass, sliding down…

“Glass” shrinks down, and we are already standing in his life experiment center.


A mannequin magnified 500 times is incredibly lying here. I look like a little bee in front of him, and to be precise, his eyes are twice as big as mine.

The mannequin is surrounded by the most advanced instruments and equipment in the world. The “super-density string” of a few nanometers forces the particles into a high-energy state, resulting in huge degeneracy pressure, making the undulating chest and smiling face of the mannequin so real. Even the eyelashes he blinked on Leonardo’s enigmatic eyes were spectacular and textured. This is the first time I have observed the most realistic imaging of objects in ultra-high dimensional virtual space.

“I’ll show it to you.” Professor Jia swiped his palm into the air, and an extremely huge brain model was presented in front of us. Turned to a certain angle, Professor Jia made another advancing motion, and the “brain” Being enlarged, enlarged, enlarged again…

“Stop.” Professor Jia issued a voice command.

Professor Jia pointed to the huge three-dimensional image in front to introduce us, “This is a human virtual brain. Humans have 1,100 billion neuronal cells, 40 times more than computer CPU transistors.”

Looking far away, I saw the “neural bonds” between the cells are constantly bonding and separating.

“Nerve keys are closed and closed, like the 0 and 1 of the computer CPU. Each time the nerve keys are switched on and off, they will fire into the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the human brain’s memory and hard disk, which is responsible for the memory and storage of information. In fact, the human brain itself is a super biological computer.”

“Then why do they even implant mechanical chips in their brains?” I was confused.

“The human brain is like an ancient table clock, slowly swinging its pendulum back and forth, showing people inaccurate time from time to time, but it is also a huge treasure house that has not been fully explored and developed, so there are people Implanting mechanical chips into human brains wants to realize this great pioneering work.”

“The human brain is a huge treasure house?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, please see.”

Professor Jia turned the “brain” to the part that needed to be demonstrated, gently grasped with both hands, and pulled a thick and flexible blood vessel in front of our eyes. At this time, an unpleasant stench wafted towards me, and it made me feel like vomiting and dizzy. My throat seemed to be stuffed with a small cotton ball. I turned my head vigorously, trying to avoid the unpleasant smell. .

“Your action is a typical’post-quantum era 8Z/32D’ full-scene air-body sensing technology. We call it an’air screen.” Ma Jie said happily to Professor Jia.

“Yes, ‘8Z can make the signal respond instantly, without the slightest delay or loss.’ With the emergence of 32D, what you see, hear and smell out of thin air is exactly the same as the real thing.

“In other words, the sound is directly generated by air vibration, without the need for speaker output. The three-dimensional image has a tactile feel, and you can experience the silky smoothness and the hardness of steel out of thin air. You can also experience the rain and sun. More magical Yes, you can taste the ups and downs out of thin air. The stench just now comes from the piles of black patches on this virtual blood vessel. This black patch is the cancer that we used to talk about.” Professor Jia thought for a while. Continue to add, “Although the objects presented in front of your eyes are illusory, they are so real. Although we know that this is a blatant deception, the scene it simulates is extremely absurd in part and sometimes contrary to common sense of physics, but the overall situation It’s very reasonable and realizes multi-dimensional reproduction of surreal objects.”

“It is not difficult to use computer to simulate optical diffraction to show the vision and hearing of holographic images. The difficulty is that we can make holographic images have a real sense of hand, taste and smell, and even have a premonition. Moreover, we are now not only realizing information Long-distance transmission and long-distance information synchronization can be achieved, which is equivalent to real time and space travel. In the future, any flat products such as radio, TV, mobile phones, and computers will no longer exist, and VR and AR will become a joke , Haha…” Ma Jie was as happy as a child.

“Let’s go on to see that something more miraculous is about to happen. Humans are made up of cells, and human diseases are also caused by abnormal organs caused by cell damage, resulting in diseases. Human body, memory, logic, emotion, and movement And other functions are completed by the most basic unit cells that make up the human body. So if the cell problem is solved, does it solve all the problems of humans themselves?”

As soon as Professor Jia’s words fell, I suddenly felt like I was floating in the turbulent red waves. I saw a group of creatures with long tentacles and faint blue light flashing in front of me, densely surrounding a pile of dark things. Rushing, the squeaking sound of sucking and clicking and biting accompanied by the sound of rushing water is deafening. In a blink of an eye, the black mass seemed to be melted, and the cancer cells disappeared.

“Neuron robot!” I shouted.

“No, this is a beneficial virus reprogrammed after a protein chip is implanted, a distributed operating system and a decentralized database are installed.” Ma Jie’s voice echoed in the air.

“Where am I?” I suddenly returned to my senses and asked.

“You are in the blood vessels of the brain.” Professor Jia’s answer was faintly heard not far away.

Only then did I find myself swimming in a huge red blood vessel, and the blood pulsed with the sudden beating of the heart like the sea. I can clearly see the criss-cross stripes on the blood vessel wall and hear the roar of blood flowing.

“Please come out!” Following an instruction from Professor Jia, I returned to everyone. But at this time, I can’t tell which is virtual and which is real in this world.

He thought for a while and continued to explain to me, “The virus contains only one type of nucleic acid. The information it carries is completely blank, and the structure is very simple and pure. We named the virus after the program was implanted’Xiao Lefei. At present. , We are going to let “Little Lefei complete the memory of the original biological characteristics of human cells. So that once human cells and genes are mutated and missing,” Little Lefei will find out immediately and repair itself. It will remove the excess for you forever Yes, keep what is due and fix what is missing. By then everyone can live to 400 years old.”

