You are not afraid of the road far

As a post-90s, although I do not have the superior family conditions of the children nowadays, I have no worries about food and clothing. In my childhood, I had a TV set, a BP machine, no need to buy food with a ticket, and a beloved “Little Overlord”. I remember a very popular song at that time, “It was a spring in 1979, and an old man drew a circle on the South China Sea…” That was my deepest memory of the term “reform and opening up” when I was a child. point. For fathers and mothers born in the 60s, reform and opening up have a deeper meaning.

In 1983, my father was 20 years old and my mother was also 20 years old.

At that time, my father was not a people’s policeman, and my mother at that time still had those two thick braids.

His father is from Beijing and his mother is from Hebei. The mother helped the aunt who married in Beijing to take care of the children, and the father delivered the goods to the aunt’s house for the town’s supply and marketing agency. The two fell in love at first sight.

Soon, his mother reluctantly returned to his hometown in Hebei, and his father firmly promised: “Don’t worry, I will definitely marry you!”

At that time, father and mother used pens to record their thoughts, use letters to convey love, and stick to love with their hearts. However, one day, my father received a “breakup letter” from his mother. There were only five words on the letter paper: “Let’s break up.”

The father is full of doubts but no one can understand. There was no telephone, no internet, and no mobile chat software in those days. Losing someone in those days was as easy as turning around.

The father was heartbroken. He wanted to ask his mother to make it clear, but the distance of 90 kilometers was like a gap separating the two. The father in the countryside had no train to ride, no car to ride, and finally he decided to borrow a bicycle and ride to his mother. The steep winding mountain road, the muddy gravel road, the father braved the heavy rain and finally came to grandma’s house, seeing the mother covered with rashes was heartbroken. He understood that this was the reason why his mother insisted on breaking up. She was afraid that her illness would not be cured. She was afraid that her father would dislike her when she saw her. She was even more afraid that her illness would hinder her father who had just entered the public security system. The father said to his mother heartily: “Silly girl, I will always be with you!”

Father took her mother home with a bicycle, looked for doctors everywhere, and took good care of her. Slowly, her mother finally recovered from her illness, and she married her father who loved her as she wished.

This is an ordinary love story, but in that era of material scarcity and transportation, if my father hadn’t plucked up the courage to cross this 90 kilometers…

Nowadays, many families have private cars, and everyone has a mobile phone. We can make a call anytime if we want to miss the last time. If we want to meet the last time, we can drive to the front at any time. Now the distance is no longer a limit to the happiness of two people. factor.

Today I am also married and have children. My lover is from Heilongjiang, 1,600 kilometers away from Beijing. I once asked him, would you ride 1,600 kilometers for me to marry me? He smiled and said: “I’ll take a plane, I can fly to you in two hours.” Although he said that, I was not angry, but I am very grateful that because of the reform and opening up, technology and transportation are changing with each passing day, I can send him. To the far away me.