Man embroidering in Antarctica

Qing Shan said: If you have a rose in your heart, you can smell the fragrance of life, even in Antarctica, which is not suitable for survival, and you can only see the dull white and coldest place at a glance.

Antarctica puts the entire body of a normal person in a highly stressed state. After all, Antarctica is not suitable for human survival. This is why, except for early explorers and scientific researchers, there have never been true aboriginals in Antarctica.

I remember the explanation of the “stress response” that I learned when I was a medical student. It is a proper noun, originally from Canadian scholar Hans Seri. Based on people’s reactions under cold conditions, he put forward an important concept-the human body will produce a series of tensions after being subjected to strong harmful stimuli. Hormone secretion increases, the immune system is impaired, and serious even leads to mental breakdown. People are susceptible to sadness, depression, crying, and even obvious social function impairments, leading to various abnormalities in work or study, interpersonal communication and social activities…

I can’t help but wonder, if I live in Antarctica for a long time, how to spend the difficult and monotonous time?

One day, Lao Lu said to me mysteriously, hi! There is news in the library. I said, what news can the library have? Old Lu said, there is an old man there, bowing his head to embroider. I was really surprised, and asked, did you miss it? Old Ludao, I have been staring at him for several days, threading and embroidering.

I said, that old man…how old? Old Lu said, he looks older than me. I don’t believe it, say, it’s impossible, right? You are almost the oldest man on this ship. I know there is only one man older than you, but his eyes are not good, and he probably can’t embroider on the bumpy boat.

Old Lu said, go and see.

In front of the library window, an old foreign man was looking down and embroidering. His fingers covered with golden hair are as thick as a small carrot, and a silver needle with a long silver needle flutters over the embroidery stretch, embroidering a round cross stitch with a diameter of more than 20 centimeters.

This kind of embroidery method originally emerged during the Tang and Song dynasties and was called “Huangmei Picking Flowers”. Later, it spread in Europe and got a new name “cross stitch”, which became jewel-like. The embroidered cloth of foreign old men is stiff and square, with crisp fabrics. Winding boards, crane-shaped scissors, etc. are waiting for you. He peacefully pierced the small silver needle from under the embroidered cloth, lifting the thread lightly. From time to time, I use small tools to tap and beat to make the embroidery more smooth. what! It turned out to be Mr. Jonathan, a British expedition member who was nearly seventy years old on board.

I said, what pattern do you embroider? He smiled, Penguin. I asked again, do you think that life on the boat is too monotonous and you rely on embroidery to pass the time?

Jonathan raised his pale eyebrows in surprise and said, Is the boat monotonous? I don’t think so. Mainly in the bustling city, too busy, no chance to embroider. When I come to Antarctica, I can embroider my favorite animals.

I said, besides embroidering penguins, what other animals do you embroider? For example, seals and walruses?

Mr. Jonathan shook his head and said, I do not embroider seals, nor do I embroider other animals, only penguins. Every time I embroider a penguin, I give it to my friends. Everyone likes it.

I asked, who do you plan to give this year’s embroidery? Mr. Jonathan instantly beamed his eyes and said, I want to give my daughter as a wedding gift.

I said, your daughter must be very happy to receive the penguin you embroidered yourself. Jonathan said, yeah yeah! So, I embroider every stitch very vigorously. The wrinkles between his brows are deep and appropriate, which is proof that he often laughs.

Looking at the endless Antarctic ice peaks outside the sailing anti-ice ship, I thought of Xin Qiji’s words for no reason: “Arouse a day and a bright moon, and I am full of ice and snow.”