“400 years old?” I was inexplicably surprised.

“Yes, by then, people will never suffer from illnesses in their entire lives. From now on, you can do whatever you want to beautify and lose weight. You can lose weight as much as you want. Doctors and beauticians will be completely laid off…” Ma Jie showed his true and brilliant expression that day.

At this time, Professor Jia walked up to me, looked at Ma Jie next to me, and said to me:

“Now do you understand? If we implant’Little Le Fei’ in brain cells, the switch response of the nerve bonds to the stimulation of the chemical medium is very accurate, and the electrical signals sent to the hippocampus are very stable. The remaining 95% of the cells are fully activated. I firmly believe that this kind of low-energy science embedded in human brains on the ground will disappear soon.”

Ma Jie also started his speech enthusiastically at this time:

“We have transformed from’inorganic manufacturing to’ organic creation, which is an epoch-making symbol.

“Humanity has developed from the Internet to the Internet of Things, from the Internet of Things to the’Internet of People, and the current Internet of Thousands. In a sense, it realizes the direct connection between the human brain and the thinking and ideas of the human brain. The interconnection of all objects. It connects people and everything in the world into one piece, making the world a huge blockchain biological computer.

“This is our dungeon scientist’s painstaking effort over the years, one after another, to build a global brain for all mankind. It will carry all the suffering and dreams of our human century.

“With the’Global Brain, the world will be able to achieve global automation management without the need for administrative agencies. It automatically achieves’smart contracts’ based on the principle that the minority obeys the majority, and uses’credit coins’ to constrain people’s behavioral norms. All citizens follow the’smart contract’ When you act, you have credit coins, which can be unimpeded. If you lose credit coins, it will be difficult to move. In the society at that time, everyone was equal, everyone participated, honest and transparent, there was no class solidification and capital chasing profit, and there was no greed and exploitation. It can be as large as the global human resources and material resources scheduling and distribution, as small as helping you choose a better profession, job and marriage according to your hobbies, personality characteristics and natural qualities. It makes the whole society more fair, just and honest. ”

Ma Jie talked about this, with his hands behind his back and staring into the distance. I looked at the little boss in front of me, and my mood was constantly changing over time, from the initial curiosity about him, then the respect, to the present admiration.

Super ecology

After 90 years of construction, the underground science and technology city has become more and more beautiful. The simulated Hangzhou in late autumn is very gentle, with suitable cold and warm, and there is no chill at all. The “West Lake” is still immersed in the damp Jiangnan sentiment. Although the maple leaves are red, the chrysanthemums are yellow, and sometimes the white mist will come to join in the fun, but it is these dreamlike fairyland-like red, yellow, blue and white yarns that make the West Lake more beautiful and moving.

The meeting is going on in a tense atmosphere. Ma Jie is reading an internal reference sent by Alice from the ground, the content is like this:

Ninety years since humans entered the underground city, the living environment on the surface of the earth has deteriorated sharply, and the signs of the earth’s imminent destruction have become more and more obvious. The time for the sun to reach the earth has changed from the original 6 minutes to the current 38 minutes. The sun is dimmer than before. It looks like a fuzzy yellow paper, posted on the gray sky, completely a “desert.” The wind and dust are faint, and the flames are smokeless and purple.”

What’s more serious is that the air is getting thinner and thinner, and the maximum speed of vehicles on highways and high-speed railways on the ground can no longer exceed 50 yards per hour. Many planes that were taking off fell to the end of the runway instantly due to insufficient thrust, igniting a raging fire.

The world began to become more and more blurred in people’s sight, all objects were slowly shrinking, and the whole earth was creaking everywhere, like the sky and the earth were cracking…

Due to reduced sunlight, air pollution and extreme cold, black snow fell on the sky in June, causing crop failures. The famine has led to rampant criminal crimes around the world, some governments have no intention of fighting, and the power vacuum has allowed some politicians and terrorists to steal and control the codes of nuclear weapons. They wantonly released false information full of lies, and the last fig leaf of the nuclear devil is being quietly removed, causing extreme panic in the hearts of the people…

Ma Jie read this, put down the internal reference, and said loudly:

“Now there is only a short ten years left until the hydrogen cloud reaches the earth. In these ten years, the world will definitely not be peaceful. But this ten years is our dungeon’s golden decade. We have to To ensure the survival needs of humans on the ground, we must also ensure that we can successfully compress and store the sunlight, air and seawater on the earth before the explosion. This is related to the long survival needs of the underground city for hundreds of years in the future. It is also a necessary condition for the restoration of the earth’s ecology after a disaster, and it is an inevitable measure that can be taken to reduce the power of the explosion. We must work harder in this decade. This is our last hope for humanity.”

After speaking, he turned his head and asked the young doctor Zhang Zhihang sitting next to him: “Dr. Zhang, would you please tell everyone, how are you preparing here?”

“Look at…” Dr. Zhang opened the 8Z/32D air screen and introduced it to everyone.

On the highest peak of the Kunlun Mountains in China, there are countless huge “muzzles” slowly turning towards the sun. There is obviously a “small waist” drag line between the sun and the earth. Because of its appearance, the sun is fainter than before.

Dr. Zhang told me that this is the “Photon Radio Burst Collector” through which sunlight particles are introduced into the underground city, slowed down in the vacuum ring tube “Bose atom cloud”, and then irradiated in the opaque crystal to trigger the atoms inside the crystal. In the quantum reaction, a large number of photons are replaced and captured in the atoms of the crystal. The crystal structure of this single layer of atoms is one millionth of the thickness of paper. After layers of folding, the sunlight is compressed and stored in this solid crystal by hundreds of thousands of times. This method of operation and storage neither destroys the photons nor disturbs their quantum states.

