“Sexual” needs during pregnancy

Can a couple have sex during pregnancy? Many parents-to-be and mother-to-be have this doubt, and it is hard to tell.

According to tradition, “sex” during pregnancy is generally denied. In order to avoid “harassment” by their husbands, some pregnant women return to their parents’ homes as soon as they become pregnant and decisively choose physical isolation. There are also some couples who lack sex knowledge and fail to adopt safe sex methods, leading to miscarriage, premature delivery and even vaginal bleeding, triggering incidents that seriously threaten the safety of the mother and fetus.

So, what exactly is “sex” during pregnancy?

Today we will talk about this embarrassing topic that we have to face.

The wishes of the husbands
In 2013, a Central South University study on “male sexuality and sexual life during wife’s pregnancy” showed that most men are afraid, worried, and have a strong desire for sex during their wife’s pregnancy. . Many husbands voluntarily proposed not to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy, but in reality, only 36.2% of husbands stopped having sex during pregnancy, which means that most of the husbands still chose to be loyal to their physical needs.

In view of the status quo of sex education in my country, the channels for couples to obtain knowledge about sexual life during pregnancy are often through the Internet and unreliable books, rather than from professional medical workers, resulting in incomplete knowledge of sexual life during pregnancy. .

Sex education in pregnancy science is very important, and should not be something that can be done and cannot be said or done.

For pregnant women themselves, the situation may be more complicated
On the one hand, pregnant women are afraid that sex life will affect the fetus during pregnancy, and may reluctantly engage in sex in order to meet the sex needs of their husbands. In addition, pregnant women will worry that if they refuse, their husbands may have sex outside of marriage. If a wife who is in worry, conflict, or entanglement cannot get the understanding and love of her husband, it may cause anxiety and depression.

We need to realize that proper sex during pregnancy is beneficial to both spouses. A harmonious and happy sex life between husband and wife is the most important part of marriage, and it plays a pivotal role in maintaining a normal marriage. Sex during pregnancy will make the wife feel that she is still sexually attractive, increase self-confidence and security, reduce anxiety about childbirth, and make the husband feel needed and sexually satisfied, and will be more motivated to create a good family environment.

So, what should be paid attention to during pregnancy?
A. Situations that need to avoid sexual behavior during pregnancy: pregnant women with a history of habitual miscarriage or multiple preterm births; pregnant women with vaginal bleeding or aura of preterm birth during pregnancy; have been diagnosed with placenta previa, twins (multiple births), Pregnant women with hypertension in pregnancy, pregnancy complicated by heart disease, etc., should absolutely prohibit sexual life.

A pregnant woman in a healthy state can have a normal frequency of sexual life, but ensuring safe sex is a prerequisite. Due to the influence of physiological and psychological factors, it is generally recommended to avoid sex during the first 3 months and the last 3 months of pregnancy. In the first 3 months of pregnancy, on the one hand, because the placenta is not yet mature, the connection between the placenta and the uterine wall is not yet tight, on the other hand, the secretion of progesterone is insufficient, which cannot provide strong maintenance to the embryo. Sexual life at this time may cause miscarriage . In the second trimester, the placenta has formed, the pregnancy is relatively stable, the early pregnancy reaction has passed, the libido increases, and you can have a moderate sexual life. Although this stage is relatively safe, it should be determined according to specific conditions to avoid discomfort such as vaginal bleeding and infection. The way of sexual life is to avoid pressure on the abdomen of pregnant women, such as female upper position and side lying position. Marginal sexual behaviors between couples are encouraged to achieve alternative satisfaction, and not to engage in excessive passionate sex for the sake of stimulation. In the third trimester of pregnancy (the last 3 months), when the fetus is larger, strong sexual excitement can promote the contraction of uterine muscles and cause miscarriage and premature delivery. Therefore, it is not recommended to have sex during this period. Both spouses should pay more attention to avoid unnecessary Trouble.

C. Mothers-to-be in pregnancy need to pay attention: they can allow themselves to have sexual needs without being ashamed and guilty because of their sexual needs. At the same time, they should also understand that their husbands have sexual needs and do not ignore, avoid, or ridicule them because of their sexual needs. , And even choose to live in separate houses. Women during pregnancy should see their own sexy and beautiful side, do not feel inferior, and do not have to force themselves to cater to their husbands in terms of sex.

D Pay attention to sexual hygiene and prevent infection. It is recommended to wear condoms even during pregnancy. After a woman is pregnant, her own resistance will be reduced and she is prone to genitourinary system infections. Wearing a condom can prevent vaginitis, premature rupture of membranes, and premature delivery. If you experience abdominal pain, discharge or bleeding, you should seek medical advice in time and inform the doctor truthfully so as not to affect the doctor’s diagnosis.

Husbands with wives in pregnancy need to pay attention to: give their wives care, responsibility, respect and understanding. During the wife’s pregnancy, it is the best time for a man to show “love”. At this time, the husband should appreciate and praise his wife, and don’t force his wife to have sex, including any ways that the wife does not want; when he has sexual needs, he must first fully communicate with his wife, and after getting the wife’s consent, choose safe sex. Avoid simple and rude; at the same time, learn sexual knowledge with your wife, cultivate healthy sexual concepts, and release sexual needs in an appropriate way.

Scientific sex life during pregnancy will not only not affect pregnancy, but also has many benefits. Satisfactory sex life can promote the relationship between couples and relieve tension and anxiety. During pregnancy, the husband and wife are in harmony and affection, and the pregnant woman is happy, which can effectively promote the growth and development of the fetus. The child born is quick to respond, with sound language development and good health. But what needs to be reminded is that sex life is not more the better, it must be arranged reasonably, and attention should be paid to the posture and frequency of sexual intercourse to avoid adverse effects on the fetus.

Generally speaking, pregnancy is a special period. During this period, pregnant women need more emotional support. It is more important than any other period to keep the husband and wife caring and considerate. Respecting each other’s sexual needs and frank communication are the keys to a harmonious sex life during pregnancy.