The “ghost pregnant woman” in Crete, Greece

  The Greek island of Crete is the birthplace of Mediterranean civilization, and the relics of ancient civilization and the seascape complement each other. However, in a private hospital with a century-old history in the northern part of the island, there is a weird and bizarre rumor: On the terrace of the ward in a thunderstorm on a summer night, the “ghost pregnant woman” wore a golden butterfly mask and wept bitterly. This weird What kind of evil conspiracy is hidden behind it?
Waves, clouds and ghosts

  In June 2014, the Falcon Quinn Hospital at the northern tip of Crete, Greece, welcomed a special pregnant woman, Lydia Quinn. Lydia was originally a small well-known Italian fashion designer. Three years ago, she met Fran Quinn, a wealthy Greek man, and both fell in love. After marriage, the two were sweet and affectionate. Unfortunately, in November 2013, Fran drowned in an accident while diving with a friend.
  For the continuation of the blood of her husband’s family, Lydia, who was 35 years old and suffering from congenital heart disease, despite the doctor’s efforts to persuade her, insisted on coming from Milan to Falcon Quinn Hospital, which belonged to the family’s deceased husband’s family.
  Speaking of Falcon Quinn Hospital, there is another story: In 1900, Falcon Quinn, a wealthy businessman who wandered overseas for half his life, returned to his hometown of Crete. After witnessing the local people suffering from various illnesses due to lack of medical care and medicine, he funded the establishment of a private hospital with good equipment. The vicissitudes of time, this private hospital not only saved countless lives, but also several generations of children of the family were born here.
  In view of Lydia’s physical condition, Lydia’s late husband’s brother Baker Quinn and his wife Ruffin rushed home from Birmingham, England, to take care of their widows.
  On the fourth night of admission, Lydia was awakened by the thunder of early summer when she was awakened by the thunder of early summer. She was in a daze as if she saw a pregnant woman with long white hair on the ward terrace, wearing a golden butterfly mask for a fancy dress ball. Because the doctor used micro-dose tranquilizers to improve Lydia’s sleep, she initially felt that it was just a fantasy segment of herself.
  But late at night the next day, the same situation happened again. When Lydia got up from the hospital bed and walked to the window, just about to see what happened, the pregnant woman in white disappeared from the terrace. Lydia immediately called Katie, the nurse on duty. The other party laughed disapprovingly and said, “Madam, how could an outsider climb onto the terrace of the fourth floor ward? There is no one in the ward next door, let alone overturning to your side.” Nurse Katie said bluntly, Lidy. Ya is also trapped in doubts that look like dreams but not dreams.
  The next day, Lydia secretly discarded the soothing medicine prescribed by the doctor, secretly decided to keep her head sober and check it out at night. At about midnight, a mysterious pregnant woman dressed in white came onto the terrace. Lydia seized the opportunity to turn over, and while walking over to open the French windows, she asked curiously: “Who are you?” The moment the window opened, she saw the pregnant woman in white suddenly stretched out her withered, sharp claws from her sleeves and slowly lifted it Raise the golden butterfly mask on the face. Immediately, a pale and terrible ghost woman’s face with blood dripping around her eyes appeared abruptly in front of Lydia.
  ”Ah!” Lydia was startled by the sudden ghost face. She took a few steps back subconsciously, but the other party forced in, seeming to want to move further. Lydia took a deep breath. Although she felt a sharp pain in her heart and had difficulty breathing, she still struggled to press the emergency bell on the bedside, but the bell failed for some reason. In desperation, Lydia had to pull the fire alarm switch behind the ward door desperately. Amid the harsh fire alarm, she collapsed to the ground and fainted prostrably…
  When Lydia woke up, the doctors and nurses were all busy. Everyone looked at each other when they heard her tell the story. Obviously, no one believed her incoherent “witnessing”.
  Is it really an illusion? Or just a nightmare? If so, how can there be so much dynamic perception? In the afternoon of the next day, Lydia went to the terrace to bask in the sun, and unexpectedly saw a small piece of white lace hanging from the treetops nearby. Although it was only a fragment, she concluded from the hollow pattern that it was the lace ornament of the white dress worn by the mysterious pregnant woman.
  Immediately, Lydia’s heart that was about to calm down suddenly raised it again…
Lightning Flint Fright Night