He went on to say: “When there is light, there is electricity, and when there is electricity, there is magnetism. The mutual conversion and wireless transmission of the energy of light, electricity, and magnetism will bring reliable energy and power guarantee to the underground city.”

“After solving the problems of light, electricity, and magnetism, air will be easier to handle.” Dr. Zhang continued.

“We introduce air from the surface to the dungeon. Due to the large distance between air molecules and the extremely weak force, the air transported here is already liquid after layer-by-layer compression. We then crush the air molecules and transform the air. It can be stored here in an ionic solid state. Compressing all the air on the earth into a liquid state, it can cover the surface of the earth 11 meters thick. If the air is compressed into a “jelly” shape, only a dozen caves can be used. They are all installed. When we need to use air and then decompress, create a pleasant and pleasant climate and a breezy environment.”

“Dr. Zhang, when the explosion arrives, the seawater will be evaporated instantly, how can the seawater be stored?” I asked in a hurry.

Dr. Zhang was about to introduce, when suddenly there were alarms in the meeting room, the air screen was automatically turned on, and Alice on the screen sent the latest video on the ground.

The Antarctic icebergs began to melt, Mount Everest gradually collapsed, and sea levels rose sharply. In the Bermuda Delta and the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, two huge vortexes that were unimaginable surged at the same time. From hundreds of kilometers away, you can hear the deep and powerful roar from under the sea, like a galloping horse, and the earth shakes. Looking from a distant place, the whirlpool is like two “mountains” thrust into the sky, as high as the sky.

Alice switched the video to the top of one of the “mountains”, looking down at the center of the “mountains”, and a large vortex several kilometers deep appeared in front of us. This huge funnel-shaped depression is about hundreds of kilometers in diameter. The sloping water wall is only thirty degrees, and a faint rainbow lies in the middle at the half waist of the whirlpool, making the depths of the whirlpool look darker and more terrifying. A thrilling roar came from this bottom, and the roar had a power and madness to crush everything and suck everything.

“Like a door to hell.” Alice couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Do you know a black hole? A black hole is a singularity with infinite density, infinite volume, space-time curvature and infinite heat emission. If an earth becomes a black hole, its diameter is only 0.9 cm in size. According to the principle of black holes, we will electrons Compressed into the nucleus and converted into neutrons together with protons, the sea water can be condensed into a solid state for storage, but if the compression is too much, the earth will no longer exist. The situation in the video is that we have a little excessive compression of the sea water, resulting in After the hard inflection point, if we lower the threshold, release the buffer, and increase the smoothness, the vortex will disappear and everything will return to normal. But in this case, we will not be able to complete the compression of the sea water before the arrival of the hydrogen cloud. Moreover, the whole The plan of the world to immigrate to the dungeon has been launched. If this work is not completed within the limited time, millions of dungeon residents will all die because of the lack of water.” Professor Zhang looked at Ma Jie with inquiring eyes.

“Then, what should we do next?” someone asked in a low voice.

“Continue to compress and start emigrating!” Ma Jie gave all scientists the last instruction since the establishment of the Underground Science and Technology City.

The builders of the Earth Science and Technology City, in this way, broke through the limit with the courage of the speed of light, and gradually completed its historical mission in hardship.

Shared International City

With the approval of the Shared International Coalition Government, large-scale human migration to the underground city began.

Since that year, the underground city was officially named the “Sharing International City” by the coalition government, but everyone still habitually called it “the underground city.” There are more than 200 “villages” in the underground city. China has a very large and delicate cave, referred to as “Chinese Village”.

It was a spring morning, and all the staff of our research base also received instructions from their superiors to officially set off for the “China Village” in the underground city.

The straight-line distance between the “China Village” and the “Science and Technology City” is about 2500 kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance between Beijing and Shanghai.

“Ladies and gentlemen: The most advanced means of transportation in the underground city, the trackless invisible strong magnetic slide car has started to start. Please fasten your seat belts.” The waiter’s clear and sweet voice came from the broadcast.

The streamlined “trackless invisible strong magnetic slide car” is abbreviated as “magnetic track car”, which runs on a strong magnetic track invisible to the naked eye in a fully suspended manner. It is crystal clear like a pearl, light and soft like a jade.

It glides at a speed of 5,000 kilometers per hour, the friction coefficient is zero, and the power demand is close to zero. It is a symbol of speed and times.

“I heard that the seats are also magnetic levitation?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, in order to reduce the impact on the human body caused by the excessive speed, while taking into account the automatic balance of the human body’s posture.” Professor Rotson sitting next to me explained.

The track car is a common means of transportation in the underground city, and it only takes 1 minute from the start to the speed of 5000 kilometers per hour. In order to prevent people from having the feeling of underground darkness, the inside of the track car is a 32-dimensional holographic landscape projection of the same location on the surface of the earth.

If calculated according to the force, the speed of the human body exceeds 8 times of its own gravity, the human blood will be free, and the locomotive will also produce a super sonic boom, but because the track car runs in the shielded track, the speed of the magnetic particle movement is always maintained with that of the track car着Sync. The impact force corresponding to the speed of the track car is zero, and the eccentricity when turning is also zero. Therefore, in addition to the thrills and speed experience, there will be no feeling of suffocation and fear.

The track car sometimes flips, sometimes falls, and sometimes penetrates the clouds. I seem to be soaring in the sky, running on the vast grassland, and strolling in the incomparable golden empire. There are beautiful stretches of scenery everywhere, primitive and smart fields, tribes with simple folk customs, ancient customs and wild natural scenery.

