We are looking for an outlet to express ourselves

I remember at the end of 2012, when I interviewed a designer who did window design for Hermès, he borrowed a quote from the photography group Petrvsky & Ramone: “We are looking for an outlet to express ourselves.”

Tadao Ando, ​​a legendary Japanese architect, winner of the 1995 Pritzker Prize (the Nobel Prize in architecture). He was a “fighter” since he was a child. Before becoming an architect, he was a professional boxer, traveled around the world in his youth and taught himself architecture. The Japanese modernist architect Mo Fumhiko called a group of architects, represented by Ando, ​​who were born in the 1940s and began to emerge in the 1970s as the “wild warrior generation”.

For the special project of this issue, we interviewed Mr. Tadao Ando at the “He Art Museum”. Architecture is also his outlet for expressing himself, “to maximize the inherent context of each project and create a unique architecture that only exists here.” This is the eternal theme of Tadao Ando’s architecture.

When our editor was in Guangdong listening to Mr. Tadao Ando’s “round” sharing with the Pantheon in Rome, a reporter in Beijing was interviewing the cover character Zhang Xiaolong in the Tsinghua University Art Museum. At this time, he had just shot a show. The protagonist is calligraphy and painting, which is traditional culture. He hopes that he can speak for the excellent traditional culture. He believes that “classical culture should be protected and inherited from the height of aesthetics.”

Affected by the epidemic in 2020, Paris Fashion Week this season has lost many participants and viewers, but the brands and designers who can continue to participate still stick to their original intentions for fashion, expressing them with beautiful shows. To remember and pay tribute to classic fashion, beautiful past, and fashion icons.

In this issue of the fashion topic, we are presenting Paris Fashion Week. Although it is not as lively as the previous one, it is still wonderful. This season’s Paris Fashion Week has broken through the boundaries of the “modern” style that we think of now, and subverted gender stereotypes. The impression breaks the boundaries of men’s and women’s clothing and the restrictions of the age, and further emphasizes the combination of women’s hardness and softness. An epidemic may change the world to a great extent, but in the world of fashion, we may be able to stick to the most beautiful times.

This year, although it is not suitable to travel far, fashion knows no borders. It is highly recommended that readers appreciate this issue of trendy clothing, personally experience the natural features of Northern Europe, and feel the artistic atmosphere of the Norwegian forest.

Perhaps the most extravagant things in a magazine are not those luxury items, but the thoughts and emotions of the people it records. We use magazines as an outlet to express. For this reason, “Phoenix Life” hopes to show wisdom and feelings, learn beauty and cultivation together with readers, and let them serve readers.