Don’t let love grow fangs

This is the third donation ceremony held by the school this semester.

“Thank you all uncles and aunts who gave your love, as well as the reporters who covered the donation ceremony. You are blowing our barren hearts like a spring breeze… My father is a disabled person… My mother is a mental patient, my grandmother… My grandma is paralyzed in bed every day…” Mi Xiaoxiao held the new schoolbag she had just received, and faced the camera in the hands of the reporter’s brother, she wanted to bury her head in her jacket. He has said such speeches many times since he was in the first grade and now in the third grade.

The speech was written by the teacher.

After the donation ceremony, as usual, Mi Xiaoxiao accepted an interview with the reporter’s eldest sister. The eldest sister liked to ask: How did you take care of the father who broke his leg in a car accident? How did your mother beat you when she had a mental illness?

Mi Xiaoxiao shuddered and shivered. He was most afraid of answering this question. The big sister comforted and said: Don’t be nervous, tell the saddest thing about your family, there will be more uncles and aunts to help you, and our reports will have more audiences.

“I don’t want to say,” Mi Xiaoxiao lowered her head and said something she had never dared to say, “I don’t want others to know about our family!” Big sister didn’t know, every time she donated, some students watched the broadcast on TV. After Mi Xiaoxiao made a speech, he would learn from his tone and laugh at him: My father is a disabled person…My mother is a mental patient…

Seeing this, the director of the County Education Bureau, who participated in the donation ceremony for the first time soon after taking office, immediately pulled Mi Xiaoxiao aside: My child, you are wronged. In the future, we will continue to help you, but there will be no more donation ceremonies like this, and you will not have to speak or accept interviews.

Immediately, the director said to reporters and teachers: We hold the donation ceremony to give love, and we must not induce students in trouble to uncover the scars and hurt their self-esteem again.

Love is beautiful, but don’t let it grow fangs.