  In order to grasp more real evidence, Lydia used her expertise to draw a sketch of a pregnant woman in white. After that, he took the portrait to inquire some senior hospital staff in private. This trick really worked. A cleaning lady who was born in the local area and worked in the hospital for several years saw the portrait, her face changed slightly, and she quietly told Lydia a mysterious legend:
  It is said that the founder of the hospital, Foucor Quinn, was very warm. , Good charity, but unscrupulous in love life. His wife is a virtuous lady and has no idea about her husband’s tricks.
  One day, the wife who was about to give birth didn’t intend to hear the servant talk about her master’s lewdness in private, so she wore a golden butterfly mask suspiciously and rode to a grand fancy dress party in a carriage, and she really witnessed her husband’s unbearable extramarital affairs. Under the bumpy road and psychological shock, she stumbled and rolled off the high platform of the prom, and it was too late when people sent her to the hospital.
  In the following years, there were rumors in the hospital that from time to time someone witnessed the ghost of a pregnant woman in a white dress and a golden butterfly mask mysteriously haunting some shadows in the hospital, and because she regretted her dead child, her eyes would bleed. , So everyone called it “ghost pregnant women.”
  Lydia didn’t care about the gods and ghosts at first, but after all, she had experienced some inexplicable things, and she couldn’t help feeling a little nervous after hearing the rumors. Soon after nurse Katie came to round the room, Lydia vomited the “ghost pregnant woman” quickly, and also indicated that she wanted to figure out the ins and outs.
  ”It’s not conducive to the birth of your child.” Katie immediately admonished professionally, “Isn’t there nothing in the past few days? Why rush to investigate? It will have a negative impact on the hospital.”
  Lydia was silent, and she felt that Katie was justified.
  After a few days of calm and nothing, Lydia gradually calmed down. One day after dinner, she walked alone on the grass behind the hospital building. Unexpectedly, she encountered a thunderstorm and had to walk to a small pavilion near the road to take shelter. The thunderstorm lasted for nearly two hours, and the sky was completely dark, and Lydia wanted to return. At this time, lightning flashed across the sky intermittently, and at the moment when it was pierced, Lydia inadvertently looked up and glanced up at the rooftop of the hospital building. There, more than half of the nurse Katie appeared. She seemed to be talking emotionally, then turned and walked towards the railing of the rooftop. Almost at the same time, another stronger lightning pierced the sky with bursting thunder, and a figure familiar to Lydia appeared in her sight-the “ghost pregnant woman” wearing a golden butterfly mask quietly stood to the nurse Katie Behind him, he stretched out his hand and gave a violent push…
  Without waiting for Lydia to see it intact and real, the flash of electricity passed, and the world was plunged into a deadly darkness.
  Seeing everything, Lydia seemed to stop her heartbeat, and her mind went blank for a moment. She comforted herself thinking that she might be dazzled again, but curiosity drove her involuntarily to detour towards the front of the hospital building.

  When Lydia dragged her cumbersome body to the gate of the hospital building, she saw the human body curled up in the open space outside the door, and the lights in the lobby of the building reflected the blood mixed with rain.
  Lydia was shocked. She stood on the wet ground, clutching her beating heart tightly, as if she would pop out when she was relieved.
  At this moment, her brother-in-law Baker Quinn just walked out of the gate nervously. “Oh my God, where are you?” Baker ran over and asked when he saw Lydia, “We have been looking for you for a long time! Why is your face so ugly?”
  Lydia ignored her, shaking her hands straight. Pointing to the nurse Katie who fell on the ground, she screamed: “It was the’Pregnant Ghost’ who killed her!” After
  that, Lydia fell back into Baker’s arms exhausted.
The mist clears the truth