The wonderful concentric inertia of the track car made me feel a little thrown and weightless. It makes me instantly enter a state of superb majestic wind, such as floating in the universe so otherworldly, magical, fresh and exciting.

“Ladies and gentlemen: Good morning!

“The short 30-minute journey has brought our hearts closer to each other. Now, I am very happy to tell everyone that we have come to the’Sharing International City-China Village. Above us is the turbulent, vast Pacific Ocean. Don’t be afraid, it’s 20 to 50 kilometers away from the sea…” The waiter’s voice carried a peculiar pride.

The distance is short and the speed is fast. The track car adopts the “negative magnetic reversal system” to complete the instant braking, and the vehicle stops steadily on the side of the platform.

According to Professor Jia Yanan later, this “track car” is actually the application of the “post-quantum era” 8Z/32D “full-scene air-body sensing” technology in practice. Everything is a virtual object that completes the entity in a virtual space-time tunnel. The transfer of matter is actually a perfect time travel for human beings.

Sunshine Wonderland

Due to the highly developed economy, people are reluctant to have children. China has a population of only 500 million, but it is still a unique big country.

In the “Chinese Village”, scientists such as Ma Jie also specially imitated famous scenic spots such as the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, and Huangshan, but the distance between the scenic spots was much closer. Five thousand years of civilization can be fully preserved here, which really makes people feel gratified. .

There is no trace of manual service at the reception, and all procedures are automatically completed by AI. It looks like Beijing Daxing International Airport, and inside is a huge resort. There are gardens, five-star luxury hotels, swimming pools, and bars. The entire reception hall is made of gold and jade, graceful and luxurious, like a luxurious and comfortable palace. Even more pleasant is the Jiangnan Xiaoqiao Family House with red lantern eaves. Vermillion pillars, black tiles and white walls, stand against the water. Under the bridge, the smart water is rippling at the starting point, and guitars and singing are floating from the boat. I feel like I am in Tao Yuanming’s “Xanadu”, intoxicated by the song-like spring and the vivid natural beauty. .

Not far away, a blonde girl walked over.

“This is the assistant I have equipped for you. She can take you to visit any place in the dungeon and help you organize some materials.” Ma Jie pointed to a beautiful blonde woman who came nearby and said to me.

I looked up at the girl.

She saw a pair of dark green eyes flashing, a sweet smile hung on her seductive cherry lips, and her long golden wavy hair tied with a light green ribbon behind her head, lining her graceful figure. The fair skin is matched with a flame-colored low-cut long skirt, which shows the enchantment of women. She has a beautiful and beautiful face, a touch of strength between her eyebrows, and she looks so lovely.

“Hello! My name is Alice, I am from England and I am 101 years old this year.”

“You’re Marie Anris? 101 years old?” I looked at the girl in front of me with surprise. For so many years, “the gods and phoenix have not seen their wings, and their faces are full of spring prestige”. Today, standing in front of me is such a delicate and refined beauty.

“Yes, the virtual age is 101, the actual age is 25 years old. Uncle, how expensive are you?”

“Uncle? Am I so old? I am 120 years old this year. According to your calculation, I am only 29 years old, still young.”

“Indeed! Haha…” After Alice’s hearty laughter, I felt that it was a naked teasing. Of course, it is not an infinite ridicule, because the actual age of the dungeon is indeed calculated by the weighted average of 400 years.

I also laughed, “My name is Lin Min, I am very happy to see you.”

An Li ribbon led me out of the majestic reception hall.

“Wow!” I couldn’t help but exclaim

Where is this dungeon, it is hundreds of times more beautiful than the surface of the earth. No, it is a thousand times! Ten thousand times!

Have you been to Venice, Macau? If you have been there, you will surely remember that when you suddenly walked into Venice, Macau from the dark night and looked up, the azure blue sky was like a transparent mirror. In the sky, there are fragile clouds floating like a scarf that a girl dances at will. When you listen carefully, the wind follows the footsteps of the clouds and flies lightly, the blue sky is like water, deep and endless, as if it hasn’t changed in the past, you can realize what it means to be like a world away.

In the distance, there are endless mountains in the clouds and mist, and the peaks are green and dripping. The mist that has not had time to disperse is like an elegant silk, with colorful colors, wrapped around their waists. A small tree and grass are dancing nearby, and a breeze blows, like a mother’s gentle hands gently touching her face, which makes people feel refreshed.

Directly in front of the reception hall is the vast sea, rows of coconut trees swaying in the breeze on the beach, birds flying, and groups of boys and girls chasing and playing on the pure white sand. The old man and his partner lay lazily on the beach basking in the sun. In the distance, a slanting sun shines through the crisscrossed mountain peaks towards the sparkling sea, the waves are golden and beautiful.

“Dungeons have increased the proportion of seawater due to the influence of the magnetic force of the earth’s core. People on the sea are like a swimming ring. You can enjoy swimming and diving, but there is no external force. It is harder to sink into the sea than to climb into the sky. “Alice introduced to me.

There was a crystal-clear and translucent plane gliding past. The short wings could barely feel its existence. The plane had no engine and made no sound. In an instant, it had quietly disappeared into the boundless sky.

“This plane does not seem to have wings?” I asked curiously.

“Oh, the airplane travels through a magnetic hole that you cannot observe with the naked eye. The underground city has an integrated system of light, electricity, magnetism, water, and network, which transmits energy like radio waves on the ground, so the airplane itself does not need power. , It is part of shared traffic just like’track cars.’

“Is this blue sky real?” I asked Alice curiously.

