Whatever you believe, life will be close

There are always many people around us who question all success and all beauty.

“He is successful, but he still has a rich father.”

“She was the one who raised her salary last time, and she was the one who was promoted this time. There must be a background.

“His son went to Beijing No. 4 Middle School and didn’t know how much money he gave.”

After Wang Shuo’s “Knowing Molecules” was published, there was an inner analysis——

I don’t know when, we have to think about everything in society to be at ease. It seems that only this way can I prove that all my predictions are correct. In order to find a reasonable excuse for being always “rejected”, “unsuccessful” and “living at the bottom”… It also proves that I am extremely witty and always have a pair of insightful eyes.


After reading “The Terrible Illusion” written by psychologist McGee, I understood what this phenomenon is all about.

After studying the experiences of many people, McGee came up with a concept: what you see is only what you want to see.

When a person’s heart is full of certain emotions, his heart will bring strong personal preference hints, which in turn will cause the subject to corroborate from the object.

“When we like someone or something, our hearts will let ourselves search for confirmation in reality. Then we use these specious confirmations to support our psychological expectations, and finally form a kind of’really such a psychological set. If it is angry, When we have hatred or doubt, we will continue to look for materials to strengthen our imagination, and let the temporarily suppressed emotions vent in the emotions of paranoia and hatred.”

In other words–

The world we see is just what we choose to see. You can see what you believe. If you believe in unspoken rules, you will find countless unspoken rules. If you believe in unfairness, you will find countless unfairness. And if you believe in hard work, you will find that hard work is really rewarding. If you believe in beauty, you will find beauty in life.


McGee also discovered: What a person believes, his future life will be close.

“A person’s life is just what he thinks in his heart every day. Whatever you think and what you expect, you will have the same life.”

Thinking about this sentence, I found that this is true in real life.

Yu Minhong, the founder of New Oriental, wrote an article “Believe in the Power of Struggle”, in which he talked about his experience.

In high school, his teacher said to the class: “No one of you here can be admitted to the university, and they must all be farmers in the future.” Many students believed in this way. Either drop out halfway, or give up after taking the exam. But Yu Minhong does not believe that the class will be solidified forever. He only believes that hard work and struggle will pay off in the end, so if he fails the exam once, he will take the second exam, and if it fails, he will take the third exam…Finally, he was admitted to Peking University and his life changed.

In this world, what a person believes, his future life will be close to. You can only see what you believe; you can only embrace what you see; and can only become what you embrace.


Lu Xinning, deputy editor-in-chief of the People’s Daily, was invited by his alma mater to give a speech at Peking University.

In her speech, she said something from the bottom of her heart: “My only fear is that you no longer believe it. I don’t believe that rules can overcome unspoken rules, that academics are different from officialdom, and that academics are not equal to power. I believe that the bones of character are far better than the bones of Meigu…”

“If you doubt everything, you will lose everything.” This is not a high-profile, but a truthful statement.

I really like a poem by Gu Cheng:

“You don’t want to plant flowers.

You say, I don’t want to see it, it fades a little bit.

Yes, in order to avoid the end, you avoid the beginning. ”

Our road of life is getting narrower and narrower, often not because we are not smart enough. It is because we no longer believe, because we no longer believe, and avoid all good beginnings.


Have seen such a story:

I remember one winter afternoon, I took a taxi home. As soon as I got in the car, I found that the car was very warm, with sachets and decorations hanging in it. As soon as I sat down, the driver asked: “Are you cold? I have a hand warmer.” As soon as the car started, the driver asked: “Are you hungry? I have snacks.” In a few magazines: “You look through it.” This kind of service surprised me: “When did you start this kind of service?” The driver said, “From the moment I wake up.”

In the past, he was a person who liked to question everything: “This society is too unfair.” “No money, no power, nothing works.” One day, he listened to a radio program and said: If you want to change your life, You should change yourself first. If you think the world is too dark, then everything that happens will make you unhappy. “So I decided to stop complaining and treat every guest kindly.”

In the past, his business was very average and he was often complained. Now the business is booming, and countless passengers are rushing to book his car. He said: “After I changed myself, the world became better. Everyone I met seemed to be my noble person.” When I got out of the car, he said something memorable for a lifetime: “You believe, Is your destiny.”


Easiest to believe when I was young.

But you will soon be educated: trusting easily is a very irrational behavior, a simple, naive, and insightful behavior.

After a little experience, I found that in the increasingly unbelievable adult world, the more knowledgeable people are, the easier it is to believe.

You tell them anecdotes, absurd opinions, and they will find it, um, interesting.

The more knowledgeable people, because they often get out of their own small world.

Knowing that there are so many different people and lives in this world, there are countless colorful lives and brilliant dreams.

They believe that there are people in this world who have a different life, and they don’t make judgments easily and don’t talk about “how is it possible?”

In the current world, it is really difficult for people to believe.