Landlord and tenant

The dog met the cat, and the cat met the mouse. They were not angry at all. They couldn’t help but glared, grinning, and fighting. This is how the heavenly creatures are created, and they must fight against each other. The relationship between landlord and tenant is equally ominous. In the eyes of the landlord, the tenant has very few good things; in the eyes of the tenant, the landlord has no good things at all. Conflict of interests makes it difficult for each other to maintain the harmony between people.

The philosophy of the landlord is often like this: “The person who came to see the house looks suspicious. Can my house be rented to others? What should I do if I rent him a flat house? You must find a safe one. You Look at his god! The house is short, the yard is narrow, the location is too high, the rent is expensive, and it is worthless, as if someone invited him to live in! If it doesn’t fit, you can’t live? Within a few months, the house was ruined and ruined. Alas, it was robbed! If the rent is due and you still have to be in arrears, you won’t be able to take it one day earlier, but you often have to hit the nail when taking it a few days later.’Come back in two days’ Let’s pay the “wife is not at home” for half a month. “We have not paid the salary yet, and the salary will be sent to you… and sometimes the rent will be delivered to your door. This host is even more difficult, maybe He became the second landlord early. He was afraid that I would investigate. How many people have a conscience who rent a house?”

The tenant’s philosophy is another set: “This landlord has a lot of houses, “The one who eats tiles, does nothing, and depends on the money to eat. This house is not at all compatible. If I have money, I will never rent it. I’m making do with it. This month, I was delayed a few days in getting my salary, and the landlord came to the house every two days, as if it hadn’t paid for the house in a few years, which disturbed my family. Who doesn’t When I was embarrassed? The room was wrong for a day, and it was as anxious as a spark. But the room leaked in the rain that day. After making eight calls, he didn’t send someone to fix it. My bedding was dirty and the gutter was blocked. I lived there, and there was a lot of water in the yard, and I didn’t come to repair it. The knocker fell off and I found someone to fix it. Where would you find such a tenant?”

This is still the situation in Chengping era. In the era of inflation, the nameless fire on both sides has risen by several tens of feet, and I am afraid that my teeth will itch when I mention each other.

The landlord’s philosophy should add this part: “What do you have enough money for? You don’t have to pay for the house in the future, just give me a few biscuits every month. The first thing you say is, “Old tenants, old tenants should be for nothing. Housing? You should also inquire about the current market price. My rent is less than one-tenth of the market price. People must have a conscience. If you think it is expensive, you can try renting it elsewhere. You say that the year is not good and you have no money. You can live in a small house! Who told you to live in such a big one? If you don’t have money, you should find three rooms and bear it. You still want to behave? If you don’t have a penny, should you live for nothing? My family Zi pointed to the room money to eat! You are not my son, why did I let you live for nothing?”

The tenants also added the following reasons: “I haven’t owed rent for so many years. Our friendship is important. It’s not that the rent has not been increased, but I have also actively increased it for you. People must not know enough. How much do you have to increase? Sick enough? My salary did not follow the price increase. After only a few months of work, I yelled for a rent increase, but you can say it! You are the landlord, and you don’t know the hardship of no housing, so why bother to plan on the poor Don’t talk nonsense. When my salary is adjusted next time, I will also add a little bit to you. I have to add a little bit to you. This month is still so much. Do you want to take it?”

The landlord and tenant just struggled like this. There is no one in the world who knows a little friendship between the host and the host, is polite and easy to get away with? Have. But that is in the “junzi country”.