Angel in the world

There is an angel in my house called his wife. Saying that seems very numb. Actually I want to criticize her.

She is very kind, which is obvious to all passers-by. For this, I also praised her once.

Angels are good, but they must be naive. Both are indispensable.

The wife’s naivety is mainly manifested as “weak” and ignorance of world affairs. Incomplete statistics, she lost 5 mobile phones in less than half a year; later, she learned well, first put the mobile phone in the mobile phone case, then put it in the Xiaokun bag, and finally put the Kun bag in the backpack. Wrapped in layers, drip-proof. It seems safe, but the ringtone can’t be heard. In history, I “passed” and “received” her mobile phone three times. It was all because I dialed the wrong number and called someone else’s mobile phone. .

Once, the wife and the child took a long-distance bus, along the way, as long as someone’s mobile phone rang, she would be passionate and hurriedly trying to “purchase” the mobile phone from her bag, but every time she smirked embarrassingly. Finally once, my cell phone rang, I can’t wait to press the answer button, press the ear, “Hey” for a long time, the ringtone is getting more and more rushing, hell, put it flat, oh, wrong, it’s the alarm that I adjusted before rang .

She is so confused, a little cute, and can do countless jokes on her phone alone.

The new home is located by the river. On the first night of staying, I heard the cries of toads in the bedroom intermittently, so the whole family mobilized, rummaging through the cabinets and looking for unknown animals. The wife is a coward, shouting loudest to catch the thief, but the thief usually hides in a pair Behind the children to make up for the number. Finally, she finally found her phone in her pocket! It turned out that she changed the ringtone to frog croak that morning under the encouragement of her colleagues, and did not listen to it, so she forgot about it and gave a false alarm…

Naive is suspected of incompetence, and it is the most liar. Everyone cheated her money, from salesmen to fake nuns. There are countless things in my storage room that she buys and doesn’t use. Of course, she will also bargain. For example, people say that this kind of “micro-na pot brush” gives you a promotional price of 101 yuan, my wife will bite her teeth and bargain: “100 yuan is okay?” She was shy. , Sorry and unbearable in every way!

Not long ago, my wife took a call during working hours and said it was from the Public Security Bureau. She asked her if the copy of her ID card had been stolen. My wife thought it might be possible. When she was stumbling, the other party actively said that there are many scammers now. You can dial 114 to confirm whether the number currently displayed on the phone belongs to the Municipal Public Security Bureau. The wife obediently dialed 114 from the fixed phone, and it was true. She became more and more panicked. The other party immediately noticed it and warned more rigorously that you were used to be involved in a big case called “Lin Liangle”. They are investigating and keeping a secret. You can’t tell a third party…Finally Ask her to tell the deposit data…to transfer the money to the designated account tomorrow…probably so.

Just when she was about to do something stupid, she hesitated to report the situation to me. I didn’t use my IQ and immediately saw through the scam…

The truth became clear, and she was relieved, determined to scold him harshly when the liar called again the next day.

Later, when the whole family ate, we curiously asked her if she had any lessons or what she said. She brewed her feelings for a while, and then stared at us with vicious eyes, repeating her carefully crafted lines: “You play The drama should be over!” The whole family laughed! This is too Qiongyao, too literary, too weak! It’s not happy at all, there is no strength, and it is funny, the liar must have laughed too!

Angels are not easy to mix in the world.