  After preliminary investigation by the police, the cause of the death of nurse Katie was due to the disrepair of the roof railing, and Lydia’s so-called “ghost pregnant woman” murder naturally could not be trusted by others. Moreover, due to her abnormal mental stress and heart disease, the fetus has moved, and the doctor even judged that she had some psychological problems and had to take some special monitoring measures.
  After several treacherous encounters, Lydia became more and more sure that everything revolved around herself. After thinking about it, since the “ghost pregnant woman” originated from the family of the deceased husband, she cleverly called a close friend far away in Italy and asked them to help secretly find someone to investigate the Quinn family.
  It turned out that in order to protect the huge wealth of the family from being divided, the Quinn family strictly stipulated that only the eldest son or eldest daughter could inherit the family property, and other children could only enjoy their own generous living allowances. Only when the first heir has no heirs, the second-ranked children have the opportunity to inherit all the family property.
  As a result, Lydia connected the whole incident back and forth, feeling that her brother-in-law Baker was suspicious. Especially when the nurse Katie fell from the building, didn’t he happen to be in the hospital?
  One day, Baker came to the hospital to visit his wife. While he was looking for a doctor to learn about labor matters, Lydia quietly went to the parking lot to find his car. Sure enough, she easily found a travel bag with a white silk robe, long hair hood and golden butterfly mask in the trunk.
  Many of the previous confusions seemed to be clearly connected, and Lydia was mixed. She went back to the ward to ponder for a long time, and finally called Baker’s wife Ruffin in the evening and informed the details of the “ghost pregnant woman”.
  ”It’s hard to believe that my beloved husband did such a thing because of his greed.” Ruffin on the other end of the phone seemed quite entangled. “But please don’t rush to talk about this, let me talk to him, at least Give him a chance to confess.” Lydia agreed and said: “Yes, I don’t want to make things up and down, after all, it is related to the reputation of a century-old family.”
  The climate of Crete in early summer changed. Impermanence, another thunderstorm broke the otherwise quiet night. Lightning flashed, a figure dressed in white quietly followed the climbing rope from the top of the building to Lydia’s ward terrace.
  When the “Pregnant Ghost” opened the French window and walked into the ward, Lydia sat up after hearing the sound, and said lightly: “Tonight’s thunderstorm can wash away all your traces, right? Ruffin.” Hearing this, “Pregnant Ghost” “On the contrary, I was dumbfounded, and asked in amazement: “You, didn’t you mean to doubt Baker?”
  Lydia said leisurely: “In the beginning I did feel that Baker is related to all details, except for his blessed body shape. Enter the women’s silk robe of
  ”Pregnant Ghost” , but your figure is very suitable.” After that, Lydia turned on the lights in the ward, and Ruffin dressed as “Pregnant Ghost” saw the policeman who had been waiting through the golden butterfly mask. .
  The truth soon became clear: The unexpected death of Fran Quinn once made Ruffin feel that her husband Baker would inherit the family property as a matter of course, but Lydia became pregnant and insisted on having children, which made Ruffin unwilling. She first wanted to encourage her husband who had settled in the UK to return home to fight for the right of inheritance. Unexpectedly, the calm nature of Baker had no intention of this, but was happy to live leisurely on a generous living allowance.
  As the saying goes, if you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid of thieves. In Ruffin’s view, Lydia, who insisted on giving birth to a child, made the duck fly away, so she decided to give it a try.
  At first, Ruffin just wanted to buy the nurse Katie and let her pretend to be a “ghost pregnant woman” to scare Lydia who suffers from congenital heart disease, so as to achieve the goal of fetal unprotection. Unexpectedly, Lydia was stimulated several times, but the fetus was fine.
  Seeing that Lydia is nearing delivery and planning to investigate the truth about the “ghost pregnant woman”, nurse Katie feels that the risk is increasing and she greedily raises the price of an accomplice.
  This move made Ruffin feel that the situation was out of control. In order to avoid future troubles, he simply did nothing, pretending to promise to blackmail her nurse Katie, but actually took the opportunity to push it off the roof, and then personally dressed as a “ghost pregnant woman” to continue. Harm Lydia.
  Unexpectedly, the situation is stronger than humans. Lydia first found out about the inheritance of the Quinn family’s property and Raffin’s hidden “ghost pregnant woman” props in the trunk of the car, so she set a trap. But Ruffin, who didn’t know it was the “game”, thought that her husband Baker had been mistaken for the suspect, so he took the risk on a rainy night in an attempt to murder Lydia.
  At this point, the so-called “ghost pregnant women” that plagued Falcon Quinn Hospital were finally unveiled-in this world, human greed is the most terrifying ghost.