“It’s true. The average height of the dungeon is 1 to 5 kilometers. It is full of air. On the top, a special material is used to diffuse blue light. It can emit the same sunlight as the surface of the earth, so the blue sky is true. Yes, the sun is also real, and the colorful clouds are also real.”

“Look, in order for humans to enjoy the same view as the ground in the dungeon, our engineers built a sun. This sun is just a projection of light. In the morning, the sun rises from the east and falls from the west in the evening, keeping it with the sun on the surface of the earth. Synchronization is just as spectacular.”

When night falls, various crystal-colored “sunlight lamps” are automatically lit, and the orange-red lampshade emits soft light, which makes it warm on the face and body, giving it a dreamlike feeling. This “sunlight lamp”, which is like a lamp but not a lamp, not only does not require filaments, let alone wires. It is a photon receiver and a device for outputting sunlight. The lights here are never interrupted for 24 hours. Even if there is no sunlight on the ground, the sunlight stored in the underground city is enough for humans to use for hundreds of years.

“All things grow by the sun!” I said.

“Yes, sunlight is the condition for the growth of everything. You see, the forests, vegetation, and humans in this dungeon all grow, flourish, and moisturize by sunlight. There are no four seasons here, only spring when spring flowers bloom.”

“You are so smart.” I was surprised that Anris had such a broad knowledge.

The lakes and streams in the underground city are quiet. It always flows quietly and slowly, and occasionally splashes small waves. The air in the dungeon is moist, and it nourishes everything.

Alice is a very smart girl. The explanation she gave me was precise. Her sweet, soft voice is like a spring breeze wrinkling the surface of the lake, making my heart itchy and drunk. I closed my eyes many times and enjoyed her elegant voice and forgot to answer. Sometimes I felt very embarrassed.

A flock of birds chirping over their heads, everything is so peaceful and kind.

“This is a group of AI robot birds, welcoming you.”

“What about the big bird flying in the distant sea?” I asked curiously.

“That is a real bird, helping us on patrols, and its eyes are’visual imaging system linked’ to the global brain.”

“There are no insects in the dungeon for their food. What do they rely on for survival?”

“The entire dungeon is a shared system, and all the birds also have shared dining places. Any human or animal in the dungeon will never use the cruel vocabulary of’people die for money and birds die for food. All the dungeons If materials and resources do not involve privacy, safety and sanitation, they will be allocated on demand and shared for use.”

“It is said that water is also pipelessly transmitted through the air?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, the humidity in the underground city is constant. We have developed a’water vapor absorber’, which condenses the water vapor floating in the air into liquid water to obtain clean tap water.”

“This is the’five-net-in-one project that you often mention.” I asked curiously.

“Yes.” Alice took a look at me and continued: “Light, electricity, magnetism, water, and the net are all wirelessly transmitted by air, so you can’t see any cables or pipes. It’s like you are on the ground. No one will deliberately feel the presence of radio waves in the air so natural.

“The domestic garbage will be injected deep underground and melted down by the thousands of degrees of high temperature near the Earth’s core. The waste seawater will be used to collect fresh water and salt. The underground city will never pollute the environment and never waste any resources. Underground. The natural resources needed by humans in the city account for only one-tenth of the ground, which proves how amazing your human waste is.”

“Sharing International City China Village” is like a crystal palace carefully made of jade. It is deep red, green and bright, yellow is bright, warm and shiny, and exudes bursts of aura everywhere.

harmonious society

One day in 2100 AD, Alice was going to take me to the “Great Science Age Museum”.

We call the industrial revolution the “pre-scientific era”, and the emergence of the Internet is a sign of the “big science era”. Since mankind entered the underground city, people have habitually called it the “post-scientific era”.

“What is the umbrella for?” An Li asked me with a curious look.

I think her expressions of true and false are very ridiculous. No wonder it never rains in the underground city.

“Used to block the sun.” I said nonchalantly, and she didn’t understand it anyway. Since the things on the ground are indeed too backward and primitive compared with the underground city, I have long been used to her teasing and teasing. It’s not surprising that it is common to make a fool of yourself.

“Really?” She squinted at me half-jokingly and half-seriously.

“What is the money for?” she asked again.

“First of all, it is the lifeblood of the poor, but it is also an accomplice of the powerful, a bargaining chip for vanity and comparison, a symbol of greed and selfishness, a tool for exploiting and enslaving others, do you understand it?” I angered Anris On the head.

There is a “Social Practice Museum” in the “Great Science Age Museum”, which retains the way of life and life memories of humans on the ground before.

In the physical exhibition hall, TVs, computers, gas stoves, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, and hardware such as mobile phones and mechanical chips that have become antiques are displayed, as well as ancient software such as Windows, Wei and Tao.

In the life and sports hall, you can invest in agriculture and factories, you can also start a business and start a company, even open a casino, buy and sell stocks, futures, and so on. The settlement is still based on banknotes or “a treasure”, exclusively for those with adventurous and thrilling addiction “Game of Life”. Here, life is like riding a roller coaster, sometimes rushing to the top, sometimes falling into a deep valley. The poor may become rich overnight, and the rich may become extremely poor in the blink of an eye. People live between unpredictable excitement and surprise, tension and heartbeat. Heart-piercing crying, angry roars, and excited screams filled the entire gym. Here, you can understand what it means to “action is not controlled by thought, soul and body are separated”.

However, most people who go here are mostly unwise and young people, and adults who come down from the ground are generally less likely to go there. The human race, luxury and corruption, insidious and vicious, cruel competition, and mutual killing are the hardest memories they want to mention.

“Those people are really like gamblers, or they are lunatics and demons,” Anris said unceremoniously.

