In 10 years, we learned to tolerate each other


On the morning of the wedding anniversary, I urged the children to get up, eat breakfast, put on shoes, and were about to go out. French husband Lu Zhonghan rushed over and said, “Give me a bank card!” On the morning of the anniversary, I asked for a bank. Card, a woman’s instinct is very accurate.

I took out a card and said, “Is 2000 enough?” He shook his head. I took another card and said, “There seems to be almost 3000 in it.” He started to get angry, “Lu Lu, in case we have any emergency, don’t tell me, you can only take out 5000 yuan. Deposit the money in the bank You think it’s safe to make small money in it. But I think it’s safe to leave a small amount of money that you can move at any time…” This may be a common problem among French people. I covered my ears and took a card to him, “However, for so much money, can you tell me what gifts are you going to buy?”

Lu Zhonghan is a power mechanical engineer, his brain wrinkles look different from ordinary people, and gifts are often unthinkable.


I think Lu Zhonghan gave me a gift for the first time. In the morning, a post office worker rang the doorbell. Opening the door, a huge box about 80 cm high, 80 cm long, and 50 cm thick appeared in front of you. I was shocked, thinking that Lu Zhonghan put himself in.

It took me an hour to open the wooden frame, cardboard box, and styrofoam paper layer by layer. Inside was a strange gray machine. I called him and he said triumphantly that it was a color magnifier for manual film processing. He could feel my loss through the phone, and said quickly, “Curious and special gift, can’t you think of it?”

He explained: “Did you know that it is very difficult to find a machine that can wash color photos and needs a well-maintained machine. I searched for a long time and visited many professional second-hand goods markets before I found this.” “But in the digital age, why do you want Give this to me?” “Didn’t your dad give you a Nikon film machine? From now on we can develop film at home.” Because of the space, the machine was moved around and was finally stuffed into a corner of the bedroom. Ashes and piles of clothes.

On my birthday, Lu Zhonghan went to Spain on a business trip and bought me a large bag of twenty or so clothes. We opened it in the living room and took out one by one. According to Lu Zhonghan later, he sat opposite me, looking at my face, from sunny to cloudy, then overcast, and finally the pear blossoms brought rain.

I can see that these two dozen clothes are all bought by the same woman: tall, thin, flat-chested, and long-legged. Except for the flat chest, none of them matches me. I still cry?

Because of my performance, Lu Zhonghan’s enthusiasm to buy me gifts was seriously affected. He summed up experience and changed strategy. He went to the restaurant on the anniversary, and he would never buy me gifts anymore. Gifts are bought with my eyes when we are shopping.


Today, in the face of my question, Lu Zhonghan pretended to be mysterious, “I will send you the address later, and we will see it together in the evening, this time you like it.” In the afternoon, Mr. Lu sent me an address, which is the Gateway Plaza in Xujiahui. . We entered the Hong Kong Exchange together. He guided me along the way, and I turned around and asked, “Why are you so familiar?” He said, “I stepped on it yesterday.”

We came to the door of a jewelry store. The clerk really remembered him, with a smile on her face, and took us directly to see the model he saw yesterday. The diamond earrings flashed dazzlingly.

From the monster amplifier to the diamond stud earrings, even if he met me in such a good school, he had studied for 10 years. I finally understand why married men are more popular. The reason is simple. Spots are always worth more than futures.

I put on the ear studs and looked left and right. I took it off and put it in the velvet tray. Turning his head and said: “Let’s go, let’s go eat.”

Lu Zhonghan was at a loss for a moment. “Do you not count the 12% tax rebate in France? It is a few thousand short of the calculation. When we return to France, we can buy it.” He said, “But today is our anniversary.” I looked again. Diamond stud earrings, after calculating the price difference in Paris, I was still reluctant to bear the thousands of dollars. He looked up and said, “Anyway, I am your wife. It seems that we will not be able to get married until this summer. I am not afraid that you will not give it. I’ll buy it. We’ll go to Paris to buy it.”

In 10 years, let him understand that giving gifts is a woman’s heart. In 10 years, let me know that to live comfortably, I must walk on the ground, not float in the sky.