How much do you believe in these sound rumors

Rumor: prenatal music can develop children’s creativity
Truth: The brain does not have an innovation center, so it is not as effective as listening to the father-to-be

In our daily life, we often see that some expectant mothers and fathers like to use music for prenatal education. In this regard, experts say that in the last few months of pregnancy, children can hear outside sounds, but if music is used for prenatal education, because music has a large number of medium and high frequency sound waves, when it penetrates the amniotic fluid to reach the inside of the uterus, the child actually listens It is noise, so prenatal education with music is not effective and may even be counterproductive. The father-to-be’s voice is relatively low and it is easier for the child to recognize after penetrating the amniotic fluid, so the father-to-be talks to the child more is an effective prenatal education method.

After the child is born, the training and development of the brain becomes more important. “If you think about it, a child can learn to speak in just a year or so after being born, and he can even talk back to his parents when he is one and a half years old, and then enter the first rebellious period of life. It shows that the human brain has very strong The ability to learn.” The expert said.

Scientists divide the development of human intelligence into many types, but there is no strict first-level and second-level boundary between these abilities. It is just that some abilities develop earlier, some develop later, and some develop. It is relatively fast, and some develop relatively slowly. The most important ability is the ability to make decisions and innovations for different goals in a personalized, different context.

Science believes that the biggest difference between people is the difference in decision-making ability, because the decision-making network of the human brain is not the same. Good decision-making and innovation ability are a combination of many abilities, which cannot be achieved overnight. Nowadays, many schools focus on cultivating children’s innovative ability, so is there any specific method to stimulate the brain and make children’s innovative ability stronger?

In fact, the development of individual innovation ability is a long-term process, which is affected by many factors innate and acquired. At least the scientific community has not yet found a simple, safe and suitable method. There is no so-called “innovation center” in the human brain, and human innovation ability depends on the collaborative work ability of the whole brain network. People who are good at innovation have more optimized whole brain networks and wider connections. The overall work efficiency of the brain is more efficient than others. It takes less time and consumes less energy to solve the same problem.

Rumor: Voice can improve immunity
The truth: high-frequency sound waves are harmful, long-term hearing or damage to children’s hearing

Improving immunity with sounds is a typical pseudoscience. Certain sounds are not only useless to health, they are even harmful. For example, when someone listens to the sound of scraping an enamel bowl, they are mad and irritable, because the frequency of these sounds is too high and it is harmful to the brain. Scientists have discovered an interesting phenomenon in their research. Certain wavelengths can only be heard by adolescent children, and people who are earlier or later cannot hear it.

“Human hearing ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz, but after adolescence, most people can’t hear sounds above 16,000 Hz.” Experts explain that because there are very few in nature above 16,000 Hz. Based on the principle of “use advancement and abolishment retreat”, the human brain naturally abandons this part of its function.

There are many music products downloaded or sold on the Internet. Some claim to be lossless music, but lossless music actually retains the sound above 16,000 Hz, which is actually not audible to most people unless it is specially trained or Born to be a “golden ear” person.

The sound of some special musical instruments can reach more than 16,000 Hz, so some people engaged in music work can retain this ability after training.

In addition, some mobile phone ringtones above 16,000 Hz were particularly popular among middle school students because only they could hear them, but teachers and parents could not hear them. However, experts do not recommend listening to such high-frequency sounds for a long time. “Because sound waves have a counter-regulatory effect on the brain, the higher the frequency, the more concentrated the energy. Long-term listening to such sounds will damage the child’s hearing.”

Rumor: “white noise” can hypnotize
Truth: There is scientific basis, but not effective for everyone

Due to the increase in nightlife of urbanites, the prevalence of overtime and staying up late, and the high pressure of work and life, more and more people suffer from insomnia. Statistics from a domestic e-commerce platform show that from January to August 2019, “post-90s” people purchased import assistance. The growth rate of sleep products was 118%. Compared with oral health drugs and other methods to help sleep, listening to alpha sound waves to fall asleep quickly, because it does not involve drug side effects, it is very eye-catching.

“This is scientifically based, but it is not effective for everyone. It requires the person to adjust their mentality before going to bed.”? Experts say that the frequency of alpha sound waves is 8 to 13 Hz. This frequency is just the relaxation rhythm of human brain waves, so to some extent, it may help many people relax their emotions and help sleep.

Some people call Alpha Sound Wave “white noise”. The sounds of rain and running water that we often hear in our lives belong to this type. There are also special “white noise” downloads on major music platforms. However, there is no standard for how long to listen to “white noise” to fall asleep. This is related to people’s psychological state, that is, when people are listening, whether people’s attention can gradually start to concentrate. Insomnia. Experts suggest that you can do mindfulness meditation before going to bed, such as throwing away distracting thoughts and focusing on breathing and breathing, so that people can relax quickly, the pressure on the brain is relieved, and the sleep aid effect will be better.