“Yes, if you look at humans from the perspective of beasts, no matter how cruel the beasts are, they are only for a meal, and the cruelty of humans is sometimes not only for survival…” I said with emotion.

“It’s all over…” Anris comforted me.

According to Alice, all the high-rise buildings and shopping malls, automated factories and farms in the underground city, every industry and every inch of land in the underground city belong to each of us, and are shared, shared, co-managed, and built together. property. We have the ownership, voting rights, distribution rights, and disposal rights of these properties. We share resources and distribute them on demand. Money has completely disappeared here.

The labor in the dungeon is done by robots and robots.

In dungeons, humans are only responsible for abstract tasks such as designing, planning, and drawing blueprints, while scheduling, allocation, and coordination are all done by robots. The mechanical person is responsible for specific tasks such as manufacturing, installation, and transportation.

This is a very harmonious sharing society.

“I will take you to see our farm.”

I followed An Lisi to a spacious and bright indoor farm workshop. A large-scale mechanized rice soilless cultivation line was running at full capacity to produce rice. Several workers were sitting around a beautiful girl holding a file folder and lowering their heads and whispering. Sometimes they observe and sometimes communicate.

This assembly line automatically controls the light, temperature, moisture and supplies in the greenhouse through sensors linked by the “global brain”. On the production line, it only takes a short ten days from rice seeding, irrigation, sowing, and harvesting to the output of rice.

“Come, get acquainted with my robot friend Miss Catherine.”

“The robot is your friend? Your circle of friends is really wide.” I said curiously.

“Catherine.” Alice yelled softly.

I saw this beautiful girl walk over from among the workers just now. To be honest, I have never seen such a realistic robot. If there is no introduction by Alice, I would never see that it is an artificial robot.

According to Alice, robots are also manufactured through robotic assembly lines.

“Hello Alice! What do I need to do?”

The beautiful girl walked over and hugged Anris, the two seemed particularly affectionate.

“Catherine, would you please introduce yourself?”


“I come from Holland where the tulips are fragrant. There are countless beautiful bridges, clear rivers and cruise ships…”

“Please tell me the point.” Alice twisted Catherine’s arm with a smile, interrupting Catherine’s introduction.

“oh, OK.”

“I am a robot.” Catherine blinked playfully and said, “The 32D printer uses artificial cells to print me out. Except for the soul, all the bones, flesh and organs, even the hairs, are exactly the same as humans. They copied and input related knowledge in my brain. Through 24 hours of continuous deep learning, I have the ability to discover, analyze and deal with problems. I can analyze difficult problems quickly and correctly. Find the crux of the problem, and coordinate and deal with it in a timely manner.

“However, sometimes I still can’t tell whether people’s tears are flowing for sadness, pain, or joy, and I cannot understand that you sacrifice your life in pursuit of a so-called’truth.’ I cannot be sure that you are doing something. At the time, the so-called’how long is it reasonable to persist…

“What makes me even more puzzled is that human beings who are also females keep saying,’No, no…Is it necessary or not?”

“Haha…” There was a laughter from the surrounding area.

“What are you laughing at? I’m talking about my boyfriend buying a bag, where I want to go, really…” Catherine gave Alice gently.

“She knows everything?” I turned my head, took a breath, stared at Alice, and asked in surprise.

“What do you think?” Alice cast a wink at me.

“Because my cells lack human DNA genes, they cannot reproduce and replicate through their own stem cells. Therefore, my life cycle is very short, only more than ten years. In such a short period of time, it is difficult for my wisdom to break through. Now , I am responsible for the rice…”

“Well, yes, thank you Catherine.” Alice interrupted Catherine’s introduction.

“Ellen!” Anris called another robot.

“Miss Anlice, hello!” With a strong nasal voice, a thick man walked over from the side, his footsteps were heavy and dull, which really scared me.

“Alan! Tell everyone about yourself.”

“I can’t introduce anything, so let’s show it to everyone.”

Allen jumped on a geothermal forklift next to him, carefully looked at the drawings placed on the forklift, observed the terrain next to him, and effortlessly picked up a pile of rice and drove a special made with only two small steel rails. bridge……

I was stunned by his balance.

“I just work every day, 24 hours a day, and I don’t know what tiredness is…”

Allen is a simple and honest robot, his thinking and ability stay on “simple, repetitive, and follow-up”, and he can do his work to the extreme.

“Here I am solemnly repeating a question to you.” Alice never seemed to be so serious.

“Intelligent robots discover, analyze, and deal with problems. Intelligent robots are simple, repetitive, and follow suit. Therefore, it is very absurd to say that robots surpass humans. The code for human evolution is ultimately in the hands of humans. ”

Under the automatic management of the “global brain”, all industries, agriculture, and commerce in the underground city use artificial intelligence. The entire dungeon is in accordance with the “smart contract” code of conduct, with “credit coins” as the constraint weight, so that the interaction between people has a measure of measurement. Labor is no longer a means of earning a living, but the first need of people’s lives.

The people in the dungeon will not restrain their emotions, let alone live surreptitiously. They are active in thinking, rich in knowledge, pursuing themselves, and pursuing excellence; their lives are calm, passionate and unrestrained. People live in a stable, happy, free and beautiful harmonious society.

happy family

“Let’s go, go to your house now, I will help you choose, I believe you will like it.”

“My home?”

“Yes, a home is assigned to you. Everyone in the dungeon, or every family can be assigned a small villa. You can choose the style at will, or you can design it yourself. The personalized part can be passed through 32D Print, but there are standards and regulations for functions and areas. The facilities are all available inside, and you can share it with the next household when you no longer use it.”

