UFO sightings in history

  UFO is a global phenomenon that has a history of thousands of years. However, due to the lack of necessary knowledge, vocabulary and descriptive abilities of ancient people, the words of the incident were unclear, which triggered the reverie of future generations, but some narratives are still worth exploring.
  Let’s take a look at a story in the Indian “Book of Dokian”. This book is a collection of legendary stories compiled by a group of storytellers. One of the stories is that a small group of people came to the earth on a metal spacecraft thousands of years ago, and landed after going around the earth a few times. The book reads: “These creatures (people) are self-reliant, respected by the local residents and live there. But later, there was a disagreement among them, and several men, women and some children moved to another city. There, they He was quickly elected as the ruler by the public. Separation did not bring peace. Finally, the ruler of that city took a small group of warriors to fight in the opposing city on a giant metal spacecraft. Their opponents also had many alliances, and they Use some luminous spear-like devices to fight. A large fireball was shot at the enemy city, where it exploded violently, causing the city to shatter, the flames soaring, the residents were brutally burned, and the people in the nearby suburbs were not spared. I looked up at the beam and the fireball. People who entered the city were permanently blind. After that, those who entered the city died of illness. The city dust and the river that passed through the urban area were polluted. People did not dare to approach the city. It turned into a wasteland and was forgotten by people. Be a leader Seeing what he had committed to the people, he was silent, retired into the palace, retired and no longer saw people. Later, he gathered the remaining warriors and their wives and children into the spaceship and flew into space one by one. They never returned. ”
  Does the above description describe an alien colonization war on the earth? Does the content involve guidance, nuclear warheads, and radiation effects? We cannot judge, just as we cannot explain why Greek, Roman, and Nordic theology all discuss the connection between war and God, so there are records of conflicts between God and Satan in the Bible.
  Earlier evidence that the earth may be connected to the outside world was discovered by Lao Zhipeng (transliteration) of Peking University. He found on the marble of a small island in Dongting Lake
  A rock carving from 47,000 years ago, on which is carved a person with an elephant trunk. Some people think that this “nose” is some kind of breathing device, but don’t forget that Egyptians often put animal heads on human bodies to symbolize gods. (We did not find the relevant information, nor did we find the expert-editor’s note.)
  8000 years ago, there were also carvings on the stones of the Tassili Plateau in the Sahara Desert. The person above has a big round head. In the “Bible·Genesis” Chapter 6, Section 4, it is said that angels descend from the sky, mate with the earthly woman, and give birth to children. Chapter 19, verse 3 tells that Lot met two angels in the desert, and later he fed them in his house. The Bible also tells an extraordinary story through Ichkiel. He saw something that could be a spacecraft or spacecraft land on the Sheba River in the Kingdom of Cardia (Babylon).
  Ireland also has records of strange visitors. There are many stories about the “devil ship” in the sky in the book “The King’s Mirror” written about 956 AD. In one of the stories, a rope hung from the “devil ship” and was twisted with the church. Someone on the boat climbed down the rope and tried to untie the rope, but was caught by the citizens. The bishop asked the citizens to release him. He returned to the ship, cut the rope, and the ship went straight up.
  In Lyon, almost contemporary France, three men and a woman were said to have gotten off the spaceship and were caught by the crowd. These outsiders admitted to being wizards, but were later killed somehow. There are many other records of UFO sightings in the Middle Ages, including a UFO flying over London on December 16, 1742. Due to space limitations, we cannot describe it in detail. Let us look at two modern UFO cases.
  In a testimony written on April 21, 1897, Alexander Hamilton, a wealthy and well-known farmer from Leroy, Kansas, recounted the attack on his livestock at 10 pm the previous day (Monday). He, his son and the tenant took up the axe, rushed out of the house, ran to the barn 200 meters away, and saw a huge cigar-shaped spaceship about 90 meters long floating about 10 meters above the barn. Below it is something similar to a carriage with windows, with lights flickering inside. 6 strange-looking people are twittering in foreign languages. They suddenly saw Hamilton and the others, immediately turned the light to them, and turned on the turbine wheel with a diameter of about 9 meters under the spacecraft to increase the speed. The spacecraft wrapped a 2-year-old cow with a 4 cm wide red rope and flew away. The next day, neighbor Thomas found the skin, legs and head of a heifer in the field. He was surprised because there was no trace in the soil. Hamilton’s testimony is also accompanied by the autographs of 10 prominent local residents.
  On the evening of November 4, 1957, at the Itaipu Fortress in Brazil, two guards noticed a “new star” in the sky. “Nova” became bigger and bigger, and instantly stayed above the fortress. It descended slowly, the size of an airplane, emitting a strong orange light, a buzzing sound could be heard, and the burning heat could be felt. One guard fell down immediately, and the other screamed and rushed back to the camp under the heavy artillery. When the soldiers gathered and took their positions, they found that the fortress was out of power. Everyone was panicked, but a few people saw the orange light flying away from the fortress at high speed. Both guards were severely burned, one was unconscious, and the other was dumbfounded, apparently frightened.
  In summary, UFO sightings seem to date back to 47,000 years ago, and they are all over the world in space. This phenomenon is worthy of scientific research by scientists, regardless of the degree of research.