The last flash of life

During the National Day last year, an accident shattered an otherwise happy family. Ten-year-old Xiong Jiasong was riding a bicycle with the children in the village. He accidentally fell down. It was a bit painful at the time, but he didn’t care and got up to continue playing. When approaching the door of the house, the body was unbalanced due to intracranial hemorrhage, and he fell down again. This time, he fell down and showed symptoms of nose bleeding and drowsiness. His family rushed him to the People’s Hospital for emergency treatment, where he had his first craniotomy, and then he was transferred to the Nanchang Intensive Care Unit for the second operation.

For more than fifty hours, it was only two days and one night for ordinary people, but it was a fierce battle with death for this already vulnerable poor family. Xiong Jiasong’s mother leaned against the door of the ward, just to get a glimpse of her beloved child as soon as the door opened. Seeing the son whose body was filled with tubes and swelled all over, the mother thumped his chest heavily and cried.

In just two or three days, the family’s call and the doctor’s strenuous rescue still failed to keep Jia Song. In grief, the family offered to donate his organs, including one liver, two kidneys, and a pair of corneas. The gift of life he donated gave the three critically ill patients a new life, and the two saw the light again. Part of his life is continuing in the world in another form.

It was Jiasong’s 28-year-old fireman’s brother Xiong Bing who offered to donate. When the eldest son put forward the idea of ​​”organ donation,” the mother was stunned. For a while, she opened her mouth and said nothing. She remembered that Jia Song liked to help people in the village do things within her capacity when she was young. After a while, she agreed with tears. She said: “If I can donate my child’s organs to those who really need it, end their Pain, this is a good thing.”

After obtaining the consent of his relatives, his brother Xiong Bing told the doctor about the decision. After learning of the family’s wishes, the doctor immediately respected the rural family. Xiong Bing said: “My brother Jia Song has been a good and helpful kid since he was a child, and he is very willing to help others. I believe he will support my decision.”

Jia Song was born when his mother risked her life when she was forty-four. The mother always wanted two children, but the family conditions were not good. When his brother Xiong Bing was two years old, his father suffered serious damage to his legs in a car accident. Although after long-term treatment, it is still different from ordinary people, walking one high and one low. My father works odd jobs, my mother farms the land, eats frugally, and life slowly gets better. Although the family is not rich, but together every day, very happy, very happy. Jia Song has been better than other children since he was a child. When his parents were busy, he often helped take care of his nephew.

After the donation operation was completed, his elder brother took Jia Song home by himself, and his mother helped him gently wipe his whole body and put on clean clothes. “Kasong is very concerned about me. When such a young child sees me uncomfortable, he always asks, “Mom, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with you? Are you tired? I’ll help you beat your back. I also said that you are so hard now.” , I will grow up in the future, I will definitely let you enjoy the blessing.” Jia Song’s mother sighed and wiped tears from the corners of her eyes with both hands.

The covenant of life, the inheritance of great love. Maybe death is a sad word, but if life blooms in another way, death seems to have another layer of value. Xiong Jiasong, the ten-year-old boy, used the last flash of life to illuminate the world and freeze the eternity of life.

May Kasong go well in heaven and be treated with tenderness! A person’s greatness does not lie in wealth and status, but in precious behavior and noble character, in how much he has given, helped many people, and lived in the hearts of many people.