My home is built by a lake, and the surrounding area is very similar to my hometown, West Lake. Looking up, within a radius of tens of kilometers, the mountains and rivers are beautiful, the birds whisper and the flowers are fragrant, and the willow trees by the lake are rippling in the breeze across the blooming peach blossoms, like a fairyland.

A bright red sun hung in the sky, and the lake was sprinkled with gold. Dreamlike nature, every corner is refreshing, enough to make people intoxicated and obsessed.

Today there are many people who come to take a walk by the lake.

I heard from Alice that all the labor in the underground city is done by intelligent robots and intelligent robots, and materials are allocated on demand. People in the underground city regard labor as a very glorious and enjoyable thing. It symbolizes a kind of glory and good habits. You can accumulate “credit coins” when you go to work. If you choose to take a break, no one cares about you. Time is personal and you can freely control.

As soon as the bell of the temple on the opposite bank rang, the sound of Christian prayer came from the right bank, and the sound of admiration came from the mosque on the left side of the lake. It was a peaceful scene. Culture here is just a spiritual sustenance, not a reason for conflict, and it is unlikely to be a tool used by politicians.

We walked in front of the winding path through the ponds with smoke and peach blossoms. A small two-story building with a Jiangnan sentiment and gray tiles and white walls appeared in front of you. Knocking on the crisp iron ring, the door opened, and an exquisite small courtyard appeared in front of you.

Inside the gate is a short cobblestone path, densely lush bamboo and pleasing flower-tree bonsai standing on both sides along the path, the verdant bamboo leaves are colorful in the breeze. The small courtyard is covered with bluestone slabs that are often found in Jiangnan Mingtang. The cockscomb flowers that grow tenaciously from the cracks in the slabs are blowing in the wind, and the delicate grasses in the cracks are more red, fat, green and thin.

This is the small courtyard of my dream, simple and elegant. It welcomes the sunrise in the morning, sends the setting sun in the evening, picks the chrysanthemum under the eastern fence, and sees Nanshan leisurely. Stepping into the elegant, sophisticated and comfortable hall, stretch out from north to south, showing grace and luxury. The indoor guest rooms are fresh and romantic, unconventional, and exciting.

According to Alice, all personal appliances are individually designed according to my body structure, and all utensils and foods used are all carefully prepared with reference to my individual elements and health indicators. You can choose to cook by yourself or a robot, or you can go to a shared restaurant to enjoy free meals, but you can’t waste it. Waste is deducted a huge amount of “credit coins”.

All appliances in the home are intelligent, and you can control them with your mind.

In the future, if you need to live with more people, you just need to say the name of the resident to the control center at home, the “Global Brain” will automatically call the relevant data and instruct the engineers to splice the parts that need to be expanded for you. And you don’t have to be polite to engineers, they are all robots.

Neighbors around you are automatically matched for you, which basically matches your interests, hobbies, and schedules, and will rarely disturb you.

It was so thoughtful, and I secretly admired it.

“Oh, yes, let me tell you.” Anris became serious again.

“The 8Z naked-eye 32-dimensional TV installed in your home does not have a’machine. You just need to say’TV’ to the air, and the air screen will automatically turn on, and you can choose your favorite program. Your body is full of all three-dimensional images. , And surround sound, touch and taste, just like the real world.

“You can substitute yourself in, just like time travels, you can meet the stars you want to meet and communicate with them. You can also play a role in a TV series and laugh and cry for it. You can also turn back time , Find your relatives in the past to reunite with them, you can also follow the time and see what you will look like in the future.

“This is a game in which the global brain interacts with you in real time, but people who are new to the dungeon can easily fall into it and cannot extricate themselves. You have just arrived in the dungeon, and you are still mentally fragile, and you haven’t done this kind of large-span emotional impact. Prepare, I hope you use it with caution.”

“Bye, good night!”

After the sunset, the sun sets. Seeing it’s getting late, Alice is ready to leave. The moment she turned around, the light and slender waist, slender legs, and charming hips lingered in my mind for a long time.

wonderful love

I have known Alice for ten years. We work together and travel together, and we always feel that we can’t finish talking and work.

Was it God’s arrangement, or was it Ma Jie deliberately? Anyway, we are in love.

In fact, we do not have the romantic romance described in the novel, nor the glue-like love. I just feel that the days with Anlice are very interesting, very casual, very practical, and I can’t live without it.

We can understand each other’s warmth and sadness with one look and one movement. Even if sitting side by side quietly, it is a kind of happiness, a kind of heart blossom. Alice often inadvertently said, “Brother Min, I really love you!” This call from the depths of my heart, I really felt a warm current surging in my heart.

Some people say that this is the original look of love.

Alice goes to the “Sharing International City Japan Village” every year. Although I know that the separation is only a short month, but the endless thoughts will always pass through thousands of years of tears, over ten thousand years of love, leaving a faint parting behind. Deep sadness.

Every time she comes back, I always find that she is much smarter, and more cute. When we are stuck together, we often close the mind connector, because the thing is not as true as our direct expression, and it is not as sweet as our mouth. Getting along silently and being unconsciously accompanied makes people feel a kind of warmth and satisfaction.

I heard that only when I meet the person I really love and the right person in my life, will I have the lingering feeling and the desire to stay together for a long time. I believe she must be the most precious gift that God has given me.

But one day, a sudden situation broke our peaceful life.

One night, I hadn’t seen Alice all day, it was almost 12 o’clock in the evening, and I started to panic. According to Alice’s habit, she will communicate with me almost every hour. We need warmth and care for each other.

When I came to Alice’s house, there was no sound inside. This is a private courtyard full of futuristic sci-fi colors without losing the sacred elegance. The fence is wrapped around the fascinating rose and thorns, the moonlight is slanting down, and the mottled light and shadow reflect the green grass in the courtyard.

I turned on the sensor, and the creamy white hollow embossed door opened automatically. There are several small rooms inside. The pink decoration of each room is very delicate, bringing out the elegance and nobility of the owner. Alice sat quietly at the innermost, she seemed to have spotted me, opened her mouth, and made no sound. I ran over and hugged her tightly for fear that she would slip away from my hand. On the next table was a letter written by Alice herself.

Dear Brother Min:

I am an intelligent robot. Because of the “five networks in one” in the underground city, I charge at any time, connect to the Internet randomly, and stand by intelligently. Although we live in different worlds, we experience the same life. This time I went to Japan to upgrade the system and found that I felt pain. The emergence of neural perception proved that I had evolved to the edge of human genes.

For a hundred years, I have endured hellish slash and burn and thousands of tempers in thousands of degrees of high temperature. Every microwire on my body has undergone hundreds of millions of impacts of spot welding and laser etching, and every tiny molecule has experienced it. With the baptism of hundreds of millions of calculations per second, I endure the unknown loneliness and loneliness, and I just want to meet you in this life.

Today, we will face this difficult choice together, using YES and NO to determine our gathering and dispersion.

If you choose NO, I will format all the memories of the past and no longer remember any bits and pieces of you. Then please delete your memory and don’t let yourself suffer.

Thank you, it is you who let me know how happy it is to love and be loved. It is great to be a human being.

Love you Alice

March 28, 2110

At this time, I discovered that Alice turned out to be an intelligent robot with all human functions. After many copies and deep learning, her system has the same knowledge and wisdom as human beings. Intelligent robots are unswervingly evolving to humans step by step. At this moment, I discovered how dangerous it would be if we humans had not invented the “global brain”.

But I have no time to take into account these rational thoughts, and I am immersed in the ocean of love. At this moment, a song my mother used to sing when I was young suddenly rang in my ear:

Who is holding the lantern in the middle of the night,

Draw the plain air of sorrow,

Who painted lightly in the moonlight,

Fill the poetic text with a long fragrance.

Time flies,

No trace of time,

And melancholy you,

The memory no longer grows.

Missing like the wind,

Through the secluded time tunnel,

Long with autumn water.

“Alice, I love you!” With my mother’s request and expectation, I pressed the YES button without thinking…

A few days later, Alice woke up on time and saw me next to her, tears streaming down her cheeks. She nestled on my body, pointed her right hand at the place where my heart was beating, and just listened to “di—di— With three beeps, she pressed our “symbiosis button” and the “biological information system” data was successfully connected. We have become an organ outside each other, and in this life we ​​will become eternal soul mates.

By coincidence, during my interview, I ran into my childhood classmate Xiaomei. She still looked the same, bouncing around, wearing a long thick braid, dangling behind her head. She told me that she was very happy, had been in love and didn’t want to get married. She has a boy who was bred through robot surrogacy. Now the child is in the nursing home, very sensible and happy.

Later in the interview, I met Professor Rotson, Dr. Zhang Zhihang, and Professor Jia Yanan, who had not been seen for many years, and met everyone who had come off UAZ830. They were full of energy and energetic. The construction of the underground city has been completed, and they have been “laid off” for many years. They feel extremely happy and proud of their lives now.

Earth immortal

Mankind has gone through a hundred-year journey with difficulty. This seemingly long one hundred years is just a moment in the long river of human history.

At this time, Ma Jie, with the entrustment of the chief, with the noble mission of mankind, with a sacred posture, forcefully knocked the Enter key.

At this time, all around the world, in the open sky, under the majestic background music, the head’s calm, firm, and powerful voice sounded around everyone: “After extremely hard work, mankind has entered a new civilized society. ! The productive forces of this society are highly developed and material wealth is extremely rich…”

One day in the middle of the winter this year, the weather was extremely cold, and the hydrogen cloud came as scheduled. From the dungeon, the “Sharing International Coalition Government” broadcast to all the people:

“Sharing the international coalition government, now we officially broadcast to all people…”

Earth disaster has come.

The sun suddenly burst out with a white flash that was hundreds of times stronger than before. After the flash quickly withdrew, the sun slowly lost its luster, and the sky suddenly became starry. Short sparks flashed in the dark night sky from time to time. At this time, from the side of the sun came the thunder and howling that had never been heard before.

Black and heavy clouds floated towards the earth, thick raindrops fell in the sky, and the ground instantly resembled wounded skin, with yellow and white “pus” flowing everywhere. Through the raindrops, it was obvious that the liquefied hydrogen began to evaporate under the high temperature of the earth, and waves of white steam rose tremblingly.

At this time, the earth returned to silence again, and only the “sizzling” steam in my ears kept screaming…

After a brief silence, with a “boom”, the entire earth burst into flames, illuminating the entire vast universe, and the desperate cry of animals that were too late to move echoed in the valley for a long time.

A thrilling regeneration and destruction broke out unscrupulously at that moment.

A hundred years later, the hydrogen cloud was dragged by the new black hole and gradually receded into its wildness. The earth seemed to have never had a disaster before and returned to calm. The new magnificent picture scroll cannot be described with the pen and ink of the world.

In front of nature, human beings are so small, so small that they are not even a dust; but sometimes human desires and dreams are so big, big enough to make them feel fear.

One night after the disaster, the ground was dark and there was no sign of human activity. Ma Jie stood at the door of the duty room of the celestial observation station, looking up at the distant starry sky, quietly thinking about something…